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Make me Yours Evermore Pierced Hearts, Book Three Cari Silverwood

Make me Yours Evermore , Pierced Hearts Book Three, Cari Silverwood
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Well, ages ago I recalled reading book one, couldn’t really recall much about it, but although this is a series it seemed this was a standalone novel, and I do like dark erotica so…but though I enjoyed it its a difficult one to rate because such a lot of it made me feel really uncomfortable.
Most dark erotics I’ve read has some dubious consent scenes, things that need working out where it seems like consent isn’t given but in fact it is, and a HEA. This one is far, far darker. It begins with Chris kidnapping Kat, taking her away to an island and “teaching” her to be his slave. Andreas ends up coming along, and he gets sucked in by the dark games too…
I just feel that the non consensual aspect, the kidnapping and the captivity all weren’t really what I want to read. I know its fiction, but I feel that it’s still difficult to justify – if I like Chris and Andreas am I giving my approval to what they are doing? Frankly both of them seemed to me to have some severe problems that made them OK to think this capture and treatment of a person was acceptable.
Then there’s the aspect of what happens after? Clearly Chris doesn’t intend to let Kat return to her old life – but how would they cover up her disappearance? How do they expect her to stay hidden – or do they? There’s no answers given. The novel takes an even darker turn into human trafficking and slavery, and there’s the balance of how is that really any different from what Chris and Andreas have done. Its a novel that poses a lot of questions for me, makes me think about what I find acceptable even in fiction. I’m happy to suspend belief in reality, it’s fiction after all… but when a book poses as “real life” in the way its written, that it expects us to think this could be a real story, then I need to examine whether I feel what happens is acceptable.
Its very well written, that’s part of my problem. I could see what’s happening so well…Everything I’ve read about BDSM focusses on Consent, whether its SSC or RACK, but here’s that’s thrown out. Its seems to me Chris and Andreas – especially Andreas make excuses to convince themselves what they are doing is OK. Chris at least is more honest – he just says its what he wants, he saw the opportunity to act out his fantasy and that’s it.
For me its a step to far to enjoy. I can see that I’m in a minority as there are floods of five stars, but even in fiction I find I need to be comfortable with what’s happening, and it wasn’t the sex, the beatings, the captivity or anything that bothered me – just the consent issue. Is it right that if some accepts something, appears to enjoy it even then the fact they didn’t consent doesn’t matter? Serious questions for me and the answer personally is I feel consent is all. Without that its just plain wrong. I hadn’t read book two, which suggests the kidnap was necessary to save a friend – I still feel nothing justifies what Chris did regardless of friendship. It’s priced at £2.49 for 294 pages.
Stars: two. Very well written story, very realistic but just too dark with the non consent issue for me to enjoy.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

Still Life with Strings, L.H. Cosway

Still Life with Strings


Still Life with Strings. L.H. Cosway
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Back in 2012 I found L. H paranormal romance Ultimate Power series ( book one still free) and loved it, then I saw she’d written a contemporary romance, Painted Faces which I adored. Fabulous characters, Fred and Viveca 🙂 terrific plot, lots of drama and events that knitted together seamlessly. That’s still one of my all time favourite romances. So anything she produces now I’m interested in, read and loved the last one Nature of Cruelty, and when I saw this I just had to have it 🙂 I’ve just read three in a row that I’d picked but didn’t fit me, and was needing something I knew I’d love so read this yesterday.
Well, its similar in style to her other contemporary novels. Set in Ireland, L.H makes me feel as if I’m there with the characters. I can “see” what she describes. The plots aren’t just fixed one dimensional ones, but take little interludes off to events where we meet new characters, and then later in the book they weave together to tighten all the things we’ve had placed so far, and bring everything together. Its just not possible to predict where she is going to take her characters next, and that’s what makes reading one of these such a treat.
Jade – oh how I loved her. I felt real empathy in how she wanders off into a world inside her head, seeing things that are “real” in her mind that others miss. I was always getting books and board rubbers thrown at me at school for daydreaming, but to people like us its not always a conscious decision. Something catches our eye, a dusty cobweb, a shadow cast by leaves fluttering in the breeze, a snippet of overheard conversation and our minds race away so when it happened to Jade I was away with her, sitting on the moon looking down, seeing sparkling diamonds not rain, taking flight with the birds ….She’s overcome so much that I understood her fear of loving Shane, and yet love isn’t easily held back. Shane seemed to have felt the pull to her right from the start. He also had a difficult past that could have made him afraid of love, but he knew that Jade was special even though on the face they were total opposites. He was one hot guy too, once he persuaded Jade to be with him, and his methods were…well, very convincing!
A beautiful story. Its not just a man meets woman story but a tale of true love, co- incidences and Fate, faith and belief, struggles to overcome when obstacles loom large, and so exquisitely told its tearful just in its beauty. Only one thing stopped a five star rating, and that was the bit when it all goes wrong. In Painted Faces that was drawn out over a lengthy period and I could wallow – one of the reasons I love that book…but here its very short, and didn’t give time for all those sad emotions to really penetrate. Still, its a fabulous book never the less, and a worthy four and half stars. Its a tale that will stay with you long after you’ve finished. It’s priced at £2.49 for 325 pages on kindle, and if you enjoy romance that makes you think, feel, laugh and cry then this is perfect. .
Stars: four and a half.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

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