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Bonded Rosalie Tarr

Bonded, Rosalie Tarr
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Vampires, romance – I’m in….:) This was a decent read, not earth shattering, nothing too deep but a good way to lose a couple of hours.
Alec was just how his friend Portia described him, kind of lost, didn’t really know what to do with himself, a bit sad in a way that he was trying to keep his sense of worth by tracking and killing murderous vampires. Portia’s a great friend, and so funny at times. She knew just what he needed, but what neither of them thought that would be was a male bond mate! It took straight guy Alec some time to get used to the idea, he thought he could just leave, ignore the call etc. but the pull of attraction was too great and he had to give in and accept it.
Of course there’s the problem of Aiden. He’s a) human b) straight and c) has a girlfriend. Alot for Alec to deal with before they can be bonded. Alec is trying to stay away, and yet keeps bumping into Aiden, Aiden feels the same pull though of course he’s no idea why, and finds himself talking to Alec, inviting him home and not wanting his girlfriend. Then to add to all that dilemma there’s the murderous vampire Lucius who Alec was tracing, who could prove dangerous to both Alec and Aiden.
Its a sweet read, funny in parts, and interesting in the whole straight men attracted to each other conundrum. We’re brought up to accept the norm and for most that’s typical m/f pairings, so diverging from that means getting to see the downsides, such as other peoples reactions and also changing our own mindset. It’s priced at £4.94 for 166 pages. As a one off read that’s quite expensive, but if you like light and easy to read paranormal maybe its one you’d re read that would make it better value.
Stars: three. Fun, easy read but a one off only.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

The Golden Apple, Michelle Diener

The Golden Apple (The Dark Forest)


The Golden Apple, Michelle Diener
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
My first Michelle Diener book, although she’s written many, mostly historical, novels. This one is loosely based around the fairy tale “the princess on the glass hill” Its not a story I’ve read so the whole premise was new to me.
Kayla; her father has set a task for her hand in marriage. She’s sitting at the top of a glass mountain holding a golden apple, and the winner must retrieve it. She’s tired of having her life decided for her, and the previous evening made her own choice of who should receive her virginity. She chose Rane thinking she was seducing him, and that he was simply an innocent onlooker, a secretary/poet he’d told her. Rane though was the real seducer, using her to get the apple. He needs it to save his brother, but poor Kayla feels betrayed. What neither of them or the king knows though, is that the apple has been enchanted to get the holder to retrieve something for Eric the Bold, the sorcerer who has used dark magic to get his way. Its a very dangerous task and Kayla and Rane need to cross a magical forest, where few ever come out…
As they cross the forest they come across lots of dangers, and they both learn more about each other. Gradually they begin to understand that each are not the person the other thought, that they were more than appears on the surface. The dangers mean they need to work together but that comes hard to Rane, he’s not used to it. They learn that there are threats to the kingdoms from sorcerers who are overusing magic, and creating more and more of the overspill dangers that reside in the Great Forest.
I’ve always had a love for fairy tales – though I do want my HEA even in them 🙂 The magic here was interesting in the way it was used and created. Kayla wasn’t a snippy, spoiled princess but a person with heart and very adaptable. She’s learning more about her heritage on the journey from the people she meets. Rane, first I liked him then when I found out his betrayal I was upset with him. Then again, we all do things for family that maybe we wouldn’t otherwise. Kayla is angry but comes to understand his reasoning. I was a bit lost at the end….I’d got so into the story I wanted more, but luckily the sequel, The Silver Pear, will be out in autumn 2014.
It’s priced at £2.49 for 298 pages so a decent length for the reader to really get “into” the story and characters. Its not breath taking fantasy, or heart stopping romance, more a gentle meander than a rip roaring ride.
Stars: Four. Its an interesting book but a one off read for me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

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