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It’s Complicated, L.A.Witt.

It's Complicated (Tucker Springs)


It’s Complicated, L.A.Witt.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
My second visit to Tucker Springs, and it was great to see more of Nathan and Ryan, I loved their story. So – what a nightmare for any couple, when one partner finds out he’s made his ex pregnant, from a one night, impetuous fling when they were on a break….but when your partner is another man just think how he feels. Poor Brad is so in love with Jeff, but they seem to be in a rut of rows, breaks and reconciliations. He’s already jealous of Jeff’s ex Christine, they share a business and have to work long hours, and lets be honest – who wouldn’t have that momentary doubt in that situation, even if you do think you trust the other person…then poor Brad’s worst nightmare comes true with the news of the baby. He’s insecure already, Jeff won’t commit yet to marriage or adoption with him, and yet Christine has had the marriage, though they’re now divorced, and with a child on the way there’s another tie to her that makes him feel further down the list of priorities.
They’re a great couple and I really felt for Brad. He loves Jeff, but his jealousy is understandable to me….and then of course it seems as though its vindicated, just at the moment they’re attempting a reconciliation. I felt Jeff could have been a bit more understanding – he seemed to feel that Brads jealousy was unfounded, and it appeared to irritate him when it was mentioned, but anyone working long hours, often into early morning, would create friction with a partner. Then Christine says she’s moving to Denver to be closer to her family. That leaves Jeff to decide if ferrying a child back and forth is a solution, something both are worried might prove difficult for them and the child, and which still leaves him with even more time restraints. It means he’ll be working even longer hours covering Christine’s time too, and already his hours are a source of friction, or should he move himself and the business closer. Where does that leave Brad though – feeling lower down the line than ever 😦 Jeff won’t seek professional help though Brad’s keen for them to see a counsellor, he feels it will help them sort out the problems they already have, let alone this new hiccup. Jeff is adamant he doesn’t trust them, tried that with Christine and he feels that made they situation worse. I think he’s being really unfair, and his intransigence doesn’t help reassure Brad that he’s a priority. You can say all you like that you love someone but when there are problems action is needed too, and only Brad is willing to take that it seems.
Its a story full of questions to which there don’t seem to be answers, whichever way they move someone is going to be left unhappy. I puzzled over different solutions but couldn’t come up with any if things stayed as they were, but L.A. As always finds an answer that fits perfectly and though its hard work everyone is happy.
Stars: Four, great read. I was a little edgy after the pregnant ex angle but its a one night, unintended time, when they were both stressed after working late and he and Brad were on a break so not cheating as such. Though that adds to some books, there were already enough problems for them to deal with and that really would have been a step to far IMO.
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The Pleasures of Spring, Evie Hunter

The Pleasures of Spring


The Pleasures of Spring, Evie Hunter.
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I loved the Winter and Autumn versions, somehow missed on Summer ( so many books so little time !) and was excited to get to Spring. It must be tough though, keeping up the momentum of previous books, and winter is still my favourite. This one has the same hot, erotic and steamy encounters, fabulous realistic characters but I felt the storyline let it down.
I loved Roz, its clever the way authors take people we’ve learned to hate/dislike and turn them around. In this book we see Roz from her own side, and its very, very different to what we’d learned of her through others eyes. She blames her sister for leaving her, when in fact no one believed there was a twin. Sad side to the story, and eventually in Autumn we learned she was right, and Roz did exist, but their dad had filled her with hatred for her mothers family, and twisted the story so that she never sought them out, but always felt the need for revenge for being abandoned. So from not liking Roz I’ve done a complete turnaround…..and was hoping everything finally work out for her. Roz is devious, on the run from a murderer who she saw killing someone in the last novel, Interpol want her as a witness too, and try to trace her but she’s not keen on that idea. She’s learned the only person she can lean on, depend on to keep her safe is herself. Its been a tough upbringing where she’s had to do all sorts of things and live off her wits.
Andy McTavish is the security expert charged with finding her, though he’d do it anyway. From their first meeting he’s been fiercely attracted to her, and she to him but they’ve never had a chance to act on it. He’s determined to bring her in, and keeps telling himself about the golden rule – no sha gging the clients 🙂 Somehow though when they do finally catch up, that one gets thrown away. They are a terrific duo, hot, sensual love scenes and some sharp, funny and witty dialogue between them.
Where it fell down for me was the story line, I was fine with the “on the run” link from the last book, but the detour into the horse racing scam was just a step too far into fantasy for me. I need my fiction to at least have its roots in reality, but this…nope,. No way. You can’t learn to ride in one easy session, you can’t pull a champion racehorse out of thin air, even the best forger can’t work those documents and pass off an untrained hack as a top champion in the making…I just felt that was something that belonged in the books of my horse mad childhood, where kids ran riding stables while staying with ancient uncles, or found racehorses abandoned that they trained in secret or held gymkhanas without any adult help…..I’m not twelve any more though, and I can’t make myself believe in that scenario. I’d guessed way before what the connection was too….I’m old enough to remember Shergar – and all the jokes The kidnappers have sent a ransom note for his return, along with a leg to prove they have him…Its this part that brought the novel down from five stars for me 😦
Stars: Four, a sexy erotic read, but the storyline needs a bit too much suspension of reality for me.
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