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Don’t blackmail the Vampire. Tiffany Allee

Don't Blackmail the Vampire (Entangled Covet)


Don’t blackmail the Vampire Tiffany Allee

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

I’ve read several of Tiffany’s books now, and always enjoy the light-hearted, fun stories she produces. Having read and liked Don’t bit the Bridesmaid, I wanted to read this. Noah from the first book has two brothers, and its Charles who’s featured in this one, trying to find out who is threatening Noah’s wife.

Rachel, such a great girl, she’s worried about her sisters fiancé – he’s a sleaze, but Kirsten can’t seem to see it. She thinks she might be able to use the trip to somehow show her just what a jerk he is. So far though she hasn’t any ideas how – then she meets Charles. He’s feeding from a woman at the rear of the restaurant/bar area outside. He confidently tells her to ignore what she sees, and she promptly replies to him …he’s shocked, the Vampire mojo doesn’t work on her, and it could be a real problem. He doesn’t want her screaming “vampire, vampire” to everyone. They come to an agreement though, which leads to some very humour incidents.
Charles isn’t really afraid she’ll blackmail him, but he is intrigued by her, and its not long before they find themselves getting closer, very much closer, in her bed closer!

Rachel can’t quite believe what she’s doing, but Charles is hot, a great lover and she thinks why not have a holiday fling with him? He seems so normal she keeps forgetting he’s not, that he’s a vampire. Of course its never that simple, and when things come out, secrets and deceptions, set-ups and heartbreak, she feels lost.
Its a great fun read, sexy and humorous, and a great addition to the first novel. There’s another brother and of course Rachel’s sister Kirsten so I’m hoping there’s more novels to come. If you want a fun read that isn’t too deep and heavy this is perfect.
Stars: Four, another winner from Tiffany.
ARC supplied via publisher


Her Royal Masquerade,Her Royal Romance 1Natasha Moore

Her Royal Masquerade,Her Royal Romance 1Natasha Moore

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

So, I have a sneaky enjoyment sometimes of simple rags to riches love stories. This looked fun.
Vittorio, I felt he was out of line in his actions to Mia. Yes she did deceive him in not telling him who she really was but…surely it was the person he made love to that mattered, not the fact that he thought it was someone else? After all she wasn’t to know what he was planning for her cousin, and he didn’t tell her.
Then it all comes out, and poor Mia gets put in a terrible position. Its either admit to everyone what she and her cousin have done – and who knows what consequences that will result in, Vittorio’s father could cause great problems if he wanted. Her only other choice is to be his mistress til her cousin gets in touch…and she’s such a playgirl selfish person that could be ages. And it is, long enough for Vittorio to really feel strongly about Mia.
Mia, she was such a doormat at times. I couldn’t understand why she’d agreed to swap places in the first instance, although her cousin was very used to being manipulative, but then when she went along with Vittorio’s suggestions, knowing how she’d be viewed back home, I felt she needed to get a back bone and stand up for herself. Still, if she did where would that leave the book 🙂
Overall it was an ok read, not bad, not great either though for me. I like my heroines to be a bit more self confident, to stand up for themselves not roll over and give in.
Stars: three.
ARC supplied via Netgalley


For The Love of Quinn, Now and Forever, Book One, Tammy Dennings Maggy


For The Love of Quinn, Now and Forever, Book One, Tammy Dennings Maggy
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

I love long novels and this one is 628 pages so was looking forward to a good erotic romance. Sadly though I found that I think I’d have enjoyed it more if it was shorter.
There were long periods when nothing really seemed to be happening, where the text added nothing to the story.
I liked Quinn, and her lovely family, thought Steve was just a real gentleman and almost too good to be real, but his explanations for his actions were genuine and rang true. I think with his history he was content to enjoy life as it came, and not strive for what he felt he wouldn’t get. He just wanted Quinn happy.
Jake, well he annoyed me, he did all the things he promised he wouldn’t, treated Quinn appallingly and if I was her I’d have given up on him long past. So OK that wouldn’t work well in the book 🙂 but I really felt given their lack of real contact that she hung on when anyone sensible as she was would have given up. I didn’t understand why he kept Quinn dangling while going out with Iris, who was a real piece of work. Instead of seeing sad, lost romance, soul mates parted etc all I saw was a selfish jerk giving a lovely lady the run-around and a great man (Steve) holding back because of that. I know Jake gave his reasons – they weren’t enough for me though. Quinn was intelligent, so why she let herself be treated like this didn’t work well for me. I know about her history but instead of sorry for her I wanted to shake her, to shout “stop being a doormat”….
The erotica, well there’s sex in the book, lots of it but for me it takes more than just lots of hot sex to make a book erotic. The scenes were so similar, basic hot sex, little foreplay, nothing really adventurous or different, that to me its a romance with sex scenes not an erotic romance. Fine definition but that’s how I see it.
Stars: three. A decent read but not as good as I’d expected.
ARC supplied via Netgalley


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