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The Curse Breakers, Denise Grover Swank.

The Curse Breakers (Curse Keepers Series, Book 2)


The Curse Breakers, Denise Grover Swank.

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews
well, I’ve read and enjoyed the first in this trilogy so on to book two..
The trilogy is based around the mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke, the Virginia settlement that vanished without a trace around 1590. Denise has taken the legend and compiled this gripping tale from it. In her version it disappeared as a result of a curse, and the two families involved have a gate keeper in each generation, and must keep the artefacts needed for the future, and the story a secret. Ellie was brought up as a gatekeeper being the only child of her gatekeeper father but after a family tragedy in which her mum died when she was eight, she’s given up on the whole story, nothing has happened in the past 400 years and she thinks its just one of those long held, but untrue tales. Then she meets Collin….and everything changes, literally with a bang.
So, that was book one, and it ended with a huge shock, when Collin didn’t do as he’d said, but instead betrayed her and let the gate open as he’s done a deal with Okeus. Ellie is distraught, spirits are coming out quickly, though they are still very weak, and her dad sacrifices himself to shut the gate. The spirits that have escaped however are after her. They want revenge though Okeus still protects, her having given her the option of joining him. He’s pressing for a decision, Ahone, the one she thought would help, is absent but sends various spirits with vague and mysterious messages, and Ellie is in danger still. The spirits are getting stronger, devouring animals and will move on to humans. There’s a vengeful badger spirit who’s particularly keen to kill her and devour her Manitou, and he’s not really worried about Okeus proclamation. She won’t ask Collin for help, can’t trust him and is so upset about his betrayal, and yet..she still feels an incredible connection to him, is tied to him forever via their souls and struggling all round. If that’s not enough to keep her busy, she also being tracked by a crime gang who think she has information about something they need.
She meets David in this book, he’s a British Doctor in the field of legends and mythology and she wants his help. Of course he thinks its all stories til she tells him to stay a night at her apartment, and wait for the nightly message from Okeus…She starts a relationship with David, but her feelings for Collin are still strong. I’m in two minds here, David is a good guy, solid, won’t let her down and yet Collin…I just feel he’s her destiny. I’m hoping book three sheds some light in his behaviours and comes up with acceptable reasons, then someone for David too- I like everyone to end happily 🙂
Once again there was lots of action in the story, interesting additions to legends, some sensual and sexy interludes 🙂 and more mysteries coming out even as some get solved. The plots and dangers increase in this part, and there’s another riveting conclusion, so book three will be a thrilling finale. It’s priced at £3.99 for a massive 407 pages. Hurrah!
Stars: Five, cracking instalment
ARC received via Netgalley

New Charlaine Harris book…Midnight Crossroad

Well. I loved Sookie – Bon Temps and all the gang though of course it wasn’t the ending i wanted 😦 poor bill…..but then authors can’t please everyone and its a series i’ve read a few times now, along with a side collection Lily Bard mysteries. I hadn’t read the other series but characters from all three sereis appear in this new one. I’ll be reviewing and posting my thoughts on it very soon.

Midnight Crossroad (Midnight Texas 1)


wow- a competition to give one lucky winner a chance to read Midnight Crossroad at midnight on the 7th May.
The #IWantItAtMidnight Competition.

The winner will spend the night in a fantastic hotel and have their copy delivered to them at midnight with an exclusive gift box. They’ll also win a chance to meet Charlaine Harris when she visits the UK later this year. Full details at the link below.

and here’s a link to first four chapters to whet your appetite

Secrets and Sins: Raphael Naima Simone



Secrets and Sins: Raphael, Naima Simone
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

I missed the first in this series, but loved the second, Malachim, so was pleased to get book three for review. I love the way the four men are so close, their childhoods were all different, and yet they each had problems that brought them together, cemented by an incident in which they all helped cover up a man’s death. Awful you think – but it was self defence, and when it finally came out many years later they were cleared of murder.
Raphael is determined not to get caught a second time in a pregnancy trap – last time he thought he was the father, then a DNA test proved the woman he thought he loved had been lying to him all along. He’s not going to get fooled a second time, so when Greer comes to him after their one hot night and says she’s pregnant and its his child he isn’t convinced, though she says she hadn’t been having sex with her fiancé. He’s been murdered, and for a while she was the main suspect, now someone is targeting her with threats and she’s concerned for herself and the baby. She’s hurt that he doesn’t believe her, but not surprised. She knows nothing of his history but can see from his look that he isn’t convinced. Still, he is in the business of security and takes her into his home for protection. The threats escalate from letters to car vandalising to attempts to kidnap her…and all the while she and Raphael are fighting a sizzling, sensual attraction. Greer doesn’t want to rely on yet another person who will let her down, the only ones so far not to have done are her brother and her best friend Noah. She low on self esteem, and thinks Raphael will get tired of her, bored with her and let her go. She knows that will leave her broken hearted, already she has deep feelings for him, so she’s trying to keep herself detached. Its tough though with a sensual, hot man helping her, especially when she sees a kinder, softer side to him. I loved Greer, she was tough – she’d had to be with parents like hers, and strongly independent and yet she accepted help for the sake of the baby. Sensible balance between relying on someone for everything and being so stubborn she’s risking danger.
Raphael, wow – hot or what! That one night in the back-seat of his truck was far hotter and meant more to Greer than anything she’d experienced before. She knew she didn’t love her fiancé, nor he her, but thought they had enough respect and closeness to make a successful marriage, plus she’d finally done something her domineering father was proud of. She didn’t want to be like her mother, so obsessed with love she ignored her children and let their dad emotionally abuse them. Raphael is protecting her as best he can while his friends help him untangle the mystery of who and why Greer’s life is being threatened. He lets Greer help where she can without getting into danger, and respects her as an intelligent person. He’s getting to know her too, and finding she’s not the shallow socialite he thought she was, like the lady who let him down before, but still he’s trying to keep himself from getting attached.
Its a great read, sensual and seductive with elements of danger that need to be solved. I didn’t guess “who dunnit” – got that very wrong….and that’s great as it shows how well the mystery was covered up. Sometimes its obvious who the perpetrator is and I’d much rather be kept in suspense til the end.
Stars: Five, its a great read, one for the keeper files for re reading. I look forward to the next story.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

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