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Undeniable, Book 2 , Ashley Simone


Undeniable, Book 2 , Ashley Simone

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

So, I loved Undeniable pt 1, and wanted to see where Ashley would take Zac and Allie next. I’m still undecided how I feel about Zac, he’s still very much Mr Man of Mystery, avoiding Allie’s questions about himself while learning more and more about her. He’s clearly not short of money and is using it to help Allie, though at a price. That’s tough for her, she doesn’t want to see herself as selling her body and yet if she wants to be with Zac, and she does, that’s they only way he’ll deal. She needs the money too – now she’d found out more about her brother Joel’s problems.
We still don’t really know any more about Zac and I find that frustrating as well as tantalising….he’s hot, the sex is steaming and yet as a person he’s still very closed off. I seem to have more questions the more I learn about him….There’s something at the end though that’s Huge for Allie, just as you’re screaming “what???” it finishes and dammit I hate cliffhangers!! Hate them….grrr. Still, Ashley says book three – with all the answers hopefully – will be out very soon, May/ June time so at least not long to wait.
I’ve a couple of criticisms, I loved almost all of this, except for one part – the “ice-cream” scenario. It just didn’t feel right, didn’t ring true and I couldn’t see it happening in real life. So much of the rest is well written, and then this cluncky way of writing jarred. The other thing that I don’t like is the length, its very short as is the first part, and there’s still the last part to come. I’d rather have read it as one novel, and had it longer. The story has the potential I think for so much more, and the brevity puts constraints on the writing, where if events had been expanded they would be more realistic ( and that ice-cream incident could have been written differently! ) Add together all three parts, I assume part three will be similar price as this, and we’re talking £4.40 ish for a novel of around 220 pages. For a new author that’s an expensive novel 😦
Stars: Four, another sexy instalment
ARC supplied by Author.

Awakening, Sydney Holmes


Awakening, Sydney Holmes

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I liked the description and quickly got into this book. Nora’s a person it’s easy to like, hard working, ambitious, has good friends, a responsible job and a boyfriend of three years. She’s trying to spice up their sex life, and he thinks she’s lost it, as far as he’s concerned they’re fine and she’s some kind of sexual oddity to want more….Slowly the disenchantment grows – the plan was for her to take time out while he built his career, then she’s start law school but as time has passed her plans seem to get dropped by him, and have become a kind of pipe dream. The vibrant, energetic Nora, the one who wanted so much from life, has been put on the back burner and from only seeing her once midweek, and at weekends, and being horrified when she suggested they move in together, he’s now talking about marriage, kids and ignoring her want for a law career…Poor Nora, its not til things really go wrong that she can see what her friends have long noticed, her boyfriend isn’t interested in her for herself, has no intention of helping her get to Law School, just sees her as an accompaniment to him, and for what she can do to support his career.
Then she meets Ryan…he’s incredible, but they get off to a bad start when he’s being hot and cold, and she doesn’t know what to make of him. Neither did I at times 🙂 She and Darren have a row and he says it’s over. So with a clear head she does what she wants, and starts dating Ryan. Wow – he is one hot, spicy man and all the adventurous ideas about sex she’s had are game on for him. They have some really torrid, erotic experiences. Then as always doubts set in, Darren tries to get back with her, Ryan’s ex girlfriend gives her some cagey, non specific warnings about what Ryan likes sexually, and what was a beautiful and exciting relationship seems to be toppling..
I loved this book, full of great characters and real situation – the wedding invite the “wrong” shade of red. Can just imagine that….Some people become obsessive about tiny, immaterial details for what they feel is an important event. Bridezilla and all that!! Ryan and Nora have an off the charts chemistry, and these scenes are written in a very sensual way, erotic and passionate without any of that squirky, stomach churning stuff that creeps into many books when writers add sex to a story. Here it’s perfect, fits well and makes the book so much more than just a romance. My only criticism is that when things started to go wrong I felt the drama was lacking a bit – I felt for Nora, but didn’t get moved to tears or anything close to it, and the ending – it was good but just felt very abrupt. I turned the page expecting more and…that was it. End of story. Its a complete ending, it’s just that I thought there would be a bit more to it.
Stars: Four, little more drama, stronger ending and this would have been a five.
ARC supplied via Netgalley


Edit: I’ve since seen that there is a follow up book planned, so we’ll see more of Ryan and Nora

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