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Blackout (Lewiston Blues 2) by F.X. Scully

Blackout (Lewiston Blues/Black Family Saga)



Blackout (Lewiston Blues 2) by F.X. Scully

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I’ve mixed feelings about this book, I loved the first one but HATED the ending….still, I needed to see what happened next. Sheila is staying with Ross, Luke is in prison and Shannon and Sheila’s parents are looking after the children. Everyone seems distraught, understandably, and trying hard to move forward. I love Ross, he’s feeling really guilty because he thinks he failed Luke, and now he’s failing Sheila. He’s in love with her, but doesn’t know how she feels, all he does know is she’s there with him now and they have lots of hot and heavy sex…dare he push for more? And what about his responsibility to Luke and the children, he’s their uncle and wants to have contact. Their grandparents however blame his family, and want nothing to do with him and won’t allow it.
Sheila: I didn’t like her in book one, she’s a selfish individual, and seems to think everything centres around her. This book is the same, she’s still wailing that she’s only nineteen, not ready for responsibility etc etc etc. the early part of this book actually bored me a bit, it was all Sheila and Ross rambling about the past, and what went wrong and in Sheila’s case, she said she missed her sister and yet when Shannon was alive she didn’t do much to contact or help her. Thankfully once past that the book gains pace, and I enjoyed it, and the surprises it brought. Somehow though I couldn’t see the person I thought Luke was, doing what he did, and Sheila seemed to bat backwards and forwards still, making everything about her again….she finally stepped up but it took a lot of help from Ross, Dave and her best friend before she did. Maya, she was good, I love that nasty person, the bitch 🙂 adds more to the story. I found her and Ross decision a bit odd though, couldn’t see them doing that but she provided a good choice to bring in a bit of jealousy.
The ending…an oddish end, felt incomplete. There’s a feeling of progress with Ross and Sheila, and the problems they’ve both faced, but it seemed there’s still much more to come. So when I searched online I found there is another book out later this year – and I look forward to finally getting some answers and hope we see more of Luke there too.
Stars: tough one, I enjoyed much of it but also felt there was an overload of introspection, looking back, finding blame and that got old after a while. So it’s better than just three but not a four. Three and a half.
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“Okay, for today’s exercise we’re telling secrets,” Rowan calls out. “Think about when you were a kid. How you felt when someone told you something no one else knew. That feeling of empowerment or…privilege…control. We all love that feeling. And being in control of your emotions or your day-to-day life is an important step in the healing process. I want you to tell your partner something that’s a secret. Something your lost loved one shared with you and no one else. And I know what your thinking,” he adds. “But we’re all strangers here. And you don’t have to give a name, just a secret.”
“Well that’s quite the assumption,” I say.
Dave chuckles. “You must have a ton of material to work with.”
I smile. “Yeah. I do.”
“We don’t have to—“
“When you left. She was devastated.”
Dave’s eyes widen for a moment before he looks away. “I…”
“I wasn’t trying to…” I suddenly feel like an ass. “Sorry.”
“No,” Dave clears his throat. “It’s fine. I deserved that.”
“I wasn’t trying to hurt you Dave. I swear.”
“When you say devastated…”
“It changed her.” I chance a glance in his direction. “She became this different person. For the first few weeks she barely spoke. She just kind of hung around the house. Skipped all the post grad parties. Ditched her friends every day. Then when she started college she started dressing like a grandma in those turtle necks and slacks.” I laugh at the memory. “She didn’t date…like, at all. Until Luke. She loved you Dave and when you left, after what you two did, it really hurt her.”
He covers his face with his hands and I clamp my mouth shut. When his shoulders begin to shake I touch his arm. “Dave?”
He takes a deep shuddering breath, shrugs his shoulders and rubs his eyes. “I’m okay. I’m sorry. I’m fine.”
“I just wanted you to know…I mean, I know she chose Luke in the end. But she loved you once. She really did. I know it.”
He clears his throat again. “Thanks.”
For several minutes we sit there, watching the others in the room. Some laughing, some swooning, some crying.
“What about you?” I ask. “There must be something she told her high school sweetheart that she refused to tell her baby sister.”
Dave laughs. “I don’t think so.”
“What about when I was away. With the band. She didn’t tell you anything then? For a while there we weren’t speaking. You were her go-to guy. What did she come to you with?”
“Nothing really.”
“You expect me to believe that?”
He pauses, searching my face, his gaze tentative. “Well, there is…something I’ve been meaning to share. Your parents already know, so it’s not really a secret. But—.”
“What?” I move to the edge of my chair.
“It’s big. And, to be honest, I’m not even sure I should say anything…yet.”
“What? What is it?”
“It’s about Shannon.”
“Well, isn’t that the point of all this? Of course it’s about her. What is it Dave?”
“Before she died, she told me something. And even though I don’t think you’re ready, Sheila…I think you should know.”

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