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The Last Good Knight, Part II: Sore Spots, Tiffany Reisz


The Last Good Knight, Part II: Sore Spots, Tiffany Reisz
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I don’t usually read shorts but when they’re about characters from an existing series and my an author whose writing I know I’ll enjoy I’m in. This is quite a fun way of releasing a novel, five instalments released over five consecutive days so no long wait for next part. I hate waiting for next in series – want everything yesterday and often wait til all parts are out before I buy, then read straight through.
We left Nora in the last part about to go to Kingsley’s house. She’s there now and Kingsley is telling the female staff ( and Soren of course!) what’s going to happen, and what has prompted it. It means Nora needs a bodyguard, being Nora she’s not happy but sees the sense. Then she finds out it’s Lance – and Kingsley has stipulated no sex or kink while on duty or Lance will lose his job. She’s creative though is Nora 🙂 and finds a way to get a little of what she wants, stretching Kingsley decree tot he limits of language…
Lance get a bit more of an introduction to Nora’s world while taking her to and from clients and they chat. He tells Nora more about himself too – poor Lance, I really felt for him in such an unfair situation. I can see Nora growing closer to him all the while – where’s that leaving Soren I wonder?? Nah, actually I don’t – no-one could ever replace him 😉 and does that man know it! It always amazes me how Tiffany has taken him ( and Kingsley) – men who on the surface I’d think I hate and yet… like every other fan of the series I can’t help but love them. She makes their behaviour seem so reasonable you find yourself thinking “well, why not? It’s not hurting anyone else”. Priced once again at £1.49 for 31 pages.
Stars: Five of course!
ARC supplied via Netgalley.


Rush, Nyrae Dawn.


Rush, Nyrae Dawn.
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Brandon, top football star in the making, he’s been in love with best friend Alec since he was sixteen. But they live in a small place where homophobia is rife….and add in the sports connection, and he doesn’t want to risk his scholarship. So they’ve had summers for the past few years, but he’s twenty one now, and football and college are a huge part of his life. He broke things off with Alec 18 months back; not that they had much but he wasn’t willing to risk his career for love. Its not made him any happeier though, he feels he’s living a lie especially on the few times he’s dated girls to cover up his feelings to his friends. Alec was heartbroken at the split. He’s not out either, but for Brandon he would do anything, sadly Brandon isn’t willing to take a chance. Can they move on though? When Brandon has a life threatening accident it brings home to them both how fragile life is. There’s something about youth, we never think death may loom when we’re young, we think we’ve time to sort out life later, and yet for some of us it creeps in and makes us reassess priorities.
The really strong section of this novel for me is how it handled the problems of being a gay man, and the reactions of family, friends, impact on home and career. With the way we divide society into race, religion, disability, sensuality, and “class” ( yes, that divide is sadly still rife!) it’s a wonder to me anyone ever manages to find their partner, the one they want to spend their life with. Brandon isn’t sure how his parents will react, he knows they are proud of him through football, he’s not sure if that’s all though, he sees himself as defined by his talent there, having dyslexia that affects his academic stance. Alec, well – he knows what his parents reaction will be. His dad makes no secret of his homophobia and his mum does what dad says, believes what she’s told to believe. They’ve an old fashioned traditional marriage that way. Alec knows their reaction will be “Out. There’s the door”. It makes the reader feel sad, we dislike Brandon for not being brave and going all out to be with Alec but then we understand his reasons for his action – or inaction 🙂 Its a real conundrum, to risk all on a gamble it may work out or if it all goes wrong where does that leave them. Its a nice fantasy that love is all we need but really we need more – much more.
Where the novel fell down for me was there actual interaction between Alec and Brandon. That part just felt weak, drawn out, very little happening. There was a lack of drama, its a gentle meander of a story, with some tender, but almost innocent love scenes which may suit some readers. I need a bit more than that though. It’s priced at £2.99 for approx 70,000 words so long enough to really get into details.
Stars: Four, a decent read but a one off.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

How to Rope a Real Man, Melissa Cutler


How to Rope a Real Man, Melissa Cutler
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
This is one of a connected series of stand alone books about the Sorentino sisters. I’m a sucker for these cowboy romances so even though I’ve not read any of the other novels I requested this.
Jenna, along with their sisters, had a harsh upbringing. They’ve always stuck by each other and looked after themselves, having feckless, unsupporting parents who weren’t to be replied on. Jenna ran wild for a while in her teens, but after finding herself pregnant at nineteen she turned her life around. She doesn’t want anyone to know who Tommy’s father is, and has kept quiet for all those years, disregarding gossip and speculation from the small minded townsfolk. She’s kept other secrets too – and the time is coming when she’s going to have to tell her sisters about them. Tommy is now five and suddenly his father is back in town. Along with organising sister Amy’s wedding that’s been a real headache, Jenna really doesn’t need this, fears for her and Tommy’s safety, and it puts forward all her plans to leave town…she’s too scared to stay now but is running away ever the right decision?
Matt, subject of her attention and secret desires for the past eight months that he’s been in town – is attracted to Jenna. Though Jenna has made it clear she’s like to get to know him better, he’s remained polite and simply friendly in a non romantic way. She’s assumed he’s not interested. He’s staying back though as he’s vowed never to get involved with a single mum again, having been heartbroken at leaving the children when past relationships broke up. Is Jenna enough to change his mind though, she seems so much more than anyone before her? He feels really strongly about her, but then again his dad always says doing the right thing is often hard. Trouble is what is the right thing in this case? Then after a conversation with someone at the wedding he comes over to Jenna and kisses her passionately and things get Very Heated from there!
There’s lots of action and drama here from wedding disruptions, small town gossips, threats of violence and all the secrets both Jenna and Matt seem to be keeping. Then when some of the secrets come out suddenly, there’s heartbreak, harsh works and tears. I really felt for Jenna – she’d been trying her best for herself and Tommy and yet just when she and Matt seemed to have moved forward into a relationship, in what seems like a heartbeat she lost everything. Its touch and go whether there’s a way back for her and Matt.
Stars:four, good solid story, but probably a one off read for me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley.

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