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The Last Good Knight, Part III : the games destiny plays, Tiffany Reisz

The Last Good Knight Part III: The Games Destiny Plays (Mills & Boon Spice) (The Original Sinners: The Red Years - short story)


The Last Good Knight, Part III : the games destiny plays, Tiffany Reisz
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I don’t usually read shorts but when they’re about characters from an existing series and my an author whose writing I know I’ll enjoy I’m in. This is quite a fun way of releasing a novel, five instalments released over five consecutive days so no long wait for next part. I hate waiting for next in series – want everything yesterday and often wait til all parts are out before I buy, then read straight through.
We left Nora in the last part, sexually frustrated and about to go to Soren – wo hoo – more Soren 🙂 As usual the man manages to put sex and sensuality into a good beating, keeping him and Nora both happy. There’s some really erotic and sensual moments between them. Nora’s always tempted by him, needs her freedom but looks back on the years he collared her with nostalgia. They really are perfect for one another, but at this point they’re both still learning to live independently. Well Nora anyway, I get the feeling Soren just waiting patiently – the man’s so good ( Freudian slip – I typed God at first!) at that. He seems to always know what will happen.
Then she’s back with Lance, and on with work. Lance get a look at her bruises and is shocked, and it takes Nora some time to get him to see that its no different her needing from Soren what Lance needs from her. Nora is getting to feel closer and closer to Lance, and loving him won’t come with the risk of getting him excommunicated if the news leaked out….and again she stretches Kingsley’s stipulations. Clever girl that Nora, no -one tells her what she can’t do! Priced once again at £1.49 for 31 pages.
Stars: Five of course!
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

Midnight Crossroads, Charlaine Harris. New Series….

Midnight Crossroad (Midnight Texas 1)


Midnight Crossroads, Charlaine Harris.

I’m a fervent Sookie Stack-house fan, have reads the whole series a few times now * blush *, and enjoyed the Lily Bard series also, and when I saw Charlaine had a new series beginning I had to request a copy!
So, what did I think? Well, Sookie had me engrossed from the first page, but this has a more gentle feel. It took me a while to really get into the book, although I “knew” Bobo the other characters were new to me, not having read the other series Charlaine wrote. However they’re all interesting characters and as the story moved on I felt like I was getting to know them better. It must be difficult writing a new series after so many years immersed in BonTemps, and its become such a popular series that Charlaine’s name becomes almost synonymous with Sookie Stack-house…and that’s a tough act to follow. Writing is tough anyway – I know, I tried ( and failed!) so following a popular novel is a real challenge but one that’s working well here I think. I like the idea of meeting some of the characters as they have grown on.
Bobo is older than when I knew him, but still the same affable, generous man. The other characters each had their own quirks, Manfred, a new resident to Midnight, is an online Psychic, Fiji who’s a witch ( with the fabulous cat Mr Snuggles!!), there’s the Rev, slightly mysterious, very aloof, and respected by all, he does weddings and pet funerals…Lemuel, a vampire with a difference, Olivia – well, she’s clearly more than human but I’m not sure exactly what she is. There are others too, but these seem to be the main characters so far, and the story slowly unfolds. Its a gentle mystery, setting the scene for some further developments from this story I suspect…and I didn’t work out who or what was behind it. I like being surprised and this certainly caught me out.
It feels as though even though I think I know more about these people and the mystery that developed by the end of the novel, there’s still very much more to come, and I’m hoping its going to be another fairly long series. It appears like one of those where you think once the mystery has been solved that’s it, end, finis, and yet it’s not, each development builds on to a larger, more complex one, and we get lost in a different world. It’s a gentle start, not an in the throat, grab you and suck you in to the story that Sookie was for me, but more the slow introduction and build up of characters and story that the Lily Bard mysteries were. I enjoyed it, but I think I was expecting a more Sookie type of drama. My bad, its clearly labelled as something very different. Still – I want to read more, and see where this series is taking us. Its a subdued, gentle start, not a drama filled, emotional read. I’ve genuinely no idea what’s going to come next, that’s part of the fun, and I enjoyed this beginning to a new series.
Stars: Four, a very interesting beginning
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

See Through Me, (Lose My Senses #1), Sera Bright.

See Through Me, (Lose My Senses #1), Sera Bright.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Like another reviewer I too thought this was a complete book, with the second telling the story from Ash POV. Its not, there’s a kind of finish, no cliffhanger but there are so so many unanswered questions its clear there’s a lot more to come. My mistake, but clearly an easy one to make.
So, Katie?? Well, I felt for her in some ways as she’d had a troubled childhood, little support from her dad, and it seems no other family but…somehow I just didn’t really warm to her. She seemed just that bit too self obsessed, not in the “I deserve everything good” way, but in the way she saw everything as to how it impacted on her. Then there’s her so called best friend – well all I can say is the old “with friends like her who needs enemies” applies here – I think Helen from the café was a far better friend to her, even though she wasn’t same age group. Ash, he’s a lovely guy and clearly loves Katie, but his way of showing it was…odd at times 🙂 Given she’d disappeared for a year I thought he’d have been trying harder to find out where and why, but no. Then there’s the mysterious dad, he’s summoned Katie home over something to do with the house but he never actually appears, though we do get to hear a phone conversation with him eventually.
I think what most didn’t work for me about this was it was so slow, it seemed nothing happened, except for a few more tantalising hints about the past and some mysteries still to be revealed, it seemed so vague, unfinished ….I didn’t get the sense of love – real love – between Katie and Ash, lust and sex yes, but anything more? Well, they’d surely need to talk and learn more about each other for that, and though they grew up in each others pockets they seem to know little about the real person each is. Then of course there’s all those hints about some deep mystery…why does Trevor hate Katie, why has he belittled her so much over the years, and why does her best friend seem to just brush off her boyfriend’s actions ( though she did seem high at the time …) What’s with Katie’s mum’s disappearance, thought I think after the ending I know some answers no doubt there’s a lot more to come. I just got the feeling there were a myriad of vague hints, but I’m not sure what or who is exactly the problem and why…and I’m not sure this book made me care enough to read the second part – which it is, not just a story telling Ash POV, but a continuation of this part.
Stars: two, it just didn’t work for me 😦 but then again I am past the NA tag though I’ve read and loved some fab books from this genre. I’m sure others will love it, as always its great we have such a diversity of choices.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

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