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One Night with a Cowboy, Elizabeth Otto

One Night with a Cowboy (Paint River Ranch) (Entangled Indulgence)


One Night with a Cowboy, Elizabeth Otto
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I was looking forward to this, it sounded promising. However though it was a good read, it wasn’t a great one for me. I enjoyed it but I wasn’t really moved emotionally, and wasn’t that bothered about what actually happened to the characters. Tucker seems a bit of a jerk to be honest, I know he had a history that made him behave that way but for much of the time he seemed to me to be acting like a sulky teenager instead of a grown man. Then there’s Sophie – Fifi as he calls her! She was sweet, wanting to help her mum, very family orientated but had a love hate relationship with her sister. Families can be like that – we love them, just can’t live with them so I understood that part well. I liked the way she stood up for herself, I hate those simpering twee heroines that often fall into this genre.
Overall an OK read, no deep drama or emotion, and not one I’d read again but a sweet, uncomplicated romance with a HEA. Its very fairly priced at £1.21 for 147 pages, and for those wanting an easy, quick, romantic read its perfect.
Stars: three.

Hostile Ground. L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov


Hostile Ground. L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.
I’m a great fan of this writing duo, they come up with fabulous stories, lots of dialogue and intrigue, and a tender romance, with plenty of steamy, erotic interludes. Some authors write sex scenes tied together with a thin story, but this duo always have a well written and plotted story where the romance is an essential part but not the whole. That’s what I like best, something to make me think “who, how, where and when?” not just be spoon-fed a few thinly disguised scenes masquerading as a novel.

So, I love the Market Garden books, but this time we’ve a thriller. Mahir is an undercover cop investigating a drug ring, run from a strip club. I liked him, he faced not only homophobic taunts, but as a Persian ( I think) Moslem he got the race/religion bias too. Triple whammy, and yet he was one of those people determined to do what’s right in life, and the sort anyone would want as a friend. It must be tough each day when even colleagues can’t help but throw those kind of comments. Then working in this job undercover, even though all the security people were gay ( saves them f ing the merchandise says their boss) still the taunts were thrown, and the sand camel quips kept coming out. Ridley, his immediate boss, seemed so cold hearted and terrifying, talking about how difficult it was to dig into the local clay soil to dispose of bodies. Mahir is attracted to Ridley though, despite his aura of danger and intimidation, and there seems to be a mutual liking, yet Ridley blows hot and cold. I love that push-pull of an early stage in a relationship, the does he, doesn’t he, questioning of oneself, the glances and little touches that take on so much meaning. Things get pretty heated then Mahir finds out Ridley is undercover too. There are some tense moments, where not only are their lives in danger but Mahir’s teenage nephew Kinza’s too, he’s inadvertently strayed into the club after following Mahir one day and been recruited by the boss. Can they hold it together long enough to close the operation? Well, that’s a huge question and like always the best laid plans go awry.
I loved this book, suspense enough to hold me interested in the story, not overly complicated but easy to follow, and yet tense moments that had me thinking “what now?” The romance scenes as ever were excellently written, tender and yet hot and emotional. I do like suspense novels occasionally, enjoying a swap of reading genres, but not if they are too deep, just deep enough to hold a story together and make it interesting. I enjoy the contrast of drama, danger and tension balanced with the tenderness of a romance. I love deep atmosphere, and always find it in this duos writing, and adding the romance and its pitfalls for the present and future, to the danger of the situation they were in I was wallowing in emotion! I did have a problem though with Kinza’s involvement…. I can see it was needed to add to the story, but as a parent I’d have been furious that my child was allowed to continue. Still, he’s almost eighteen, so in many ways an adult and able to make his own choices, and he wanted to continue…I’m kind of thinking aloud here, it made me uneas,y but if I feel he should be allowed freedom as an adult in other things why not this? Difficult decision and one I keep pondering over. 🙂 I don’t at time of writing have price or length info but it was a decently long novel, I’d guess around 200+ pages from the time it took to read, and was a perfect length to tell the story properly, letting reader get to know the characters and experience the dangers.
Stars: Five, great read.


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