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Inked Armour (Clipped Wings)


Inked Armor. Helena Hunting
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
So; onto the final part of this series ( prequel novella Cupcakes and part one Clipped Wings). I’ve loved Tenley and Hayden so far, but at the end of the last novel Tenley had returned back to her former home, forced back by Trey, an awful, controlling person who knows just what to say to hurt her, and bring her back to the shadow person she was in the early days after the crash. We learn even worse things about him, and Tenley really sinks low before she can pick herself up and pull things together. That’s tough as Trey has done things she didn’t know about, which affect her immensely. He’s very clever and manipulative, and wants Tenley under his control for greedy reasons. Back home Hayden has really lost it, he’s not eating or looking after himself, just letting his OCD take over in an effort to survive without Tenley. His nightmares are worsening, involving Tenley this time, not just his parents, and his family and friends really worried about him.
In the earlier books Hayden always came over as having problems from his past still affecting him, but he seemed to have it under control apart from the OCD about tidiness, and it was Tenley that struggled. Its all change now with Tenley still looking back at the past with sorrow, but beginning to accept she has a right to happiness, and she realises that not only does she deserve Hayden, but that he Needs her. She’s shocked at how low and distressed he is when she finally sees him, and they struggle at first to find the best way to go forward. Hayden is terrified she’ll leave again, and it takes all she can to convince him otherwise. Secrets from the past come out, things from his parents murder are revealed, and they send Hayden even further into his obsessiveness. Tenley is struggling to cope with him, she knows he can’t help it but she’s really worried, as are his family and good friends. She’s also still got the problem of her professor to deal with, but that seems minor in the face of the other stresses.
I loved this book, absolutely packed with drama and action, we see just how important good friends and family are when things go wrong, how easy it is to slip into depression and just give up. Tenley really shone for me here in the way she didn’t let Hayden slip down but did everything to support him, even when things were tough to do. I loved the way their romance was enriched and strengthened by the control they gained over their pasts. I loved the support of the friends/co workers and the fabulous Cassie and Nathan. There were some hot, sensual, erotic moments too, as well as a few laugh out loud snippets so its not all doom and gloom, but just the right balance of light and dark.
Its a great read, a true romance, with two people hurt by their pasts coming together to find love, and support each other in moving forward. Its a collection I loved, and will certainly re read. If you need your romance to have hot sex, but a solid story, to have real people and genuine problems, but who pull through in a way we understand, not some miraculous quick fix cure then you’ll love these books.
Stars: Five, five all the way 🙂
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Desert Heat Elizabeth Reyes
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
This is romance, but with a strong side of suspense. I liked Bethany, hard working, friendly, but its clear right from the start she’s hiding something. Then she meets Damian ( that speed dating conversation they had was brilliant!) and they’re both attracted. She’s not got time for a man though, hardly has time to eat let alone a boyfriend, and he’s always shied away from romance after problems in the past with his job, and the unfriendly hours and demands puts on a relationship.
They can’t keep away though, and very quickly they are in the throes of a passionate and sensual affair. I understood why Damian was suspicious, having been caught in the past its hard not to suspect something when you’re girlfriend is clearly keeping secrets, and getting caught out in lies. Bethany doesn’t want to be like that, but circumstances leave her no option, she simply can’t tell Damian what’s going on, the risk to her, her family and his career are too great. Secrets don’t work in a romance though, and we eventually see the heartbreak fallout when some of them are revealed. Luckily Damian doesn’t give up….
Damian, ah Damian, he’s special. When he meets Bethany he knows she’s different from the ladies of his past, that he doesn’t want to let his job get in the way, but sometimes that’s unavoidable. His family too, they’re very close, and I feel there’s more books to come about them. I hope so anyway, as they seem great characters, occasional secret rock heroes, and stars of a TV show. We didn’t see a great deal of them, just enough to know there’s potential there and how close and supportive they all are. Perhaps Damien would describe it as nosy and interfering instead, but in a tongue in cheek way.
Its a fun, hot, sensual romance, wrapped up in a tight mystery, one I didn’t guess but lucky for me it all works out 🙂
Stars: Four, interesting and sexy romantic suspense. .
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