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Scratch the surface. (The Wolf Within) Amy Lee Burgess.


the wolf within is one of my all time favourite series….

Scratch the surface. (The Wolf Within) Amy Lee Burgess.

Having been given book three in the series for review and loved it I had to buy books one and two. This review is as always independent of whether I’ve bought it or received for free. Integrity is important to me, and the views I’ve given are personal and honestly held.

Second in a paranormal romance series about shifter wolves. Stanzie is settling with Murphy and they are cautiously learning about each other and finding a way to live. Stanzie has fallen in love with Murphy but doesn’t tell him as she’s still feeling second place to his adored dead bond mate Sorcha. Especially after he called out and talked to her in his near death experience at the end of the last book.
Councillor Allerton has made them both his Advisors and he calls to disturbs their fragile relationship telling Stanzie that Grandfather Tobias from her old pack has been arrested and charged with causing the death of her bond mates. They can’t let the pack know of the plot against it so the story they put out is that he accidentally damaged the brakes but covered it up leading to everyone believing Stanzie was at fault. Grandfather Tobias wants to talk to Stanzie and so she and Murphy travel once again to the Boston safe house where he is being held. Councillor Allerton wants her to use the opportunity to see if she can get him to reveal anything more about the plot against the modernisers in the pack, and who they are. Murphy is concerned that the stress is too much for Stanzie, and the events as they unfold prove to be very hard on both of them and their relationship. Added to the fact her old pack are going to be there – the ones that chose to remove her and ostracised her at the last Gathering, they have two new pack members and one has a very bad history with Murphy. He reacts badly when confronted with them and its poor Stanzie who is left taking the brunt of things once again. I understand Murphy reactions and so does she and yet its so unfair that she always gets hurt and I want to cry when once again she seems to be alone. She has this metaphorical protective shield up, having been hurt so much by others in the past and every time she starts to feel more comfortable and lets it down a little something happens to upset her. It moves me to tears each time. However despite how she feels, in her usual way she starts unconsciously seeing and sorting people’s problems and giving good advice even though she is always taking the blame and suffering from others reactions to her and her wolf. A further mystery unfolds that she needs to sort, putting her in danger and some tragic events happen at the end when more mysteries unfold.

The characters are very well described and I feel I know them all personally now having read this book three times – each time I find I understand and see more about how they all fit together. Even knowing what’s happening I’m still moved to tears for poor Stanzie, and understand Liam’s withdrawals when he’s feeling angry over events he’s trying to put behind him. It seems to me they’ve both come to love each other, and yet neither will admit it as they feel they are not worth being loved and frightened of being rejected yet again. I want to see them both realise it and yet if they did so much emotion and pathos would be removed and spoil the story. Its a good job I’m not an author! I couldn’t let my characters suffer enough to write such a realistic and moving novel.
Once again Councillor Allerton, aided by his fellow Councillor and colleague Kathy Manning ( baker of cakes extrordinaire…) cleverly manipulates events to get people where he feels they are best placed to investigate his concerns without causing suspicion. Just when we feel Stanzie has solved one puzzle another unfolds. Bits of the past are released which makes current events more understandable and we learn more about Liams history and how he comes to be where he is.

The book is centred around the people and how the events interact with them – that’s my favourite style of writing. Its again written from the viewpoint of Stanzie and again that’s something that always makes books more real to me – I feel as if I’m actually in the novel and get lost in another world.
As in the first book there are some sex scenes although not graphic and they are integral to the story. It also has some swearing and again it fits within the characters emotions at the time. Its 217 pages for £3.93 as an e reader and to me real value for money being one I’ll keep to re read. Its not currently available as a print version.

Stars – Five stars, its a absolutely gripping story that I can’t fault and real value for money. This whole series is certainly one to collect and keep if you love paranormal romance with a good story to investigate in it.


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