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Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book One), Nina Lane


Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book One)



Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book One), Nina Lane
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Oh I loved this book, first in a trilogy and for once its erotic without being just sex…some of those are actually a turn off, with no real story, just some vapid sexual encounters. This though – its what I think of as an erotic novel for the real reader, the person who wants everything, sex and story, proper drama, genuine emtions and problems we all have.
Olivia, she’d had such a difficult childhood, but worked diligently and at twenty four is finally an undergraduate. She’s not very confident, thanks to her horrible mother and awful upbringing, so when she meets the sexy and attractice Dean, university professor, she can’t quite belive he wants her and not some long legged, gorgeous, model type woman. He does want her though, and this book starts when they have been married for a few years, and gives flashbacks to their beginning every now and then. Sometimes that doesn’t work for me but, as with another recent read, here it does as the main story is the current time, and the flashbacks just brief interludes adding to the story, and giving us some background frame of reference.
He’s the world to Olivia, she thinks they share everything then…she finds out he’s witheld something huge and feels betrayed. It knocks back all her precious confidence, fills her full of doubts and they struggle. Its heartbreaking, knowing they both love and want each other so much, and yet seem to keep drawing further and further apart.
A fabulous read, full of tension and drama and I just love knowing there’s two more books to come about them, so the drama doesn’t have to be rushed. There a sense of eveything coming together for them at the end, and then…wow – a massive shock!! A cliffhanger of sorts, but not the kind I hate, it’s one I can live with ,especially as I have the next two books for review 🙂
I know already this is one for my keepers file, one I’ll want to re read. I’ve been lucky of late, after a run of bad chioces i’ve had several good ones like this.
Stars: cracker of a book – full five.

Confessions of a Litigation God, A Legal Affairs Full Length Novel, Sawyer Bennett

Confessions of a Litigation God, A Legal Affairs Full Length Novel, Sawyer Bennett
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Confession time: I’ve never read any of Sawyer’s novels before…yes, I know there’s lots of them, and I know they’re incredibly popular but – so many books, so little time! I’ve looked at them, and always meant to try one so when I saw this one for review I jumped at the chance – and wasn’t disappointed. Its a terrific read, full of hot erotic sex, humour and a really good back story. Essential that part for me, sex without story is pointless reading for me.
Anyway, this is the Legal Affairs story, but told from Matt’s POV not Mac’s. I’ve read a few novels where there’s one in each main persons POV, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. There needs to be something new and different added to the story IMO for it to work, and of course as I haven’t read legal affairs then I can’t comment on that side.
Matt: wow what a great male lead, hot and sexy, very outwardly full of himself, he calls himself “Matt F Cking Connover” and seems to be a typical Male Jerk type of character at first, but as we learn more of him we see a different side, and find out where his behaviour comes from. The problem is will he change for Mac, does he want to change? Can she accept him as he is, or does she need more?
Its a great read, funny little incidents that made me smile – and Matt too, which he found unusual, full of insights that make the reader think more about the characters and their actions, its kind of part sexy, erotic read and part psychological perception where we work out what makes a person act as he/she does. I love those type works where we see the reasons for behaviours, I can’t just accept a person changing, but need the why, the reason for the change. I have to see what made them the way they are, and how they overcome it. That’s done really well here.
The story is great as I’ve said, and the sex scenes…well, hot, sensual and very erotic. Perfect in the story, they fit the characters really well, and show just how deep the connection between Matt and Mac is.
Stars: Five all the way, its a great read.
Arc supplied via Netgalley

Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer, Rachel Lyndhurst

Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer, Rachel Lyndhurst

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Sometimes you just want a light, fun read and that’s what this is. Piper is a fun person, loyal to family, hard-working and just out of a breakup…though as her friends tell her, she should have left Stanley ages ago and not waited til he dumped her for a younger model! Her ex is a real jerk, always belittling her in front of others and it makes you wonder why they ever got together. Seems he was different then. In comparison new boss Matt is Hot, scorching, sizzling, flaming and after their one night stand on holiday when she left without leaving contact info he’s delighted to find her as his temp…he wants more time with her and quickly “persuades” her to work closer with him for the next few weeks. He doesn’t do relationships, doesn’t want permanence but does want to get Piper out of his system. She has to agree, really hasn’t any alternative but stipulates business only… but she too struggles with the sexual tension between them, and from a very brief hands off stance they quickly get to lots of sensual, erotic sex, and of course all those feelings they told themselves they wouldn’t develop do…
So there they are having a great time, in and out of bed and then its time up…and what happens next? Hidden feelings, heartbreak and tears…
Well, its a fun read, easy to follow, no deep dark dramas but enough plot to keep things interesting, and its a book I enjoyed though not one I’d re read.
Stars: Four, a great one off read, fun and sexy.
Arc supplied via Netgalley

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