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When Lightning Strikes, Credence Curse, Sedona Venez


When Lightning Strikes, Credence Curse, Sedona Venez
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews.
I loved the first part of this series, and was looking forward to this novel. Somehow though it didn’t grab me as much as book one, its still a good read, don’t get me wrong, but there were quite a few niggles for me. I still don’t like the girls mum/aunt – irritating personalities, and they seem to turn Storm and Light from ladies into truculent teenagers when they are with them, and it just feels so wrong.
Anyway, this continues the murder and break-in investigations…Light finds out more about her background, and she’s in danger so local hottie wolfshifter Ryker agrees to protect her. He’s Alpha of the local pack and Lord of Souls…something like that – it means he rules over all the shifters, and he’s currently got his hands full broking for peace within all the different types of Others. He’s got the hots for Light, but only does casual, nothing permanent for him, and his usual taste is for Submissive ladies and Light is anything but! Still, she’s got it bad for him too, but hates his arrogance. Somehow though they find a way to get together and after all the hot, erotic sex talk they create lots of steam…
Knox and Storm from the last book are here too, along with half vampire lawyer Reason and a few other shifters. It’s a decent read, good basic story leading on and deeper from book one, allied to a good sexy romance, but I still got irritated by the aunt and mum, Light’s constant sharpness, even when people were helping her she was snarky and unappeciative and Rykers constant arrogant attitude. I understood their problems but think Light was overly rude at times. Ryker – I liked him, even though he had that Alpha arrogance, he’d been put into a position of heavy responsibility which he never wanted, but accepted as it was the right thing to do. The ending…arghh…dammit, the dreaded cliffhanger – I so HATE those…by time book three is out I’ve got past the momentum of the drama and it falls flat. I feel i’ve only got half a story, nothing is yet concluded and I feel I’ve just been left in limbo, hence the lower stars. Still, that’s just me, others don’t mind them.
Overall its a fun, sexy read, story cointiues well from book one, it has a damn cliffhanger though…
Stars: three and a half.

Free Jen Frederick serial novel

I haven’t yet read this, it’s on my list and i’ll add review later. Sounds good though 😉 and its free via Jen’s website so worth having a look!!


Bestselling author Jen Frederick is offering readers a free digital serial romance via her newsletter starting on Tuesday, May 27th. To celebrate the release, Jen is holding a Rafflecopter giveaway for a Kindle Fire e-reader loaded her entire backlist. The giveaway for the Kindle Fire begins May 25th and ends on June 7th.
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I’d do anything to keep my mother alive.

Anything, including ask Ian Kerr for help. I don’t know much about him, except that he has more money than some small countries. And he’s willing to spend it on me. Just one catch: there’s a string attached, and not just the one I feel pulling me into his arms and his bed. There’s also the plan for revenge he wants my help with.

Every time he says my name, it makes my body shiver and my heart stutter. I know he’s going to wreck me, know there won’t be anything left of me but lust and sensation by the time he’s done with me, but even though I can see the heartbreak coming towards me like a train, ready to crash into me, I can’t get out of the way. I want what he makes me feel. Want what he’s offering.

This may have started out as something to save my mother, but now…now it’s about what he makes me feel. I’m in danger of losing everything that’s important. Worse? Ian’s whispered words and hot caresses are making me believe that’s okay.


Author Biography

Bestselling author Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog. She’s been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at

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“Bad morning?”

The question comes from a rich deep voice to my right. Some stupid actor, probably. The notes of his voice are perfectly modulated as if he spent years perfecting the tone and depth to reach the biggest audience.

“Yeah, what’s it to you?” I challenge because I’m not in the mood to be chatted up by some wannabe in an off, off Broadway production who wants to try out some new lines on a messenger girl.

My sneering gaze melts right off my face when it lands on the owner of the voice. Dark haired and dark eyed, the stranger gives me a slow smile as I take him in. He’s tall, much taller than my five foot four inch frame. I have to trek upward to see the entire package.

And there’s so much to appreciate from his trim waist to the wide shoulders encased in a gray wool suit coat that fits him so well I wonder if he was sewn into it. Tiny stitches on the lapel mark it’s expensive provenance. A dark tanned neck gives way to a firm chin and lush lips.

Bee stung is the description that I’ve heard used to describe the same look on super models. Those lips are about the only soft thing on his face. Those lips and a hollow on the side of his face that appears when those plush lips curve upward. The divot is too shallow and wide to be termed a dimple, but it’s just as devastating.

One hand is stuck in a pocket and his jacket is pushed behind the hand to reveal a flat stomach. No desk paunch on this guy. There’s an intense sexual aura about him. The nonchalant stance, the dark gaze, the lush lips are all an invitation to rip the buttons of his snowy white shirt apart and see exactly what lies underneath all of those fabrics.

I stick a thumb under my jaw under the guise of giving my chin a scratch just to make sure my mouth is closed. This guy? He can practice lines with me all he wants.


“What makes you think I’ll be done with you?” He says and he moves my hands upward until they meet in an arch above my head and he can grip my wrists in one big fist. Free, his left hand slides down my arm, leaving a trail of goose bumps in his wake. His mouth is on my chin, my jaw, and then my neck. He’s tasting me, pressing the flat of his tongue against my racing pulse. “Maybe I’ll never be done with you and your solid gold pussy.” At the last word, he closes his mouth over that pulse point and sucks hard. The only thing holding me up is his hand around my wrist. He pumps his thigh against me and an involuntary moan escapes my lips.

“I don’t care,” I manage to choke out this obvious lie because my body cares a lot. “I’m not a toy. You don’t get to put me in Barbie’s expensive town home and play with me until you’re bored. I’m a fucking real person and my mom’s a real person. And we don’t need this shit right now.”

He doesn’t stop my diatribe but he doesn’t lift his mouth from my skin either. He’s sucking hard at the spot where my neck curves into my shoulder and his hand is under my ass, moving me backward and forward along his thigh. His other hand has worked its way under my shirt and is palming my breast, a large thumb rubbing my nipple. I realize my hands are free and that I’ve been holding them above my head while he rubs all over me. When I drop my hands to his shoulders I find I can’t push him anyway. Instead, I’m using his shoulders as leverage to grind down on his thigh.

The nerve endings of my sex are hyper sensitized and I swear I can feel every thread of his superfine wool pants. His leg moves, a tiny hitch, but it interrupts the rhythm and removes the pressure. “Don’t you stop,” I threaten him, all the heat in my tone has turned from anger to throaty desire.

“Shh, bunny, I got you.” He lifts me completely and spins me around. I have no option but to wrap my legs around him. A few quick steps and we’re in another bedroom with one giant bed and nothing much else. He tumbles me back onto the bed and then lowers himself on top of me, and there’s nothing in my field of vision but the hard planes of his face and the ruddy flush of desire on the high points of his cheekbones. He looks fierce and hungry.

Before I can capture another thought, his mouth is on mine and his hand is pushing aside the lace of my soaked panties. I’m moaning from both the feel of his thick tongue inside of my mouth and the sensation of one and then two of his fingers thrusting inside me. Sucking hard on his tongue, I lift my hips to grind against his hand.

His free hand spears my hair and tugs my head back as if he can’t get his tongue deep enough inside me. He tastes of spearmint and earthiness, of true desire. My whole body is alive and it’s straining toward him, toward completion. I brace my feet against the mattress, seeking more pressure. Breaking away from his mouth, I pant, “Harder. Fuck me harder with your fingers.”

I give him a quick once over. His suit is ruined. He never took even his coat off when he finger fucked me and I’m guessing the fragile wool wasn’t meant to be worn during any intense physical encounters. There are creases in the arms and shoulders were I clutched him and was that a … stain on his thigh. I ducked my head to hide my embarrassment. “You owe me a lot of explanations.”

“I’ll be here when you’re done. Come back and we’ll talk.”

I give him an absent nod but it’s not sufficient of a response for him. He strides over and tips my head back. “I’m having this suit bronzed, you know.”

My cheeks heat because I know he’s referring to the mark in the wool made from my arousal. He leans down and gives me a hard kiss. “Come back here tonight.” It’s a demand and not a question.

Allure, A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book Two), Nina Lane.

Allure: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book Two)


Allure, A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book Two), Nina Lane.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
So, book one ended on a crazy cliff-hanger, and book two picks straight up from there. Liv and Dean are happy, have found some peace after their recent problems and are looking to their future with happy plans.
There’s always a fly in the ointement though isn’t there, and Liz and Dean are in for more upheaval. Dean gets news of his family which means they need to visit. He’s worried about Liv travelling so far after the problems his ex had with miscarraiges, but Liv reminds him their doctor says everything is fine. So a good chunk of this book is taken up with family issues, and there’s stress from both the people and the circumstances put upon the couple once again. Add in some problems back at the university and it’s a read packed full of drama again.
I didn’t think Nina could top the first book but this one does. Once again there’s some hot and sensual sex scenes – well love scenes really, Dean and Liv don’t do just sex, but lots more. Its erotic even when its just phone sex, and when the two are together the scenes are explosive. I love the variety Nina puts in this part of the story. So many novels just have page after page of straight sex, thinking its quantity and a few dirty words that make it erotic, well, for me thats boring, and sometimes less is more. Nina manages to get a perfect balance of sex and story, with Dean and Liv both being incredibly inventive when it comes to love scenes….
There’s some great issues and dramas in this part, with Dean still managing to be overprotective and hold things back from Liv. That hurts her when it comes out, as these things always do…he has the right motives but what he does is wrong, and he needs to learn to let Liv deal, and accpet she’s strong and confident enough now to do so.
Another read to pull at the heartstrings 🙂 A huge tragedy that almost puts them right back into their former difficulties. Just as they solve one set of problems and look to be getting on an even keel another bombshell drops…..not quite the cliffhanger of last time but a strong indicator of the main feature of the final book.
Stars: Five, a great read, lots of solid story and drama to go with the hot and spicy sex. Definitely a keeper.
ARC supplied by Literati Author Services

The Professor’s Pet, A BDSM Romance Novel, Tara Crescent

The Professor's Pet (A BDSM Romance Novel)


The Professor’s Pet, A BDSM Romance Novel, Tara Crescent
Review from Jeannie Zelos book Reviews
I enjoyed this novel, its a shortish read at 162 pages, but a decent storyline with some hot and sensual, erotic love scenes. I loved the thought of the Professor looking at Emily’s kindle and seeing it wasn’t his – and her horror when she opened his and realised what had happened!! Nightmare, the hottie Prof everyone fancies knows her secret reading….
Its quickly in to the BDSM side, with Jake inviting Emily to his home for a quick intro to the lifestyle….then there’s a gap a of a few months before they get a chance to pick up. Emily becomes his trainee, and we get some very heated, racy scenes, where Emily gets to learn more about the Kink world…some she knows but some she’s shocked by, and she learns and is shocked by her response to it. The Magic 8 ball stuff was a bit disconcerting – being a UK reader I know roughly what it is, but have never actually seen one so I’m guessing its some kind of flip for an ambiguous answer to a question thing. I liked Emily’s snark, the way she just couldn’t stop her mouth from running off, and her reactions to submission which were the opposite of what she expected. Could she accept it though, or would she carry on telling herself it wasn’t real; and what about how she felt for Jake, how would she cope when time was up? Jake was kind of mysterious, we got to see some of him, but really it was guesswork form his reactions to her, though we knew he was determined not to get into a relationship beyond the eight weeks. How would that stick though?
Its a fun sexy read, short and sweet but rounds off neatly.
Stars: Four. If you like some sensual, erotic reading wrapped up in a romance this is for you.
ARC supplied via Netgalley