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The Golden Key Chronicles, A.J. Nuest

The Golden Key Chronicles


The Golden Key Chronicles, A.J. Nuest

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

This was originally released as a series of four novellas, now you can get it as a complete novel, 360 pages for just 69p. Bargain! I much prefer to read a tale in one book. It’s a fantasy romance set in both the present day, and back in time in another world, where magic is normal and various creatures roam….
Rowena is an antiques dealer and has brought home an armoire. She finds a hidden comparement with the gold key, which her friend Violet tells her is very valuable and a genuine antique. It turns out to be the key to another world, where Rowena is destined to save a realm from destruction…she doesn’t know that of course and its up to Caedmon to convince her. At first like most of us she thinks she’s being pranked, but gradually comes to believe the story, and follows Caedmon into his kingdom. There they undergo adverntures, disasters, capture and escapes, and they each undergo huge challenges before they can finally be together.
It’s a fun read, more like a YA ( maybe it is? I didn’t check..) but that fine for me as I do enjoy some well written YA from time to time. It’s a real escapist read, taking the reader on an adventure into the past via the present.
I loved the rapport between Caedmon and Rowena, how she struggled with her lost memories but didn’t just sit back and wait for rescue, but worked for it herself. That meant when Caedmon did return, even though she didn’t remember him and didn’t trust him, she had the skills they needed to fulfill the prophecy.
It’s a good read for young and older readers, probably not one I’d re read but it was an enjoyable way of losing several hours.
Stars: four, solid fantasy fun.
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Edit: today (25/05/2014)  just noticed its only 69pence…i don’t know how long this offer is for so I’d get it now if it’s your sort of read.

Awaken, A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book Three), Nina Lane.

Awaken: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book Three)


Awaken, A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book Three), Nina Lane.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
So, book three, the home stretch. I’m sort of sad that it finsishes, and yet excited to see how it ends. Dean and Liv feel so real to me. The great thing agbout trilogies ( and series) is that it allows the length for some really inventive, creative narrating, and lets us get to know the characters involved fully. I hate waiting though, so I was really fortunate to get all three parts for review so I could read them back to back. Thats how I love to read trilogies and series, without months of gap where I lose the thread of the plots and the momentum of the emotion. This trilogy is packed with emotion and solid drama and reading this way means I feel that all the way through.
So, poor Dean and Liv, cicumstances have forced a temporary separation on them, with Dean being on a dig in Italy….they have phone sex, cyber sex and help-yourself sex, but erotic though it is for them its not a patch on the real thing they agree. They really miss each other, not just for sex! But for that companionship, for how whole they feel together. The issues that forced the separation won’t seem to go away and then grow in intensity, creating friction for both of them as they can’t talk to anyone about it. To add to that Liv’s mum turns up – Dean isn’t happy about that either. He’s so full of need for control, and it seems as if he feels everything is slipping away, and he just can’t handle that. Liv though – she really grows in this final part, gaining a confidence she never thought she’s had. It’s backed by the enduring love she knows Dean has for her. Whatever their problems they both know that the love they share is special, its not just a one life thing but an enduring soul mate type density that is bone deep, in every part of them from the skin to the soul..I love that about them, I love the way Dean calls her Beauty. Love, Darling, Beautiful, Honey, even that awful (to me ) overused US Baby term – they’re all kind of throwaway, generic terms but Beauty – its not something usually said and it feels really special when he calls Liv that. A term kept just for her. He’s such a great man, strong and attractive, and so full of romantic ideas to show Liv just how much he thinks of her.
Liv was a bit lost in the earlier parts, slowly growing in confidence, but not really going anywear. She keeps thinking about how little she’s achieved, fearing she’ll end up like her mum, with nothing to show for her life. She’s much stronger though, and as Dean reminds her, she pulled herself out of that life of her mums’ at a very early age. Then despite setbacks stuck to her plans, faced her fears and through all that they managed to find each other and be together. Now she’s in a new venture, and finally feels she’s achieved something worthwhile. They are still battling the thing that separated them though..Dean is back now, but still constrained in what he’s allowed to do and where he can go, and with her mum also around there’s potential for so much tension.
Well, I though I knew what was going to happen, then it looked like it was going in another direction and then….all change again, right at the final moment, and made for a fantastic, perfect conclusion. Its been a great ride with Liv and Dean, and there characters are ones that will stay with me for a very long time. Books that are well worth reading, full of real people, emotional dramas and satisfying conclusions. Definitely a trio to keep for re reading.
Stars: Five again. Not a simple, easy, light read but a trilogy that pulls at emotions and makes the reader think deeply about problems and solutions. Throw in all the hot, erotic, racy sex and its a winner all the way.
ARC supplied by Literati Author Services

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