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Dark Refuge, Kate Douglas

Dark Refuge, Kate Douglas
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
This is the fourth book in Kate’s erotic paranormal series, and follows the preceding ones by building on the stories and experiences of the Chanku, a shapeshifting group. For many years people did not know they were part of this group, then it was discovered by accident, the pack formed and now the second generation, the children of those who had thought they were simply human but felt like misfits, are growing up.
We meet the Alpha’s son Gabe and daughter of the Alpha’s close friend Emeline in this book, along with mated couple Alex and Anna, who all combine to rescue girls caught up in a human trafficking ring. There are big surprises here when the rescue is mounted, and Emy and Gabe grow very close, very quickly. Gabe always looked upon her as a little sister but she’s not been home to the Packs Montana stronghold for many years, having difficulties with her parents. Gabe realises little Emy is now very grown up and gorgeous Emy, and they quickly become lovers and more…there’s some ways to go though before they get a happy ending, with Emy having some darkness inside that she feels deeply but doesn’t understand. We meet Goddess Eve briefly who steps in to help a rescue when things go wrong.
As always with the Chanku the stories are very sexual and erotic, with both group and same sex scenes, and if these offend you then beware as they form an integral part of the pack nature.
I liked Gabe and Emy, enjoyed the story but the mystisism that first attracted me to this series seems to be getting less prevalent, with the shapeshifting part of the heritage beome the main feature. It’s a fun read, an interesting storyline and shows well how much prejudice there is ( I know its fantasy but if it were real what happens here is exactly what would happen).
Stars: Four, solid story as always.
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War: Allie’s War Episodes 24-27, JC Andrijeski

War: Allie’s War Episodes 24-27, JC Andrijeski

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews.

This series has really surpised me, on the face of it I thought its not really my sort of read, but in fact I’ve loved it. I think its because that bond between Allie and Revik is so enduring, so innate and just feels as if it’s meant to be. Which of course according to the prophecy it is!!They don’t feel like a couple together just because of a prophecy though – they’re like two halves of a whole, and its only when they are together that they are at full strentgth. I enjoy seeing the personal sides of the other characters too – Jon especially, as Allie’s brother and in right from the start its been good seeing his journey. I still tend to skip the war sections – that’s just me and a persoanl view, I do that on all books * blush *. It’s people that are important to me, and thought this section is titled War, it had plenty to keep me glued to the kindle and wondering just what was going to happen next, and to who, and when….its a story that leads to more and more questions the more I read.
So Allie is wondering whats wrong with Revik, he seems to be acting a bit oddly. She’s got some problems with her light too, and thinking about what I’d read in a previous book I finally ( eventually – just before it was revealed) worked it out….I love that, how snippets of information, small clues in an earlier book, get picked up and run with on later epsiodes. Like I said, I love it when these two are togther, which they were for much of this book, and to add to that Jon and Wreg are developing their realtionship too….lots of sexy interludes once again. Seer sex is more than human sex, with so much of the emotional, mental and physical involved all at the same time. Its no wonder they go a bit crazy at times!
Throw in the problems they’ve got with the out of control disease spreading everywhere round the world, which seems to be blamed on Allie and her people, enemies from every corner, knowing that they simply must win, losing means disaster for humanity, the end of Allie and many of her people and goes against their purpose. Its a really stressful time for all of them and tempers are at the edge. Shadow though seems to be calling the shots, however hard they try. He’s got War on his side now and Ditrini, who they’ve captured, warns he’s coming for Allie next. This time I really felt for the first time that the chance they may not beat him was very, very real.
Its a great read again, full of drama and detail, intermixed with tiny persoanl moments that make these people seem so real. It reminds us that even when facing death people still need to eat, dream and make love. Seers are like the rest of us, and plans go wrong, disasters happen but they still need all the mundane side of living.

The end….ah that made me cry. Not since book four ( I think it was ) where Revik told Allie to leave ( and that was gut wrenching) have I felt so emotional about this book. Its rare I really get moved to tears, I need all that drama and deep emotional connection to my reading but actual tears..not often, but this series has done it twice now!
I’ve the next book ready to read and review and then…like everyone else I’m waiting for JC to write more, to lead us in to the finish. I’m not sure how many more books there are but it feels as though we’re on the home stretch now.
Stars: Again a fabulous read, full of all the things I love. Its a very dense novel to read – they all are, no light and fluffy read between other jobs this series. Its one the reader really needs to concentrate on. Its fabulously priced considering just how long each part is, 500 pages or so, and gives hours of magical reading, engrossed in another world.
ARC supplied by author.

Let it Ride. L C Chase.

Let It Ride (Pickup Men)


Let it Ride. L C Chase.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

I loved the first book in this series Pickup Men, and we meet Tripp, Marty and Kent again in this book which concentrates on rider Bridge and paramedic Eric. Eric quite new to the group, and he’s had a tough background, abandoned by his family because he was gay, in and out of foster homes since, and no lovers have stayed the course so far. He’s decided he’ll protect himslef by not getting close to a lover again and he values greatly the freindship he has with this group.
Bridge though – straight man he thought though he’d has one flirt with a guy as a teen. He’s been with girls since and then he met Eric last season and can think of nothing else. He invades his thinking daily, even his dreams so he has accepted that he’s not straight but Bi, though can he persuade Eric he’s serious. Eric – he’s worreid about losing his friendship if things go wrong – that whats happened in the past. When lover leave so do their families and friends and he’s alone again. He doesn’t want to risk losing his friends here…somehow Bridge persuades him it’ll be ok and they find a way forward. Cue some hot and sensual action – then – despair and it’s very moving and tearful. Poor Bridge, he was heartbroken…I felt for him so much, and yet I understood Eric too. I love it when authors can do that, make the reader symapthise and understand each persons view, even though they are rooting for a different result.
It’s a beautiful love story, feels very real, and the problem of losing connections when relationships break up applies to everyone, not just Gay couples, its always something where so many people lose out 😦 Though I really enjoyed this novel it didn’t quite hook me as much as Pick-up Men did. A good read but not quite a five star one.
Stars: Four.
Arc supplied via Netgalley

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