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Overwhelmed by You, Tear Asunder, Nashoda Rose.


Overwhelmed by You (Tear Asunder)

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Overwhelmed by You, Tear Asunder, Nashoda Rose.
Review from Jeannie zelos book reviews

I love the sometimes OTT drama and emotion that New Adult books provide. I like to vary my reading, jumping around genres and sometimes I just need that deeper emotion, even when it means suspending realism, that New Adult provides. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and was pleased to get this second one for review.
So, book one was Logan and Emily, and in that book we met Kat and Ream. Kat is Emily’s long time best friend, and a huge support to her after all the terror of the trauma she went through. It was clear she and band member Ream had a fling that ended badly – every time they met there were some really acrimonious words, but we never really got to know what had happened. It’s over two years now since that happened, and Kat has recently started dating local gallery owner Lance. He’s suave and charming, but so far they’ve done no more than a handful of dates and some chaste kisses. Kats very protective of herself after she opened up to Ream and he left…now he and the band are back, finished their tour and living at the farm for the next year. Logan tells them both they need to sort things out, stop the agreesive bitching, but it seems they can’t meet without sparks flying and not always in a good way. Ream isn’t happy about Lance, but Kat is clear – he had his chance and discarded her.
So we’ve a book full of deep emotion, dark secrets ( what exactly did she tell Ream that made him leave and her feel so discarded, and left her so cross, edgy, self protective) and lots of edge of seat danger. The story plays out quickly, jumping from one incident of drama into the next, barely pausing. That moment when Kat sees….that was heartbreaking, and I was wracking my brains trying to come up with plausible reasons, mentally shouting “no- no – nooo..!!!”. It seemed so clear cut though – but good authors like Nashoda seem to revel in making us believe something is – when it isn’t…confused? You will be 😉 That was just a perfect example of what I love about the NA genre, so cleverly written to make me think something that led to heartbreak and so much more.
This genre is full of events that aren’t particularly realistic, but the reader needs to suspend cynicism to get the best enjoyment and so it was here. There’s enough realism worked in to make events feel genuine, even if your brain says “no that wouldn’t/couldn’t happen” It’s a great read, one I enjoyed, sex; hot, sensual, erotic scenes, and a decent backstory bringing us more of the story and characters introduced in the first book. There are two more planed and I’ll be lining up to read them!
Stars: Four and a half.
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Banishing the Dark. Jenn Bennett

Banishing the Dark (The Arcadia Bell series)

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Banishing the Dark. Jenn Bennett
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Well, this series has been on my TBR list for ages, I’d seen reviews and it sounded perfect, but I’d not actually got round to buying and reading any of them. So starting in with the final book could have been a real duff move. In truth I didn’t know this was the last book when I requested it, and I’ve jumped in and enjoyed long running other series.
So how did I get on – well, loved it. Fabulous writing, just enough information for me to be able to follow the story, ( I had read samples from earlier books, and reviews so I had some idea of what had happened) and a plot that was just perfect. Real characters too – oh Lon, what a fabulous man and Jupe, his son, he was a great lad. Having had my own teens his reactions were spot on, teens do think they’re always right, rules are made to be broken, parents are overprotective etc etc and yet he was such a lovely lad, when he could have been a jerk. Somehow he trod the right side of the line, and I really enjoyed his character. Then of course there’s star of the series Cady, what problems she has. Her life seems to have lurched from one crisis to another, with parents that defy belief in their evilness. Yet she’s still kind to others, thoughtful, always trying to stop anyone from getting hurt, when all the while she’s got to try to stop her murderous mother from taking over her body and destroying her.
Its a fabulous mix of plot, action, sub plots, and humour; blended with evilness and spells, demons and deception and magic that has been covering up some frightening and dangerous secrets that Lon and Cady need to uncover before its too late. I really enjoyed the journey, the mix of people, the adventures and danger, the drama and emotion, and of course the romance side. There are times when I really felt for Lon, when it’s heartbreaking what he has to do and the effects it has..can’t say more without spoiling, but I really hurt for him at that point. It’s priced at £4.41 for 384 pages, so a good long novel for those who like me want to get really deep into a story, and this length also allows Jenn to get fully into some complex story-lines. I’m in a way sad that this is the end, and yet applaud Jenn for ending it on a high instead of stringing out into books that don’t really work well, as sadly too many authors seem to be doing. Some series can bear numerous books, some need the closure of the plot that this one has. I certainly want to read earlier books now, as this one has shown me it’ll be a series I could read and enjoy over and over. One for the keepers file and I’ll look out for other novels by this author.
Stars: Five.
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Aftershock, Desiree Holt.


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Aftershock, Desiree Holt.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
My first Desiree Holt book – and what a great read it was. I love erotic romance with a solid story, and this uses a rock band romance to back it up – and that another hook for me 😉
Anyway Sydney, she’s a great lead. She’s dragged herself to a point in her career where everthing is crucial. She’s had a Plan for success mapped out for years, been following it rigidly and now she’s at the point where its all coming together. She’s had a tough upbringing, and her aunt had a huge ( negative) impact on her, telling her constantly that relationships were a no no for success, that a man would drag her down. So she’d been undeviating in her approach, worked really hard and boyfreinds are out…then she meets Rick!
Rick too has worked hard for success. His band are a tight team, they are now verging on breaking through to the big time, and though Mark has his fiancee Emma, the others are single but keep it clean. In fact Rick avoids any kind of complication – he thinks there’s no room in his life for anyone if he’s to take the band to the top. Then he meets their new PR person Sydney!
When they first meet its like the band name – Lightnin. The tension between them is electric, sparks arc and the attraction is visceral, they both feel it right down to their bones. I loved them as a couple. The way they get together slowly, each wondering what they should do, can they stop how they feel, does the other person feel the same, then – one kiss – and its a race to get naked and lost in each other. They’re both aware that they need to keep this quiet – it wasn’t what either of them planned, and they want time to absorb it and ensure it doesn’t affect their careers. The love scenes, and they are just that, not just sex but really loving, though incredibly erotic and electric,are so real that the reader can almost feel the steam between them, the heat they generate. It’s really well done. Desiree write erotica as well as romance, and I’ll certainly look out for more of her books, she has the art of writing sex scenes down perfectly, full of sensuality and varied, not just one of those clothes off, a few quick pumps, couple of screams and its over….Then of course the spoke is thrown in, and it’s chaos. You can see where its going to come from, and waiting for that moment and wondering what will happen next is a nailbiting, tension filled read.
It’s a great story, full of realism, and though I know nothing of the rock industry and touring it feels very real. Add in those sensual love scenes and its a winner for me. One to keep.
Stars: Five, cracking read.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

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