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Surrender, Tawny Taylor.

Surrender, Tawny Taylor.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I really liked the sound of this, sexy and a bit of BDSM….but sadly in practice it was one of those that just didn’t work at all for me and I ended up skim reading just to finish.
What was the problem? Well, first off Abby. She was such a doormat, a wimp and I just couldn’t take to her. There she was having all these inner reservations, and yet she didn’t say a thing. Not One Thing…just let everything happen. Then the boss, Kam, he was simply just weird. Hot, then cold, then hot again, and all for no reason. I’ll believe in insta lust, but I have to feel a real sensual attraction and that both have a bit of depth to them to go for insta love but here…well Abby just seemed to lay eyes on the guy and roll over. Thinks “oh no! You can’t do that” – Acts: opens legs….
Then there was the plot(s) – they just didn’t make sense. We learn that Abby and Kam need to find out who the person who’s filed on her brothers phone is; all they have is the letter T, so they go through employee files etc, and then when the person is revealed the name begins with an S? So what was all that T stuff for? Pointless unless I’m missing something obvious. Then there’s the involvement ( or more to the point the non involvement) of the police, frankly that was so far fetched as to be off the wall. One moment Abby is on the news as wanted in connection with a serious crime, then someone else is taken in and she’s free, never had to answer a question, never even saw a policeman. As she was supposed to be complicit, they’d want to speak to her if only to rule her out . Then the multi billionaire Kam doesn’t have a PI contact? Or even know anyone who can recommend one….please. It was all just too far fetched for me, I know its fiction, but even that if its posing as reality needs to have a base in real life. Sadly the hot sex, and there was lots- though the BDSM link was very, very tenuous and barely credible, didn’t make up for the rest 😦 I’m sure Tawny worked hard, I’m sure some readers will love it, but for me its the one I’m happy to let get away 😦

Stars: sorry, I hate doing this but it’s just a two. I really didn’t enjoy it.
ARC supplied via netgalley

Stranger on the Shore, Josh Lanyon

Stranger on the Shore

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Stranger on the Shore, Josh Lanyon
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I recognised the name from a book I read and enjoyed some time ago, and although Josh has written many books somehow I’ve not read any since. Anyway, this sounded interesting so I requested it.
It’s a suspense novel with a strong romantic thread running through. It’s m/m romance, that doesn’t matter to me, I just love a good romance, I enjoy best books focussed on people and this one does that perfectly. Griff is writing his first book, been given unprecedented access to the family, house and photos of the missing child. Jarret, little Brian’s grandfather is an interesting character, and its clear that what he’s hoping is that through this book research Griff may uncover some new detail. Griff isn’t so convinced of that but does feel there’s more to the story that revealed and that he can get a different angle on it.
The family though aren’t as happy as Jarret, and are a strange mix. Grief can do odd things to people, but these seem as though they were weird even before the tragedy. The family solicitor Pierce is strongly anti the book, and tries all sorts of things to persuade Griff not to write it. He’s seen so many people come and try to pass off as the missing boy – man now of 24 – that he suspects Griff has some hidden motive. He’s very protective of Jarret, very close to him, and doesn’t want him upset yet again. Griff and Pierce really don’t hit it off at first and then..gradually…they get closer 🙂 Then someone turns up claiming to be Brian. Griff and Pierce are both convinced he’s not, and are united in trying to prove it, but the family are convinced he’s genuine. Then it turns dangerous….and Griff’s life is at risk.
It’s a great read, not heart stopping intensive thrills, but subtle drama, clever clues laid out for reader, some of which took me in the wrong direction…and though I’d an idea of part of what happened I missed so many clues looking back! The final reveals took me very much by surprise, I just didn’t see them coming but it all added up very neatly, no lose ends, no pulling rabbits out of a hat to fit the results..just good strong writing, and a plot that full of interesting characters, tender romance, and lots of mysteries to puzzle over. It’s been a while since thrillers/suspense was my reading mainstay, and I most enjoy books that are based around characters rather than events. This novel was perfect for me as I really enjoyed the characters, they felt real, I wanted Jarret to find his grandchild, was rooting for the romance, loved Griff, and even those in the novel that were odd all had their own very definite characterisations and felt very real. I need that to enjoy a book, if I don’t care for the people then I simply don’t get engrossed in what’s happened to them. Here there was a fantastic mix of characters.
Stars: five, great read, real people, with solid mystery to untangle.
ARC received via Netgalley

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