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Healing the Wounds, M.Q.Barber. Neighbourly Affection 3.

Healing the Wounds (Neighborly Affection)


Healing the Wounds, M.Q.Barber. Neighbourly Affection 3.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I loved Crossing The Lines, hadn’t read the first book ( one day…) but found no problem picking up the story. At the end of that Alice and Jay go through a very traumatic event at the Club Henry takes them to. Now Alice is living with Henry and Jay he wants to get them past that trauma, he’s a good Dom and can see that though both claim to be over it they’re not, they feel ashamed, guilty and are hiding. Alice is also struggling with just how she fits into the lifestyle of a duo that have been established for several years. I get the feeling Alice is very lacking in self confidence. She loves Henry and Jay but can’t quite believe they both love and want her, and seems to be waiting for her time to be up.
Henry, he’s the very best sort of Dom. I’ve read many romances containing elements of BDSM, FSoG seems to have brought them out in their multitudes, and the quality varies greatly. All I know is from what I’ve read in fiction, so I can’t comment on the veracity of a work, but can say how I see it, and how it makes me feel. I love those which look at the psychology of why people have their needs, and this series does exactly that. Henry looks at them as individuals, looks at their strengths and weaknesses, looks for what they need and sets plans to supply it. He’s the perfect Dom IMO, and his sort of old fashioned gentlemanly ways of speech and mannerisms make him very special. He’s 39, but at time he seems older from the way he says and does things, then he’s onto some sexual game and you realise he might Sound older he’s very at his peak for stamina! Jay, he’s like a lovely puppy, very anxious to please and its easy to abuse someone like that. Sadly that happened to him before Henry rescued him, and though he’s made great strides in the years since, that last event really affected him badly. Alice, I love her, ( well I love them all really) and she fits in well, Henry is very Dom, Jay very Sub and Alice – well she’s somewhere in between. Happy when she’s given an order ( though Henry always makes it sound like a request) and she loves the praise but she questions things, her mind works constantly and she has a tendency to over think things. Luckily Henry knows that, so when he sees her and Jay struggling to get past that chaos of their visit to the Club he works out plans for their healing. That’s pretty much the whole book, how Henry helps them, how they react and it includes them meeting with a few other people. Its a great read once again, full of things to think about and for those like me who love to know the whys its really interesting. I like seeing how Henry works, how he thinks and makes his plans, like seeing how Alice and Jay respond. Of course the hot, sensual and steamy sex scenes make in a fun read too!! Its priced at £2.47 for 268 pages and is one I’d happily re read.
Stars: four and a half. Great read.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

Blackjack & Moonlight, Magdalen Braden.

Blackjack & Moonlight, Magdalen Braden.
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.
It’s good to find authors are still writing stand alone romances, so many seem to be either duos or trilogies, and that’s fine but sometimes you just want to read the whole story, in one go, one with a proper ending, without waiting ages then paying even more money 🙂 So this seemed a treat, and promised some sensual sex alongside a romance.
Well, the start made me smile. Poor Jack, in a new job ( judge, no less) and sets eyes on the love of his life for the first time. He’s never thought about love, just has lots of short date relationships and he’s confused, and when Elise asks him why he’s recused himself from the case he’s stuck. He can’t start out by lying, so he blurts out the truth. Elise, she’s mortified, works hard, doesn’t do serious relationships, and wants to make partner this year. This won’t help her at all….
She decides the best way to get him to back off is to have sex with him, it’ll be fun, she’ll enjoy it, and like all men once he’s got what he wants he’ll leave and her plans can continue unhindered. Sounds simple doesn’t it – but of course its not. Jack plays lawyer with her, and they negotiate a sex then romance alternate date relationship. Jack’s hoping he’ll persuade her, and make her fall in love given time. He’s a great guy, but very single minded in this. The sex is scorching, both are shocked by how much passion they generate, but he’s finding Elise hard to wear down. Elise, clearly there’s some block in her mind over men and long term relationships, and as we read on I understood her a bit more. Still though I didn’t see why it had such an effect on her. Though I loved the times they were together, and the sharp, witty banter between them I just didn’t get Elise. I needed to know more of her, her feelings, her childhood, why she and her mum had this odd relationship. I think that’s why the novel fell down for me, it was Elise, I just couldn’t really like her enough…I didn’t dislike her, just felt sort of neutral when I needed to love her. I also felt the drama was lacking, there was lots of humour, and some sad parts but nothing very deep, it’s all light and airy, and I like angst and emotion.
So, a fun read, a complete romance (hurrah!) and one I enjoyed but didn’t love. It’s the third in the Blackjack Quartet, a series of connected novels with each being stand alone.
Stars: three and a half, its more than OK but less than a four star Good.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

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