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Heat. Club Inferno; A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance. Jamie K. Schmidt.

Heat: Club Inferno; A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance


Heat. Club Inferno; A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance. Jamie K. Schmidt.
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I do like erotica with a good story backing it, and this sounded pretty strong based. Mallory – it’s hard to see why an intelligent, professional, confident woman puts up with abuse, but as she explains, she didn’t want to admit it was happening- til one day David goes too far and she runs…I can understand in a way, everyone thinks abuse only happens in those unemployed, alcoholics etc and not doctors, lawyers, teachers and the like. I’m not sure why she didn’t confide in her sister and go to her for help before, as they seem to get on pretty well, but I get the feeling they’d been apart for a while before this reunion, so maybe that’s it.
Club Inferno, her sister’s business, has two sides, the Open public one where the rich and fashionable like to be seen, and the private side where much more goes on. As Colleen says, its not a place for prostitution, and she has to take care not to bridge that line, but anything just short of that goes. It’s a busy place where every corner holds a surprise for Mallory. I liked Colleen, she was a good sister, good employer and a terrific business woman. Branded a gold digger for marrying money, that seems to have been just jealousies coming out, but she’s put her inheritance to good use, and makes money through providing what people want. Mallory was a bit whiny as times, though I loved the way her eyes were opened to what exactly went on, she was really naïve. I don’t know what she thought her sister’s club members did, but the reality came as a shock! She took it all in though and found out much about herself there. Max, he was a sexy, delicious, much wanted, attractive tutor, Dom and voyeur. He was just guarding Mallory at first and teaching her self protection, but as they spent time together he found her more and more attractive, and they got Very Close 🙂 Lots of erotic interaction between them, and Mallory who sex life was pretty tame before, had a ball….she learned so much about what turned her on, and Max was so patient with her. Then David rears his ugly head again, jealousies arise from one of the clubs female members about how much time she and Max spend together, a business rival makes sure the club gets a bad deal, and everything comes to a head.
Some great characters, Colleen was great, a good, strong, confident, take charge woman. Mallory was fun in the way she embraced everything offered, but a bit judgemental of her sister to begin ( though Colleen gets her own back with the 70’s porn star room!) and whiny and irritating sometimes – poor me etc when everyone was bending backwards to help her. She pulled through and gained strength though and the ending was perfect for me. It’s priced at   224 pages for £1.49.
ARC provided via Netgalley.
Stars: Well the heat, sensuality, steaminess was ideal. Well written and fitted into the plot perfectly. Its not quite a five star story though, so I’m going four stars, and hope that Jamie writes more about the club and it’s members.

Heated, A Most Wanted Novel, J.Kenner.

Heated: Most Wanted Book 2


Heated, A Most Wanted Novel, J.Kenner.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I loved The Stark Trilogy, read Book One of this new series Wanted, and that was another five star read from me, so was really pleased to see this one out for review 🙂 I’ve had a few two/three stars reads recently and needed a good one to get me back on track.
Anyway, back in the first we were introduced to the three men, but the story mainly told from Evan’s and Angie’s ( Jahn’s niece) POV. Jahn was the successful businessman that had a huge impact on the trios lives when they were unruly teens, and has shaped so much of what they’ve done since. This time we focus on Tyler, and Sloane. Sloane’s is a cop – and one of her professional contacts is worried about a friend who’s gone missing. She was last working in one of Tyler’s businesses, a club where she was an exotic dancer, and as Sloane is on medical leave after a gunshot wound, and champing at the bit she decides she’ll do a bit of unofficial digging. It’ll kill a couple of days of boredom she thinks…..
Then she sets eyes on Tyler in the flesh- sparks fly!! Just from that one, searing look they exchange she knows all her plans of seduction are going to be useless, this isn’t some soft easy mark, but some one who does the chasing. A serious Alpha, luckily for her he wants her and the fun begins.
Poor Sloane, definitely in over her head….she’s playing with the Big Boys with Tyler 🙂 and yet we find he has a soft and tender side too. There’s hot, erotic, passionate scenes between them, real tear-your-clothes off, spur of the moment sex, along with some slow, sensual, romantic situations. There’s a few references to Jahn and how the trio set up together, and some of the story lines continue from the rescue in the first book. Though this is a standalone novel and can be enjoyed as such I think reading book one will enhance the enjoyment further – and its a great read so why not??
Its a great read, full of action and adventure, changing ideals and ideas, healing of old wounds and growth of new love. Add to amazing romance a world of politics and business, duplicity and double dealing, people with black and white views that learn how to see shades of grey, and we’ve a classic riveting story which I loved once again. Another keeper.
Stars: five , cracking read, just the right blend of sex, eroticism and suspense.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

Hunter by Night, Elisabeth Staab

Hunter by Night (Chronicles of Yavn)


Hunter by Night, Elisabeth Staab
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Vampires, romance – I’m in….:) This was an enjoyable read, not too heavy, some decent action and a real story and hot romance to back it up. I haven’t read the first two books but a quick read of the descriptions and it was easy to follow this one anyway. I think reading them first would enhance the enjoyment of this one though. Too many books too little time 😦
So, we’ve human hater vampire Lee, 700 years old, and holding a grudge all that time, blaming them for the death of his family. He’s guarding the queen’s best friend, human Alexia. Poor Lexi, she’s been friends with the queen back in the human world when they were just two carefree people, and now the queen is with the king, and having his child Lexi is stuck in a world where she feels she doesn’t fit. Lee’s not the only human hater here, she’s made a few friends but in the main she’s lonely, lost, and doesn’t know what she’s going to do. It doesn’t help that she’s a huge crush on Lee too….and yet all she seems to do is irritate him at every turn. That’s just the sort of pairing I love – where they have to work to find a way to each other, where there are obstacles at every turn. Its fun seeing just how they make it, and there’s always drama when things go wrong, and you know by now how much I love, love, love lots of that!
Alongside their romance is the very real feeling of danger, of looming war threatening both humans and the vampires, the difficulties of who to trust, of whether “my enemies enemy is my friend” is really true when dealing with both Guardian and Wizard enemies….There’s lots of action from different sources, and romance problems between other couples too. Lee may be 700 years old but he’s still got things to learn 🙂
Its a great read, lots to occupy my mind and make me think. It feels like a real romance with genuine problems, and all that action alongside it is very much how real life is. The world doesn’t stop just because couples have problems 🙂 When Lexi and Lee do get together – wow – they are hot! Scorching, and very sensual and steamy…then they argue – again and again. Lexi had a tough upbringing and can’t stop her mouth from running even when she knows its not a good idea, and Lee simply isn’t used to that. He’s a huge mind shift to make to realise a humans viewpoint can be very valuable. It’s priced at £4.27 for 384 pages so its a lovely long novel, and its all relevant words, no padding and fluff…..
Stars: Four, one that it would be great to read the whole series back to back and I look forward to more from Elisabeth.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

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