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Bridge: Allie’s War, Episodes 28-31, JC Andrijeski


Bridge: Allie’s War, Episodes 28-31, JC Andrijeski
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews.
The world is dying. Everyone feels it, and yet, no one knows.
They said that when the end was near, a Bridge would come, and lead them out of the darkness of that dying world.
Allie Taylor’s life was relatively normal…
Until Revik showed up.
And told her she was that Bridge.

So the last book ended dramtically with Allie close to death and wire addicted, and Cass and Shadow having stolen her babay from the womb…. Drama or what? Just when I think we’re close to an even keel JC throws in more to rock things up. Anyway poor Revik, ( I love that guy) to me he’s close to breaking point. His life, so far anyway, has been the stuff of nightmares, he’s endured more than anyone ever should, and just when he finally got together with his soul mate Allie he’s been torn apart again and again from her. So far they’ve found their way back each time, but now – is it the end? It looks dire, Allie’s alive but in an odd way, pretty much a life support type thing, no-one can reach her mentally, so its just a living shell of a body it seems. Throw in that the Rooks have their baby and where do his priorities lay? He wants Allie, needs her back for everyone’s future and especially for him personally, but he also can’t let the Dreng keep and use their child. He needs to work on both things at once, but though he’s a seer and tough he can only do so much.
It’s drama all the way, tears, heartbreak and a very few good moments thrown in. I feel I really know these characters now, don’t have to stop and think “what does that mean, how does that work” even when JC writes about how they click – seems to be a before speech thing mostly, I just accept it as part of their ways, a sort of behavioural concept habit….I’ve come along way since book one, and my usual dislike of this type of fantasy that made me think I wouldn’t enjoy this series – how wrong I was! I just love it.
I really felt for Jon too in this book, he’s carrying such a guilt complex for unwittingly letting the Dreng get to Allie….he’s keeping himself closed off and Wreg doesn’t known how to help. Of course the Seers are at times irrational and jealous – just abit !! – and Wreg isn’t sure if maybe somethings going on with Jon and Revik, or maybe someoen else….still, he’s a strong support when Jon needs it.
I said how I feel I know so many characters here, and I do…even among the new ones some stand out – Dante, the teen PC genuis, and of course Jayden and his girlfreind, though she seems pretty useless, maybe there’s something hidden in her…. I keep wondering just how they all are going to develop. Jayden seems a jerk, but then I love Allie and Revik so am biased, but so many people I thought I disliked change over time, when I find out whats behind their behaviours. Even Terian, after reading his novella, I found I had some sympathy for. Cass though – nope, I disliked her from the early days and just can’t see how anything can excuse whats she’s done. She’s being used IMO but she wants to be, she’s been jealous of Allie for so long, since childhood even, and yet Allie has done so much to help her, at cost to herself and without thinking of anything but friendship – then she gets treated like this. Nope, for me Cass is just plain evil – JC are you listening? No changing my mind here by giving her some excuse that i’ve missed 😉
So its another cracker of a read, long, packed with adventure ( and those battles I still skim….) drama, emotion, and leading on to next book. I’m wondering now how many more we have to go? ? It feels like with the devastation we’ve gone through and the state of the world at present, we must be at the point where there’s an upturn and the prophecied rebuild new world order starts to happen.
Stars: Five, great read once again.

Arc supplied via author.

Reading Order:
Rook: Allie’s War Episodes 1-4
Shield: Allie’s War Episodes 5-8
Sword: Allie’s War Episodes 9-12
Shadow: Allie’s War Episosdes 13-17
Knight: Allie’s War Episodes 18-23
War: Allie’s War Episodes 24-27
Bridge: Allie’s War Episodes 28-31

Prequel Books ~
New York: Allie’s War Early Years
Revik: Allie’s War Early Years
Terian: Allie’s War Early Years

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