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One Chance, Emily Gillmor Murphy

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One Chance, Emily Gillmor Murphy
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I love anything set within the horse world, been horse mad since a kid – I didn’t know why my parents wouldn’t let me keep one in the garden of our council house….my friend and I used to scour the local for sale ads in the paper “ this ones only £10 mum, it says At Stud £10” and mum never did put me right…ah the naivety of youth! I finally had my own for the last 20 years, though sadly becoming an amuptee three years after getting him put paid to the jumping side. So this book with the showjumping background appealed. I was expecting more of a romantic theme, though to be fair its classed as womens fiction and not romance ,so that was presumption on my part.
The horse side was excellent, I felt as if I was there with the grooms and jumpers, could smell the horses, leather and straw….The author has a background in this field ( hah!!) and it shows, having been there myself in local shows I felt really at home. I loved all that part, but had a problem with the characters. Matthew was great, I loved him but TBH I felt Liz didn’t deserve him…Edward I liked at first til some of his jerk ways came out, but I couldn’t really feel sorry for Liz too much when she was his target as she’d consciously put herself there after the first flush of romance wore off, she wanted the advantages his name would bring. I know she had a tough background with her parents, but Nick had it far worse, and even Matthew had a lot to overcome. Liz was very much a user of people I felt, and that’s what really stopped me liking her.
I did like the way the story wrapped up, wish Liz had been a bit warmer, loved Matthew and was pleased for him, and would have liked a longer ending – its tucked into about 4-5% of the whole novel…
Stars: Four, a fun read.
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Out of Bounds, Dawn Ryder

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Out of Bounds, Dawn Ryder
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I have a weakness for the rich, controlling Alpha heroes…so this looked right up my street. Tarak didn’t disappoint right from the start, he’s totally in control, cares nothing for the opinions of others, and so self confident he just Knows anyone will do what he wants. So when Sabra gets to a corporate photo op unexpectedly, and he sees her there and wants her, he’s astonished that she refuses his “invitation” sent via one of his staff, and leaves. He knows she was attracted. Ladies never refuse him, and it just makes him more determined to have her. Sabra is very attracted to him, but she’s worked hard for her job, and takes it very seriously. She knows that the slightest hint that she’s involved with Tarak, and her credibility will be shot to pieces. She can’t afford, and doesn’t want, to let her work go that way. Tarak though takes steps to cover all her arguments, makes her an offer that overrides her concerns, and they quickly get into a heated, erotic, sensual romance. For Sabra her heart is fully in, despite telling herself otherwise and that its just a fling and fun, but for Tarak, well he doesn’t give his heart. He’s done that and been burned, and vowed never again, but she doesn’t give her heart lightly so where does that leave them…?
Well, what great characters, and what sizzling, sensual, well written love scenes. And they were love scenes, very quickly having evolved from just sex, though Tarak couldn’t see it and wouldn’t admit it. A great read, but one thing let it down for me, and that’s the downside. The bit that makes you greive for them, makes you want to cry..We got lots of working up to and enjoyment of the hot and heavy, but the sad part, where things go wrong, that was very quickly over and me – I like to wallow in that. Barely got a tear out and it was all over, and I need more – that then makes the make up so much sweeter and emotional. It’s 240 pages in kindle, so long enough to get fully into characters, but a bit extra length for the break up and I’d have rated it higher.
Stars: Four.
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French Blue, (Study in Seduction), Natasha Bond

French Blue (Study in Seduction)


French Blue, (Study in Seduction), Natasha Bond
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I love erotic romance, but want a HEA and sex scenes that are adult – not twee, mealy mouthed ones. Some terms used make me want to get out the brrain bleach, but not here. Lisa and Olivier are adults and act and sound like it…I need a solid story too and not jst a few intimante encounters wrapped up in a thin story. I want to feel the story could be real, that I could kow the participants and they need to be people I like. I got all of that here…
This is the second book in the series, and we meet Alex Lemaitre’s brother Olivier, along with top businesswoman Lisa Archer. Lisa presents one front to the world, professional, always in control, but underneath she wonders what it would be like to cede control to another…and who best to have in charge but Paris’ top Dom, Olivier. She’s got a few months free before her next contract, and her friend Socialite Mimi has promised to introduce her to Olivier after speaking to him about Lisa. He’s got some free time too, and they agree an arrangement where he’ll teach her but they will keep to a contractual liasion, no relarionships, no romance, – neither of them are looking for that.
Well, there’s this saying isn’t here about Man makes plans and God laughs…and that’s just what happens. Lisa thinks she’s being clever, having sex and fun, learning what really works for her without risking her heart…but of course that rarely works, and she finds herself getting very confused about how she feels, and wondering if Olivier could feel the same, or if she imagines the heat between them or is mistaking it for more than it is..
I love this type of story, romance wrapped up in hot, erotic and sensual sex, no icky, squirmy scenes, (sometimes the scenes and language used by authors when writing sex scenes makes me cringe, and is so juvenile sounding) but proper grown up ones, where the action is tantalising and erotic, racy and risque, and we can see just how turned on both characters have become. Life is never controlled as Lisa finds out, Olivier has secrets and she’s like a cat, turning every corner to uncover them. Olivier thinks he’s in control too and is unsettled at losing what he values, his famous self discipline. A great story, and a HEA which I love.
Stars: Four, a sexy, erotic, steamy read.
Arc supplied via author.

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