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Me Without You, Kelly Rimmer.

Me Without You

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Me Without You, Kelly Rimmer.
Review from jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well, wow – what a read…but to be honest this book needs a warning. It IS romance as it states, a beautiful, heart-warming, breath-taking romance but its not the sweet HEA kind…Its one of those that will have you in tears, its incredibly emotional.
I was expecting a traditional type romance, having got several books on my review list and not recalling the description other than romance…and it seemed slow to start, inter sting but I kept wondering where it was going. I loved Lilah, she’s all the things many of us aspire to, and yet can’t quite bring ourselves to do. Callum, he’s more like most of us, lots of things he’d like to do “one day” but they get left in the day to day humdrum, earning a living struggle. Lilah teaches him how to have fun, how to enjoy life, and in the process they fall in love, and that’s something neither intended for different reasons.
Then heartbreak, things go wrong, and I was gutted, and then just when I thought we’d reached the low point there was more, and it brought me to tears. Yet through that dark period there was so much beauty. There were smiles in my tears, light in all that darkness and I had so much admiration for both of them. The description says“ Me Without You is a book to make you smile, bring you to tears and remind you to hold on tightly to those you love.” That’s so so true, and its a book that once read will stay with you for ages. Whether it makes anyone change their aims and ideals I don’t know, but it certainly encourages us to look at what’s really important in life.
Stars: five, a lovely book, but not one I’ll re read. Its very very emotional read,. So be in the right mood when you pick it up.
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Marked By The Vampire, Cynthia Eden

Marked By The Vampire (Purgatory Book 2)

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Marked By The Vampire, Cynthia Eden
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I’ve read several of Cynthia’s books now, so I know I enjoy her classic, succinct writing style. All story, no waffling! This one is paranormal ( its that vampire bit in the title that gives it away – yes?) and was a fun read.
To begin with we’re given a clue that some people aren’t exactly what they seem, and that there is clearly some uncover/underhanded work going on. That fits in with much of Cynthia’s novels that I’ve enjoyed, they have that suspense element and she does that really well, keeping me guessing exactly whats happeneing. So it was with this one, til it got to the point where I was wondering just what and who was going to be revealed next…dealing and double dealing, people who were working for others and not the side I expected, all wrapped up with some danger, violence, and sexy, sensual sex….A great mix.
I liked Shane right from the start, and it was clear that he was in Purgatory for reasons other than what were given, but I didn’t know who else was in on that, and what he was actually there for. Olivia seemed a troubled person, seeking to find out what made killers act as they did, but she didn’t fit the usual “do-gooders” mould, and wasn’t afraid of danger – til she reached Purgatory where the danger wasn’t just the usual from interviewing dangerous prisoners, but had the added addition of someone – or maybe several someones – flipping and messing with the safety measures. Why, who, when and where was the next danger coming from. It’s a novel full of suspense and danger and some vivid surprises, but with a perfect ending. Its the second in a series, I’ve not read the first but that was fine, as it seems each is a standalone, but with connected characters so it’s the sort I like, where novels are complete but integrated with each other and carrying an overall story arc. I look forward to more.
Stars: Four – a fun read.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

The Saint,Tiffany Reisz

The Saint (The Original Sinners: The White Years - Book 1)Edit: today (june 10th) this is on offer for just £2.39! Not sure how long this price will last so get it now….


The Saint,Tiffany Reisz
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
A new series with all the characters we love. Nora of course, Soren and Kingsley….a must read!
Well, it begins with real drama, with Nora alone in a cottage and very sad. The hints given made my heart stutter, my eyes scratchy and my throat dry….and in typical Tiffany fashion the story moves on without more reference to why she’s upset..Arrgghh!
Its a great read and takes us back to the fifteen year old Eleanor, when she’s rebellious, forever in trouble at home and school, and then…the parish gets a new priest. She’s not interested til her mum tells her he has a Ducati…then she’s off to church for a look. One glance at Soren and she’s hooked. They chat after the service, and its one of those conversations where they say one thing and yet they mean something totally different. Then Eleanor gets into trouble for car theft, and Soren comes to the police station and sorts the problem. That man has so many contacts 🙂 . He asks and she vows to be his forever, and its clear just how they both feel about each other even at this early stage…and what they both mean. We learn more of the infamous stick watering incident – typical Soren.
Gradually we see Eleanor growing, live her trials with her, see hers and Soren’s reactions. I love Eleanor ( she’s not yet become Nora – that’s later) and her snark. She’s the rebel every child wants to be. She’s bordering on the edge of disrespect with everyone but Soren, he just lifts that eyebrow and looks, and she’s quelled and sorry…it’s a long journey ahead of her growing and maturing, til he finally revelas more about himself and takes her.
What amazes me is how Tiffany takes people I think I’d not like, Eleanor, rude and disrespectful, typical snarky teen, Kingsley, amorous, overconfident, gorgeous, but an out and out snob in many ways, and of course Soren, Jesuit priest with a predilection for intense sadism…who’s in love with a teenage girl 14 years younger. But he’s patient, Eleanor is growing, Kingsley displays another side to us, and somehow they all become characters I love despite myself. Even the BDSM scenes seem everyday trivia, though they are anything but. I feel I know them after so many books and yet can’t wait to devour more stories about them.
Stars: come on – its Soren and Co, Tiffany Reisz – how can it be anything but a cracking five 🙂

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