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If I Were You, Lisa Renee Jones

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If I Were You, Lisa Renee Jones
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I love contemporary romance, especially when it comes with a side of hot, erotic sex, and Lisa is superb at that. However after getting burned in the CrossFire Fiasco I’m now wary and wait til all parts of a novel are out before purchase. That way I know what I’m getting/paying and when, and can read them back to back – my preferred way so I can get “lost” in the story. Somehow though I lost track of this trio, and it wasn’t til I saw this for review that I was reminded of them.
Anyway, having requested and received my copy I dived eagerly in – and wasn’t disappointed. It’s authors like Lisa that remind me what a 5 star read really is – a combination of excellent, well thought out plot, mysteries to tantalise, hot and sensual sex scenes, great characters…and no dumbed down writing. Far too many books treat readers as if they haven’t the brains to understand words of more than three syllables, and plots that they spoon feed to the reader. I want a book that lets me use my imagination, that temps me to keep reading just one more chapter when I know I really should be sleeping. One that I find hard to out down,even for a monent ( even when you’re really desperate for a pee….) , and this was perfect.
I loved Sara, Mark and Chris, and am keen to find out just what mysteries they are all hiding. Tempted back into the art scene by her search for Rebecca Sara has become enmeshed in the world, hoping to find decent paying work so she can stay within her beloved Art setting, Boss Mark is enigmatic and controlling, she’s attracted and yet wary of him. Artist Chris, who’s work is sold in the gallery, seems to be at odds with Mark. Each time the two meet there are tensions and angry emotions in the air, and Sara wants to know whats behind them. Then there’s her attraction to Chris, he’s pulling her in gently, reeling her with seduction and charm and yet – were either or both Mark and Chris connected to Rebecca? How come no-one seems to know more about where she’s gone, an extended holiday with a rich guy seems to be the common answer but then why were her possessions in the lock up.
It’s a rivetting, passion filled read, full of questions to be answered, mysteries to be solved, and the deeper Sara gets the more entwined in the characters lives she becomes. I really, really want to get on to the next book, haven’t got it for review but will be spluging the minute I’ve finished writing this! I have to know whats next, whats going to happen to Sara, whether she traces Rebecca, whats going on between Mark and Chris, whether either of them was the mystery man in the journals, and if so how that affects Sara. There’s an air of danger about it all, from the lock up onwards, everything she does seems fraught with tension, and I’m pulled right in to the story, wishing I’d got to it earlier, but glad at least all the parts are now out so I can get to the end.
Stars: five – this is what a five star read should be!
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Edit: I hate the cliffhangers, thankfully as all parts now out there’s no wait but i’ve i’d bought prior to release of part two i’d be ranting…just saying 🙂

IF I WERE YOU Novel #1

The 4 novellas — Rebecca’s Lost Journals — lots of clues for BEING ME

BEING ME Novel #2

Master Undone — novella in THE Master’s POV — meet the new woman in his life!


His Secrets — Novella in Chris’s POV Feb 2014

My Hunger  — Novella in Mark’s POV 2014

My Control — Novella in Mark’s POV 2014

NO IN BETWEEN Novel #4  2014

I BELONG TO YOU Novel #5 2014

The Ella Trilogy –a complete new storyline — date TBA

Stone Song, D.L. McDermott

Stone Song (A Cold Iron Novel)
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Stone Song, D.L. McDermott
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

The third book in the series, and I’ve read and enjoyed them all so far. Each novel is complete, no cliffhangers ( hurrah!) but they build upon characters and actions from previous books. For me the series just keeps on getting better and better.
This time we meet Elada. He was for hundreds of years the Right Hand of sorcerer Miach. Means he’s a warrior, the one who protects Micah while he’s spell casting, they fight together as one, each making the other stronger. The bond was broken in the last book as Micah wanted to be with human Helene, and was unable to make a permanent bond with her while still connected to Elada. It means Elada too is free now to seek his own companion, and he’s been interested in musician Sorcha for some time.
When he approaches her though he finds out she knows a little about the Fae, and has been warned off contact by her gran who brought her up, not only that but she’s had a really awful experience with one, so that first meeting doesn’t go well. Elada isn’t easily put off and things heat up when the Prince Consort finds her…and wants her for the use of her voice in his plans to break down the wall between the worlds. The Prince is deliciously callous, cruel to the point of evil, treats humans as disposable, and a great example of the sort of Fae best left behind the wall….a great character to have in a book though 🙂
Its another story of Fae, drama, danger, hot, erotic sex, and how two people so different can learn to trust each other. I love the way the author takes these people and uses the story to bring them together. Its not a sweet sappy romance though but one with real dangers, and with scenes that build on past books and set stage for future ones. I’m wondering if maybe Finn will be next? There’s a hint of someone that might intrigue him…and what about Nieve and her family problems…
Once again the way out of the danger is set with characters already having the talents they need, but maybe needing them fine tuned to use them. I hate those where right at the pivotal moment someone gets a new skill, out of the blue but just what’s needed to outwit the enemy, and not only is it very convenient but they always have perfect control too. This series has people learning to use their gifts, studying and working hard. Its a very “real” feel too as if the story could possibly be true.
Stars: another great read, 4.5 stars.
Arc supplied via Netgalley

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