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ANIMAL ATTRACTION, Alaskan Werewolves Series Book 1, Paige Tyler

Animal Attraction (Alaskan Werewolves Book 1)


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ANIMAL ATTRACTION, Alaskan Werewolves Series Book 1, Paige Tyler
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
This started well, very intriguing premise and I was quickly pulled into the story. Eliza is a fun character, working for a low grade paper after being fired from her old one, she’s using it as a stepping stone to get back up the ladder on the press route. Though the paper is a paranormal features one, she’s sceptical and can’t quite believe that people really think that supernatural creatures exist, and isn’t sure how she can write her stories witout compromising her principles of telling the truth ( wish all journos were like that!) She decides to gather evidence as if she were on a normal case and take it from there. She meets Hunter – Hunter the Hunk! – who’s not only a local expert on wolves but also a werewolf himself. He’s concerned about the killings too – it doesn’t look good on his pack if there’s someone out killing, they try hard to blend in unnoticed and killing people is the last thing they’d do…then he and Eliza meet, he helps her with the evidence gathering… and they get closer, very much closer πŸ˜‰ and there’s some hot and erotic scenes between them. Things get more personal with the rogue werewolf, more killings and Eliza is in danger.
It’s a good story, well executed, and plotted and it ought to have been a five star read for me. I’m not sure why it wasn’t, somehow I just started to lose interest halfway through, but I can’t explain what went wrong for me. It’s still a decent read, good length and price and if, as it seems, its the start of a series I’d be happy to continue. First books in a series have a hard job – they need to introduce characters and also keep the reader interested in the story, and that’s tough to pull off. I liked the characters and settings here, I think maybe it was just a lack of real tension and drama in the story for me, I never really thought Eliza was in grave danger and the plot was quite predicatable in how it played out.
Stars: Three – its a good read, just not a great one for me. If you want a paranormal that sexy and easy to read, you’ll enjoy this. I just need that bit more edge and drama , and need to puzzle out who, what and why.
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Losing Control, Jen Frederick

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Losing Control, Jen Frederick
review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Wow – what a great read this was…Tiny makes a great lead. She’s gutsy, loyal, loves her mum – who’s having treatment for a return of her cancer, and even loyal to her jerk of a stepbrother, who’s a real immoral, opportunistic people user. Tiny’s a bike courier, she’s intelligent but severly dyslexic, so struggles to get anything better paid. She loves her mum dearly, but they struggle to pay her medical bills, so as mum was too sick to work she shares Tiny’s one bed, fifth floor flat. Now her mum is too sick to make the stairs, and they really need a ground floor or serviced flat so she can at least get out of the same four walls….but the money – they don’t have it. Desparate Tiny has been doing jobs for her stepbrother, knowing that as they are well paid they’re also dodgy, and through this she meets Ian. She’d already bumped into him on one of her regular jobs, and she feels an instant pull to him. It’s not just his looks, his voice, but the way he is, the way he says her name, and she ends up working for him on a plan of revenge he’s pursuing…
Well, the sexual tension between these two – and the way its written – is fabulous. Sensual, erotic scenes, that sizzle up the pages. Ian’s an inventive lover, and a man who’s full of control in everything. He and Tiny clash over that, he kind of steamrollers her life and she’s not happy about that. She is worried he’ll drop her as quickly as he picked her up, and her heart will break so she’s snarky, tries to close herself off and keep away from him, but he’s not one to give up what he wants. I love both Ian and Tiny, love her snark, her wit, and the way she is. Her mum too – as someone who’s had cancer and chemo via long, long hours on a drip, that part was really true. It is is an exhausting regime, and you do want to give up at times… but Tiny was so good to her mum, and then Ian came along and he was amazing.
So, I love the story but… it feels like half a book, its a great read, I loved the way it played out, but it feels like a train ride taking a meandering, scenic route up a steep mountain. I think we’re almost at the peak, and once we crest that it’ll be a dramatic, breathtaking, tension filled ride to the finish. I’m hoping that part is book two – due out Sept 2014 – and i’ll certainly be looking out for it. It’s one that will make a great read read back to back for me, that’s the way I like to read, to keep the tension and the momentum going. I wish I had it now!! It ends on a natural break, there’s no cliffhanger ending, but a satisfying conclusion to that part of the story.
Stars: Four, loved the book but missed the drama, though when book two is out I think it’ll be a five star read combing both books.
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