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Hold on Tight, A Loveswept Contemporary Romance, Serena Bell


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Hold on Tight, A Loveswept Contemporary Romance, Serena Bell

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well, it is what it says, a short and sweet romance. Sometimes I think I’m looking for things that aren’t in the genre I’ve chosen, and I guess that’s what happened here. It’s a gentle romance, no great drama but there are lots of problems to overcome. What I did like was the parts where Jake was struggling to pick up his life again, after the amputation. As an AKA myself I can empathise with how tough that can be, and how it needs a different mindset. I’d dream about something, get up next day, fix leg on and try it and …it wasn’t possible. You have to learn yourself what will work and what won’t. Jakes describing taking off his false limb at one point though and …it seems to be a suction limb – which wouldn’t need the sock inserts, they stick to skin and need to have close contact, then he’s talking about the silicone sheath, so he must be a low AK, hence his ability to run etc – mine is a high AK, and one consultant suggested a suction sheath would solve my fitting problems, my prosthetist thought it wouldn’t work – but, knowing we need to find that out for ourselves, he duly made me one. Well, the comfort was fantastic, unfortunately the minute I stood up it fell off….you need most of your limb for it to fit, and I have only 4 inches of bone so for me 😦 but that’s what I mean about how we need to learn ourselves what works and Jake is finding that out. The down-set he was in mentally improved once he began to find what he could do, and not focus on what was lost and that’s just so, so true and really worked well. I don’t know if Serena has family, friends, work experience in this field but she’s spot on with that.
So, the practical side – even down to finding what works with sex! Been there done that…was excellent, its just that the actual romance was a bit soft, a bit tame for me. I needed a bit more deep drama, but felt it was very “all works well” feel to it instead. Even when things went wrong it still felt to me as though I knew it would work, that there were no real barriers holding out. So its a mixed bag to rate. Practical stuff, the emotions connected to amputation and rehab, a good four but the romance I’d give a three….
Stars: like I said, mixed feelings but overall a three and a half.
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Men of Smithfield: Sam and Aaron, L.B. Gregg

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Men of Smithfield: Sam and Aaron, L.B. Gregg
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Somehow this series has missed me, its well into a run, but that not a problem, as it’s very easy to follow. I loved the writing style, the dry, laconic wit dispalyed by narrator Sam, the gentle village setting and simple but friendly mockery. It’s not a book full of nastiness and bitching, no huge dramatic scenes, dramas and tears, but one of clever observation and humour. Not the laugh out loud type, but the more subtle sort, such as when Sam calls Aaron the “hamburglar”. He first meets Aaron when he’s in a predicament at the library, after hours and he’s got his arm stuck trying to retrieve his phone from the book drop….Aaron is inside the library. Sam knows he’s a stranger and not supposed to be there, but somehow Aaron isn’t stealing, he’s full of excuses and mamages to avoid trouble. IBM a great inro to the nature of both of them.
Sam then finds Aaron is a guest in their B&B, the heritage he runs with sister Wynne. It’s one of those villages where everyone knows everything almost before it happens. Somehow poor Sam seems to be on the short end of the stick every time…Wynne’s cooking/dating lessons were such fun, I loved those and they provided the backbone for so much humour and so much village information. Sam’s determined to find out why Aaron is there but failing, he seems to skirt the law and yet nothing happens. It doesn’t help that there’s a strong attraction between them, and many of their encounters end in an amourous and sensual way – the church scene – oh I could just imagine poor Sam’s reaction. He’s a great man, 28, looks after sister Wynne and tries to keep the B&B in profit, he’s Mr conventional, Mr never stick out from the norm. I feel he’s a seething mass of frustration inside with his map of all the places he wants to go, but he’s too much sense of responsibility to just abandon Wynne and travel…then he meets Aaron and all his perceptions and beliefs are challenged.
As well as the humour and romance there’s a mystery to solve, and no I didn’t work it out til the end…I loved this book, would happily re read it and love to read more from the Men of Smithfield.
Stars: Five – great read.
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So Caught Up in You, A Two Tickets to Paradise Novel, Tracy Como


So Caught Up in You, A Two Tickets to Paradise Novel, Tracy Como

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I’ve mixed feelings about this novel. Some parts – the romance, the characters, the basic idea, worked really well. I even “felt” the posession that poor Danielle was stuck with. Somehow though the humour, rather than being funny as it ought to have been, just felt kind of forced and slapstick to me…then add in the problems and the dotttiness of the Montgomery family and it felt like there was just too much in the book, one of those situations where there’s so many plots and incidences that they lose their impact, and become just Meh….Its a shame because the characters of Danielle and Mason were great, Boone was a real gem, but the others…well I just felt they seemed too OTT, even given the setting.
So, I found myself enjoying the basic story ( though not the persona of Miss Promiscuous ) and the romance, but the rest? Miss P was just weird, a shame as the idea is fun, but she felt like a caricature rather than a real – if in spirit only – person. The investigations and the families, the humour, the weird interactions and obsessions? They just detracted from the story for me rather than added, though they were needed to carry the novel they just didn’t run together well for me. As always though that’s just my opinion – others will disagree…
Stars: three – it is a good story, a lighthearted way to spend a few hours – just that for me its not a great book.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

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