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The Vixen and the Vet, Katy Regenery


Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I’ve enjoyed several of Katy’s books now, and looked forward to this one. It was a slow start and I felt maybe it wasn’t

going to be one that worked for me, but as I continued I slowly got engrossed and absorbed in the developing romance

and the story surrounding i,t and simply couldn’t put the book down til I’d finished.
Savannah, she was someone with ambition, who’d worked hard and yet lost her hard won job through trusting the wrong

person. Now she’s home and looking for a way forward, to regain her career. She’s put onto an editor looking for a 4th

July story, which may be her way back into journalism. Knowing there’s a local Army Vet who’s hidden himself away since

he was so disabled in an explosion, and seeing how the town who loved their golden boy has discarded him now he’s

damaged, she thinks thats just the story to get her back on track. To be fair she does also think its shameful the way Asher

has been treated, and isn’t one of those people who can’t see beyond the surface to the person benenath. You may think

people wouldn’t act like this, ridicule, ignore someone disabled, expect them to stay out of sight, away from “normal”

people. Sadly you’d be wrong. I’m an amputee, and although most people are great, treat me just as they do others there’s

always a minority who stare, who make pointed remarks, and make it clear that anyone who doesn’t look the same should

stay out of sight. Katy had some of the townspeoples reactions spot on. I’ve been asked not to go close to someone’s

grandchild in case my false leg scared them! Kid’s in genral are great, ask what they want and accpet everything are normal

– its adults that are rude and scared…
Asher agrees to be interviewed, setting some strict conditions. Though he’s become pratically a hermit, only seeing his

housekeeper Miss Potts ( and she’s a real star lady) he’s intrigued, and tempted by Savannah. His first instinct is to say no,

but Miss Potts knows just the way to goad him into a yes…and that woman is so good for him. She’s looked after him

since his parents were killed when he was young, and he has no other family. He really is alone, but she sees a way to bring

him back into the world with Savannnah’s help.
Slowly they get to feel more for each other, until they are deeply in love, and Savannah’s story is ready. Along the way of

the unfolding romance ( and boy is Asher a real romantic or what? That picnic!!) there’s her sister’s upcoming wedding,

and an incident connected with that which has repercussions for them all. Then there’s Savannah’s story that’s slowly

changing, Miss Potts and her encouragemnt for Asher’s progress with recent medical developments, and then – crash, it all

folds like a house of cards. Asher and Savannah are both heartbroken, but it’s difficult to see how they can ever get back

what they’ve lost – a true, one only love.
Stars: Five, a real love story.
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Among the Unseen, The Thin Veil (Book Three), Jodi McIsaac

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Among the Unseen, The Thin Veil (Book Three), Jodi McIsaac

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
So, onto the final stretch and whats in store for Cedar and her friends and family? Adventure, danger, passion, and lots of mysteries and magicks to unravel. I enjoyed this part of the story, its full of surprises and some heartbreak 😦 I hate when favourite characters die, and yet sometimes it’s necessary to the story. I’d love everyone to have a wonderful HEA, but then stories would be dull wouldn’t they? So, sad though I was to read this part I understood why it was necessary.
Once again Cedar has much to learn about her role as Queen, and finds herself at odds with many of the kingdom’s subjects. She doesn’t know who she can trust, and I felt for her in that, she’s still learning, trying to do her best for everyone at no small cost to herself and the life she had and left behind for them, and yet still there are plots against her and people she loves put in danger. If that not enough to deal with she has a mysterious sickness to find a cure for too….
It’s a packed novel, taking the reader from one heartspinning moment to another. I’d have liked some gentle parts between actions, some of the day to day minutiae that gives the reader a chance to reflect on whats happened, but this seems to bounce from one danger onto the next without pausing… Magic and mayhem abound, and after giving up so much Cedar still has to sacrifice even more to do her best for her people, even though they don’t seem to appreciate it. I really felt for her, so lost and alone at some points, and yet she showed inner strength and carried on doing what she knew she had to, what she knew was the right course even though she was flying by the seat of her pants and learning as she went along.
A fun read, a proper conclusion and a great trilogy for lovers of fantasy. I’d have preferred a bit more romance but that me 🙂 and of course its not classed a romance.
Stars: Four, at times there was almost too much going on and I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as the first two parts.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

Orange Blossom, A Flowering Novel, Sarah Daltry.

Orange Blossom, A Flowering Novel, Sarah Daltry.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews.

I loved Jack and Lily in the first two Flowering novels, they’d been through so much drama and despair, and finally found happiness together, so its was great to catch up and see how they were getting on in their lives.
As always there are problems, that’s real life isn’t it – it’s not some sweet world full of rainbows and gold coins…but one where even with the best of intentions life gets in the way. Jack’s on the home stretch of studying while Lily still has a couple of years to go, and they’re wondering where they go from here. Whatever happens they want a future together but then Life throws that spanner in. Poor Jack – something happens that’s a nightmare for him and spirals him into despair again, and Lily and Alana need to help him get back out of his depression. Its something they’ve all feared with Jack’s history and it has a huge impact on all of them.
This is really sensitively done and handled. Having been in a similar depression in the past I can relate to the musings on suicide. Falling from a height – con= may not die but just end up worse off. Drowning = tough to do, takes time. Drugs = which ones, how many, and would it again leave worse off from other damage if failed. Bleeding = needs clear action and takes time. All these thoughts are familiar to anyone depressed, and when they crop up in the book they make it feel so so real.
Lily, she’s so in love but struggles to help Jack, but is determined she won’t let him down. She loves him and just wants to help him work through this and be with her. He’s convinced he’s not good enough, and she needs to make him understand he’s all she wants. I felt for her, so upset in this book over things she couldn’t control.
Its not all doom and gloom though, but shows how to shine a light through that darkness and follow it. Its a perfect ending and I look forward to the next book with them in, Ambrosia.
Stars: Four and a half. Tough, gritty read at times, real life, real drama but thankfully real love too and that wins through.
ARC supplied by author

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