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The Prince’s Ex, Nadene Seiters.


The Prince’s Ex, Nadene Seiters.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I love contemporary romance if it has something a bit extra about it. This book does, though I found it really slow to start. Amelia has just been dumped after a year of dating Prince Simon ( Simon just doesn’t seem like a “royal” name does it? Doesn’t conjure up the right image – maybe because as a kid all our dogs were named Simon…Simon the first, Simon second and Simon third !!) Now only a month later she learns via the press he’s already engaged. Her best friend Tina, yoga teacher and well, frankly, almost a slut, a dif man each night it seems…says the answer is to stop moping and start dating. She goes through her long, long phone list to find one for Amelia.
That first date goes very wrong – and is quite funny…and Amelia tells Tina that’s it. No more blind dates. She’s feeling that she just isn’t good enough and very insecure about herself…. These conversations take place at their daily morning meet, at a the local coffee shop run by the lovely Peter, and are avidly followed by onlookers eager for more scandal from the Royal Ex…poor Amelia can’t even nurse a broken heart in peace.
She changes a lot in her life, dates someone else, learns a lot about herself, and finds love in the last place she thought of. It’s a slow burn romance, the attraction beginning in a way even before they’ve dated, and it’s a good example of how we don’t always see whats right in front of us. My nan used to say “let the dog see the rabbit” and “can’t see the wood for the trees” meaning just this – we ignore the obvious sometimes when we are looking, and Amelia ignored the man right in front of her who was perfect. Just perfect for her. Of course as all romances do, it doesn’t run smoothly but there are hiccups from ex’s on both sides, from silly arguments, and from the way people have things from their past that affect their present and need to be accepted. People come with everything – that what shapes them into who they’ve become.
It’s a real love story, a HEA with some real life situation hiccups, and with people who were just lovely and I could empathise with. Amelia, strong and loving, and someone who was likeable and hardworking, Tina who I didn’t like at first but grew to respect, and who was such a good friend, and Peter…he was just wonderful, a loving family man, protective and a searingly sensual lover. When the opening came he was in – and not letting go!
A real fun read, and thoughtful romance.
Stars: Four.
ARC supplied by author.

Looks like Trouble to Me, Calinda B.

Looks like Trouble to Me, Calinda B.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Despite Calinda having written several books this was a first of hers for me. Sadly it just didn’t gel with me, I simply couldn’t get into the story or characters. I note from a couple of reviewers that this is a bit different to her usual style, so maybe I’ll try a different book another time.
Anyway Jace, he’s a mix of people, one half the wild bad boy and yet another he’s responsible, doing extra to help his boss, looking out for his troubled twin sister, loving and looking after his toddler niece. I ought to like him and yet? I didn’t dislike him, but I didn’t feel I really got to know him. Likewise Zoe, she’s a mix of people, passionate and yet reserved, loyal and yet won’t let herself like her father’s lady friend for no real reason…then there’s the mix of dangers, drug dealing, theft, legal threats, betrayals – there’s a bit of everything here – too much at times and some of it just felt too OTT. For instance Billy suing for $2,000,000 simply because he and Jace were in a brawl…wouldn’t happen. The drug stuff, there’s no reality to it, the motorbike scene – yes That One 🙂 simply not possible…
There’s lots of sex, seems like every few pages but it didn’t do anything for me, was devoid of real feeling – maybe as I didn’t feel close to the characters?
Stars: two – this one’s a bust for me, bad choice on my part but as ever I’m just one reader, and others will love this book.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

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