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Resonance, An Echo Trilogy Novella, (Echo Trilogy 1.5), Lindsey Fairleigh

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Resonance. An Echo Trilogy Novella, (Echo Trilogy 1.5), Lindsey Fairleigh
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I loved the first book in this trilogy, and so was really pleased to get to review this novella. It is brief, at 12,000 words, but really enjoyable and a way to bring my thinking back into the very different world Lindsey has created.
It’s been a while since I reviewed book one, and I’ve read hundreds of books since. Nevertheless, once I’d read my review to refresh my memory I soon remembered the story – its one that so unusual with the world setting, the marrying of Egyptian mythology to a sort of time travel adventure set in modern times.
It’s a brief interlude into Marcus and Lex’ lives, a snippet, a vignette of time, and gave us a bit more insight into the mystery that is Marcus. It’s still a new world to Lex, and to fall in love with someone whose thousands of years old must be a real mindbender. Add to that the fact she’s still young, in her twenties, but discovered recently that she’s not just a human any more, and you can see how she must get confused. She finds out more about Marcus and herself by way of this novella, and we get to understand a little more of the complexities of the world building, and just what is possible in it….( lots!!)
Stars: Five. A great read, though be warned you really do need to read the first book before this – not only will you be confused otherwise, but there are spoilers in this for the first book.
ARC supplied by author.

The Millionaire Affair, Jessica Lemmon


The Millionaire Affair, Jessica Lemmon
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Enjoyed this read, but its light and fluffy, a typical easy to read standard romance, no big surprises. Sometimes that’s what we need, and some readers want this all the while. Personally I prefer a bit more drama and depth but this was sweet, and well written.
Landon, typical type A businessman, has everything tightly controlled then into that life comes looking after his nephew…six year old Lyon. He was a great kid. Any parent will recognise that moment of quietness, when you know something not good is about to happen. For Landon it was the death of his huge TV! That prompts a search for someone to be with him for the week, while Landon working. Lyon’s dad usually had care of him, but he was busy finishing artworks for a project so their sister ropes in her long time best friend, Kimber. They have known her since she was a teen, what they don’t know is she had a huge crush on Landon. Once they get together its clear she still has….but Landon is gob-smacked, gone is the fuzzy haired teen with braces he remembered, and in her place is a beauty who he’s instantly attracted to….all parts of him including one very hard place 🙂
Kimber has recently broken up with yet another boyfriend, her friend suggests taking Landon as a controlled fling, someone with whom to have fun for a short time. Kimber has a history of seeing a man as her future, and they think this will help. Its suits Landon too – he doesn’t want long term, but is desperate to get Kimber out of his system. They have some hot, erotic moments and then plans go astray – as they do….
Its a fun read, predictable once you get into it but good none the less. Well written, likeable characters ( that’s really important to me ) and a plot that’s realistic with settings that feel genuine.
Stars: Four, its a good read but a one off for me.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

Better Homes and Hauntings, Molly Harper



Better Homes and Hauntings, Molly Harper
ARC supplied via Netgalley
This sounded a decent book, though I’d not read any of Molly’s work before, so I put in a request. Well, it was fun, very gentle and lighthearted, some sweet humour mixed with some light danger, main characters that were interesting and a good mix, sweet Nina and Cindy, dotty Dotty, Deacon the Geek, and Jake the Rake who’s not as slick underneath as the man he portrays. Then there’s the dastardley Ex of Nina’s – Rick the dick, and would be next Mrs Deacon the awful bi tch Regina….I do love those character types in my reading.
Well, like I said it was a fun read, some humour, lots of hauntings and spooky moments, not head under the covers Amytyville horror type, but ones that fit the gentle, easy read this is. I enjoyed it but wasn’t gripped by it, it’s not one I couldn’t put aside while I did something else…but that how it goes with books. It’s a subjective thing, book reviewing. We all like something different, and for those that love the gentle easy to read style this will be perfect and a five star, just not me.
It’s a slowly unfolding tale of family history and mysteries, with characters all facing some danger while they stay on the island. That brings out some protective streaks and helps the developing romances. I liked the way the ghost elements played out, and like I said I Loved Regina – characters like her add some spice into the mix. It was just a bit too sweet, too gentle for me though for a high star re reader. I need a bit more intense drama and emotion.
Stars: 3.5 it’s a decent read, well thought out and ties up neatly. I hate books that lead unanswered questions and Molly covers everything in the final pages.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

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