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Inescapable, Saskia Walker



Inescapable, Saskia Walker
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I really enjoy some spicy romance so this seemed a perfect read – and it was. It’s classed as erotic romance and it fits that genre really well. There is an element of danger and suspense that carries the story, but its not strong enough to warrant a classification of its own, however it’s the perfect vehicle to set up the scenario for these characters to come together.
First off we meet Lily when she’s online to Adrian and he’s getting her to play with herself, and tell (type) him about it!! He says watching her would be a real turn on. The way it’s written, like all the scenes in this novel, isn’t in any way sleazy. Sometimes what I read is anything but erotic, makes my stomach churn but not in a good way. Saskia clearly has practice at writing a good sex scene, each of them were powerful and well balanced between sensual, descriptive and erotic. Too much sex can be repetitive, while other authors seem to dance round frightened of it. Here its great, a perfect way of getting three people to share, to play games and have fun in a sexy, sensual way.
The story about why they’re in the safe house was pretty thin, but it was practical, realistic and a good way to get them in a place where fantasies could play out undisturbed by everyday life and problems. And did they have some fantasies – Seth and Adrian, what a great pair, Sexy Seth, clealry one who likes to be in control, and Adrian who wants to take part but also likes to watch, to set the scene. Of course he already knows what Lily dreams of. Then there’s lucky Lily who thinks briefly about what she’s doing, and then decides to let go and enjoy – and she does…
It’s a good read, sexy, sensual and balanced and everything ties up neatly. I’d really like a follow up of the trio to see what happens next with them. 🙂 they are all interesting characters and I think that would be an interesting read.
Stars: Five, a great read, and I was surprised it was just over 200 pages, it flowed so well I thought it was shorter. Definitely one for the keepers files.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

The Best Thing That Never Happened to Me. Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice

The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me


The Best Thing That Never Happened to Me. Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I was looking forward to this book, but on reading it seemed to drag on slowly. I liked the characters of Alex and Holly, and the story is told in alternating POV, slipping back from present day to ten years previously when they were best friends, each wanting more but too nervous to take that first step and then a huge misunderstanding means they go their separate ways and lose contact.
Its well written, everything from the plot to the characters is realistic, it feels like something that could happen in real life…and maybe that’s my problem, I need the dramatics and fire that rarely happens in reality, and this was a beautiful but very slow build up. I felt like I was waiting until the very end for something to actually happen. Though I enjoyed reading about their past and present problems, and seeing once again how easy it is for lovers to get separated over tiny misunderstandings, I needed more action, more highs and lows, more laughs and tears than was in this story. Thankfully not everyone does so if you’re looking for a well written, gentle romance, with a few chaste kisses as the main action this is one for you. Just not for me 😦
ARC supplied by Netgalley.

Beautiful Oblivion, Jamie McGuire


Beautiful Oblivion

Beautiful Oblivion, Jamie McGuire
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
One of the first books I read – and certainly the first Indie book – after getting my kindle was Beautiful Disaster. Like so many other readers I was entranced, fell in love with the NA phenomenom and have recommened it to so many others. I also read the follow up from Travis POV but wasn’t so absorbed by that – still, I’ve found the same with other second POV books, so thought maybe it was just that for me this format meant the surprise element was lacking.
So I was pleased to get the chance to read Trent’s story. The Maddox brothers are a great bunch, and I thought it would be fun to read about another of them. It was a well written story, followed part of the BD timeline, beginning with just before Travis met Abby and continuing past that fire which changed so much. We learned a bit more about Abby and Travis marriage here, and its an interpretation I hadn’t realised and spoiled my rose tinted glasses view a bit :-\

Cami – I loved her, strongly supportive of her family even though she’d had a tough and violent upbringing. I understood the problems she was having with her long distance realtionship. Much like Travis pursuit of Abby though Trent sees Cami and decides she’s the one for him. I’m a bit puzzled by why, when he says he’s wanted her since they were kids, its taken him til now to make a move…but he has recently been involved a terrible tragdey that maybe altered his outlook? * dunno – that’s my best guess* Anyway he’s single minded in his pursuit of Cami, drops all the one hoght girls, spends what seems like most of their non work time with her as a *friend* , and keeps pushing carefully for more. I do enjoy this first push-pull of a romance, but here I didn’t really feel the attraction. There were a couple of incidences where they were close to kissing, but they seemed to go too quickly from friends to lovers – there needed to be a good, long, sensual inbetween for me, the touches and glances and wondering “is she/he?”…. Overall the story seemed a bit slow, a bit flat in drama. BD has this rollercoaster feel to it – where it was drama, emotion and entertainment all the way, and I just didn’t feel much emotion here. Even the big secret Cami was hiding, that she couldn’t tell but that she kept saying would affect how Trent saw her and felt about her was a let down for me. There was so much build up to it, that I began to get irritated and frustrated, there weren’t any clues and hints, nothing to give away an idea of what it could be about. Somehow it just seemed not to fit the story, but to have been added for friction purposes, and when the big reveal came I was…underwhelmed. For me that added nothing to the story and wasn’t really expalined….Still – I’m sure this book will be loved by many, just not by me. Its perfectly well written, was OK for a one off read but i won’t re read. It’s just that it didn’t engage me fully, didn’t transport me into the story the way I like. It happens, not all readers like all books, and its a good story, but for me not a great one.
Stars: three.
ARC supplied via netgalley

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