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Blood, sweat and Beer, Peter Williams.


Blood, sweat and Beer, Peter Williams.

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Peter’s just a few years older than me, and I found from reading the beginning of this book in many ways it mirrors my own childhood. Those days when mum sent us off for the day to play, with a bottle of water and a few squashed sanwiches. We’d take our bikes if we had them and roam for miles in the woods, commons, beaches without the need for todays mobiles and parents knowing every next move of their kids. I’m not saying it was right, any more than todays kids lifestyles are wrong, but surely a bit more freedom for them is good. We learned about self responsibility and risk taking this way, even if it was at times a bit scary. ( As when my cousin Phil lifted the lid of a tin where we’d put a lit firework, which hadn’t yet gone off…of course it did right at that moment. Luckily Phil just got minor burns and we learned not to mess with fireworks!! Like Peter we made a Guy, tights stuffed with straw and dressed in some old clothes, and took it round chanting β€œpenny for the guy” – that was our fireworks money. Then Peter describes his after school life, where you could leave a job on friday and walk into a new one on monday. Him Indoors is Peter’s age and has told me it was the same for him. Sexism was rife then though, and as a female it was very different, our choice of jobs was much more limited. Peter’s Service experiences made me laugh – and at times very sad too… I’m sure much of that life hasn’t changed… The bikes, good grief Peter, did it have to take so many bad falls before you decided they weren’t for you – but then I guess that what Him Indoors would say about me and horseriding πŸ™‚ If you love something you accept the risk. When we come to Peters later years, when his art becomes his mainstay and the dogs Rule life that’s when we get to where I’ve known Peter, ( online – as with many friends ) and that’s brought back to mind so many memories. I remember Peter posting on the Art Forums when he first got Murphy – and we all fell in love with him. The dog I mean!! sorry Peter πŸ™‚ . It’s hard to believe that its been so long, and Murphy is gone now 😦 but what a great life he led. Like many artist friends I’ve followed Peter’s journey into making a living from his art – from the start it was always clear he had the talent, but it’s a tough market and needs hard, hard work to make it. Now he’s adding writer to that list of talents, he’s a man deserves all the success he’s had, and remains as ever a very kind and genuine person. I’m wondering what he’s going to come up with next? I’m not usually a non fiction reader, but enjoy the occasional biography, and feeling that I β€œknow” Peter from our online life over the last 9-10 years I was looking forward to reading about his earlier life. Everyone has different experiences growing up into adulthood, and its so interesting comparing them. For me this is a book to savour, to read in bits and reminsce with him, to pick up and read a few pages and then mull over that period in our own life. Thats how I enjoy reading non fiction such as this, not straight through but in chunks that can be absorbed and thought over for hours. Stars: great read, well written and edited, and full of interest. Five stars. ARC supplied by author.

Not Your Damn Submissive, BDSM Erotic Romance, Amy Valenti



Not Your Damn Submissive, BDSM Erotic Romance, Amy Valenti

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I was looking forward to this – I love both erotic romances, and romances set in the film world but….I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t hate it, it just didn’t strike a chrod with me. Too many negatives for it to work my way.
So, what went wrong for me? Well, the film star and film making setting never really developed. It was just backdrop, as if Connor was a star in name only. There wasn’t the usual interaction that comes with famous people. Then Kat, she’s 18 when she first reads a book with a BDSM romance and tells her then boyfreind about it. One book? That’s all she read? Then did no research or anything? Of course the boyfriend is older, and takes advantage and she ends up badly abused, escapes, but then avoids anything BDSM related for the next ten years. I just can’t see that scenario somehow – it provides a vehicle for the book, but seems unrealsitic to me.
Then Connor, as I said – huge Film Star allegedly, so where were the paparazzi, the starlets flirting and hoping for some action, the autograph hunters etc ? Could he really pull off all this with Kat without anyone knowing, if he’s as famous as he’s supposed to be?
When they did get together it was a bit backward and forward, and though I understood Kat over the panic/ball gag event, much of what she was saying or doing was just a puzzle to me. I didn’t feel her actions added up to her emotions somehow. Connor was out of touch with her as a Dom initially, didn’t take the care a good Dom should and a big black mark for that, though he did redeem that once he knew more – but it’s his job as a Dom to find out that before starting.
So, others have loved this, but sadly not me. Thats how books work, not everyone will love everything πŸ™‚ and this is just my opinion.
Stars: just a two, sorry. I doubt I’ll try another by this author, though clearly she has a devoted fan base who love her work. That’s all to the good, just that I need something different.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.


Binding the Shadows, (Arcadia Bell),Jenn Bennett


Binding the Shadows, (Arcadia Bell),Jenn Bennett
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Well, it’s on to book three in the series and once again it’s a cracking read, full of drama, action and with that edge of romance.
Cady – that girl seems to lurch from one crisis to another, and this time it begins with an accident while working ( unwillingly!) for Hellfire club owner Dare, and as if that’s not enough she gets caught up in a crime spree, where Earthbounds are weilding impossible abilities….and if humans start getting suspicious it puts them all in danger.
Cady’s on the outside of the crime spree stuff, just looking in to begin, checking things out – and then her Tiki bar gets hit and Kar Yee badly injured. Cady is furious, and determines she will get to the bottom of it – but of course as usual that brings her into all sorts of danger. Throw in a visit from Lon’s ex, the stunningly beautiful Yvonne, and her sister and mother and Cady has more than she can handle at one time.
I love Cady, she’s always in trouble but not of her making. She just tries to do what’s right, what’s moral and gets caught up in the dangers. She’s trying to work out how to handle her new Moonchild powers too, and they are growing rapidly. Lon as always is that solid support, quiet but effective, and you can just feel how strong their connection is. He’s such a great partner to Cady, and so delicious with his dry, subtle wit.Then there’s Jupe – oh I love that kid! As I said before he reminds me so much of grandchild number one – same motor mouth, openness, and naivity. It’s a great combo in an early teen. Poor Jupe though doesn’t have a normal teen life with all the magic and demons he’s surrounded with. When he’s relaying his conversation with the teacher…thats such a typical teen thing!! They always think they have all the answers πŸ˜‰
It was interesting to meet auntie, grandma and the ex…we’ve heard about them but this is the first time meeting them – I was nervous for Cady. The story in this book is complete, but pulls on plotlines from past books, and ends with a stunning bit of news leading to the next book. A very emotional ending!
I read the last book first ( I know, I know….but I didn’t realise it was the final book – loved it though) and now I’ve done the first three I’m going for the novella next, and then a re read of book four. Though I loved it now I’ve more context to set things against, so will be intersting to see what I didn’t pick up on.
Stars: again a fab read and five stars.
ARC supplied by publishers.

Rock, Rattle and Roll, Rock Star Romance, Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott.


Rock, Rattle and Roll, Rock Star Romance, Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Third book in series, ( though it’s 1.5 – a novella) and it focusses on the fast moving romance between band member Deacon and chef Harper. We met them in the last book, and I loved that. Their romance hasn’t been without it’s hurdles though, and poor Harper has barely paused for breath with Deacon determined to get her tied to him before she changes her mind πŸ™‚ Now the band are signed up with new label, an album to come up with, another tour coming up and Harper is having great success with her new business too. It means the newlyweds are barely seeing each other, just passing like ships in the night.
So, Deacon arranges a week alone at one of their favourite spots. What a guy he is, he’s so thoughtful, so loving especially when we know he’s not had that in his own background. Harper adores him, but isn’t afraid to argue when she disagrees but how can anyone disagree with this? She’s a terrific person too – really sees and understands Deacon. He’s not just the tatted, hunky, band member but a man first, band member second to her. So, there they are having fun, enjoying the setting, and can’t keep their hands off each other when – bam- something comes up to throw yet another hurdle in front of them. And this one is massive, one there’s no way around but which they need to make some fierce decisions…quickly.
It’s a read so full of emotion, and I understood both of them and their reactions. From that point and as a novella it works but…for me it’s a sexy, erotic read but somehow it didn’t have that magic spark. I think maybe its that I love so much the first flutterings of a romance, that will he/she or won’t he/she feeling…is there attraction, is either of them going to make a move – all that stuff, and here we’ve Deacon and Harper already in a relationship, passed that bit. I’d have loved this novella as part of a larger book but on its own it just beomces an OK read for me. I’m sure others will 5* it, but we’re all different and though as always its well written and plotted it just didn’t do a lot for me.
Stars: Three
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

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