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Unravel Me, Lynn Montanago

Unravel Me: HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance


Unravel Me, Lynn Montanago
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
So, the description asks if we fell in love with Lia and Alistair in Catch my Breath? Well, yes, I did! It was a perfect read, and I was really pleased to get book two for review, and as Lynn seems to write quickly hopefully there’s not too long to the last part…and the good news for those who like me Hate cliff-hangers – once again this ends at a natural break, with a hint for what comes next but no cliff-hanger. Thanks Lynn 🙂
So, we catch up with Lia and Alistair. Once again there’s travel, and a cross country romance that brings it’s own problems, but this time there’s more thrown in the mix and the dastardly Nathan appears, doing his usual stirring and of course Alistair is very unhappy. What secrets is Nathan  holding though? What does he know when he’s so secretive about revealing anything,  but telling Lia he still loves her and just wants to help. Can she trust him? It’s a great read again, with a perfect mix of hot and sensual sex, balanced with a terrific story. I need a story first and sex second mix. A book with all sex little story just doesn’t cut it for me. Nathan is a real anti hero and so perfect here, and Alistair is so in love with Lia, but still finding his way in such an unfamiliar situation for him. They had a lot to cope with and his past is still bringing problems not just to his mental state, but in the real world too. Lia loves him, but gets frustrated sometimes at his unflinching over protectiveness – he can’t seem to help being that way, and yet it reminds her too much of Nathan. The secondary characters, her friends and family, work colleagues and his acquaintances are good – they help the balance of story, sex and excitement.
Overall its a book I raced through, really easy to read and kept me enthralled in the story. I need to feel attached to my characters, if I don’t connect with them and care about what happens I can’t enjoy a book, and here I love Lia and Alistair and am rooting for their happy ending.
Stars: Five again – its a terrific second part and a great follow up to the perfect beginning novel. One for the keepers files!
ARC received from Netgalley and publishers

Night’s Deep Hush, Reveler Series 4, Erin Kellison

Night's Deep Hush: Reveler Series 4


Night’s Deep Hush, Reveler Series 4, Erin Kellison
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I enjoyed book one, missed the next two but then saw this one. Jordan and Rook are two of my favourite characters so I was pleased to see they are the main feature. They’re on the run from Chimera, the organisation that polices Reve, the dreamworld for sale. Sadly though the people involved who are crooked go very high up in the organisation, so finding out who to trust is hard. They get caught, not by Chimera but by someone else who wants Rooks talents for a specific but very dangerous job. Rook is taken, by lucky chance Julia manages to avoid capture, and is out to rescue him. It brings her into great danger though and Rook too is in dire straights, caught in reeve and its dangers. Kept in sleep too long and a person can die, but his welfare isn’t the concern of the person who is using him.
This is such an unusual fantasy, based around dreams and dreaming. When we think we only use a tiny per cent of our brain capabilities this isn’t so far fetched. I’m one of those who always – every time I sleep even if only a nap – dreams very vividly, the impossible seems easy, the unreal is real, and I can fall into a dream I’ve had before if I concentrate, though the shape of it differs each time. I can really believe in a premise such as this, shared dreaming, and it makes for a great and very different series to the norm. It’s quite difficult at first to let go and fall into the story, but to enjoy it and to feel part of it you really need to believe in it I feel, and of course with my dreams I do. Nightmares are powerful things, and the areas and characters here that come from them are very realistic. It’s not a horror book though – with my prospensity to get bad dreams from innocuous subjects I avoid those like the plague. Dreams I can do and enjoy – nightmares – no thanks! I avoid any books or films I think will encourage them. It’s amazing just what the subconcious mind filters in dreams, things we feel we didn’t notice pop up as major events, and so in this book the land of dreams, the Reve, has anything and everything in it.
Stars: Four and a half, it’s a great read if you are looking for something a bit different from the usual fantasy/paranormal fiction offerings.
Arc supplied via /netgalley and publishers.

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