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Four Weeks Till Forever, Nadia Lee


Four Weeks Till Forever, Nadia Lee
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I enjoy this sort of read, where the players are forced together through some sort of deception.
Mark was a good lead, intelligent and attractive, rich but also generous. His mother thinks it’s time for him to marry – in real life would a man like him let his mum rule him that way? No of course not, but to enjoy the story we need to accept that as a plot contrivation…He’s been attracted to Hilary for a while now, but she shies away from any of his attempts to get to know her better. Then she owes him a favour, and this party proves the catalyst for him to call it in and get closer to her, the chance to see if there could be something more between them. Hilary was lovely, she’s worked really hard to leave behind her background – a Jerry Springer type upbringing…and, disillusioned by past dates, she now plays it safe as with her current doctor boyfriend. So what if there’s no real passion – he’s solid and dependable, nothing like her feckless father. Then she gets a huge, heart-breaking shock, just in time for Mark to swoop in and provide a face saver. Its Mark though, and where he’s concerned she’s too attracted to him for him to be the safe bet she likes. She knows his reputation and doesn’t want to become one in a long line of cast offs, it’ll break her heart when he leaves, as she knows he will.
So its a fun read, some heat and I could feel the pull between them, the sensual attraction though there’s little sex in the book, for those who find too much a turn off. There’s some real humour too, with characters providing huge contrasts in personalities and lifestyles. Along with that there were some very sad parts, fulfilling my need for drama. I enjoyed Mark’s attempts to make amends and woo her back…
Stars: Four, a fun read, with good, real feeling characters.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.

Hollywood Dreams, Mae Archer

Hollywood Dreams


Hollywood Dreams, Mae Archer
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I love film star romances, so often they provide some lovely, jealous, bitchy ladies….so I was really looking forward to reading this. Add in that I’m a wheelchair user too so I was interested to see how Tom ( as Beau) would cope with that.
Sadly though the film element was barely there – it worked as a vehicle for the double persona but we didn’t really get to connect with any film making, publicity, all the stuff that makes books fun. Instead we got a book very centered on Beau and Maree, and then Tom and Maree. The wheelchair bit – no, one week isn’t enough to build muscles to the extent he could do what he did, as one section mentions. I liked that Tom mentioned how acting as Beau made him realsie how different life is when in a wheelchair – when I first became disabled it was like living in a whole new world with people bythely saying their premises were user friendly and then i’d find there were steps ( “well, it’s only a couple”) or loos that may have had lowered handbasins but which didn’t have space to get wheelchair in – not the time to find that out when you’ve had a few drinks and are dying for a pee….
I found it difficult to accept that Maree didn’t recognise Tom – I know he was in disguise, and she was looking for someone disabled, but when they got closer she must have had some deja vu moments – even if she only thought maybe they were related or something? They did get really really close, something must have seemed familiar? Then the suspense angle, a good idea but I didn’t feel it played out that well, it seemed a bit too contrived rather than natural. To be honest I’d rather have seen more of the romance and the film angle – the stuff I was hoping for. Still, subjectivity and all that, and for many this book will be just what they want. For me though it’s an average romance, not great but not bad.
Stars: Three – its a decent read, just not one to make me hold my breath and be filled with emotion.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

Ivy Entwined, Laura Simcox

Ivy Entwined (A Something to Celebrate Novel) (Entangled Edge)


Ivy Entwined, Laura Simcox
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I thought this sounded fun. It was one of those though that’s an OK book, a decent read, well written and yet didn’t quite make any more that that for me…I’m looking for drama, emotion, a storyline that tugs at me. I need to like the characters too and here I just didn’t quite belive in them. Marcus seems to get the flack for deceit and yet Ivy was doing the same thing so I couldn’t see why she was so righteous….
Clearly town planning in US is different to here in UK, as it takes years sometimes for new stores to get passed. We’ve had our own Megamart style battle here – all the same arguments trotted out as Ivy and co give against Megamart – it took fourteen years for Tesco to get permission in our town, and yet here in the book its done in days? Ditto the land sales/exchanges – here it takes weeks and papaers in mutliple copies, there its just a simple pop in to office and its done…Still, maybe its just artistic licence? Whatever it was, it lead to a feeling of unreality for me, when I need to feel the story is real. I did like the chemistry between Marcus and Ivy and that certainly brought some heat and action to the story and the twist at the end – I didn’t see that coming.
Stars: three, its a decent read but not one to really get the heart racing for me. Still, if you like simple small town romance this could be a winner for you.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and Entangled publishing.

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