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Miss Fellingham’s Rebellion, Lynn Messina

Miss Fellingham's Rebellion: A Regency Romance


Miss Fellingham’s Rebellion, Lynn Messina
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I’m quite an eclectic reader, I like to mix and match genres to keep my mind fresh. I don’t often delve into a historical but when I’m in the mood something like this – with its gentle, subtle wit appeals.
I love the way in this book Catherine, as a female of the time and limited in what she can do, manages still to make life work for her. Outshined by her younger, prettier sister she’s content to be left alone to her reading, journals, broadsheets, political tracts…When she needs to sort out her mother and mothers friend Lady Arabella’s latest moneymaking scheme she falls foul of their next idea. They agree to stop the selling of commissions thankfully, but have come up with a plan to find Catherine a rich husband, and solve the problem of money that way!
Poor Catherine, she’s not the dainty, pretty empty headed girl most are, but tall, striking and forthright in opinion. Passed over in her season for the “pretties” she’s been given up as a spinster by her family. They’re quite harsh in their criticisms never seeming to think Catherine will be upset, and in fact she does seem to have become inured to it – til she meets the dashing Deverill….Of course she overhears Lady Arabella asking him to flirt with her, as he’s the current leader in Fashion she knows others will follow his lead…After hearing her faults lined up and Deverill saying he needs something to relieve his boredom Catherine determines not to play their game. She gets into some humorous scrapes while rescuing her family from their scheming, and trying to keep herself away from Deverill. Its hard though when he’s the only person she’s been attracted to in a long while, who she can talk to as anther equal, who’s happy to discuss corn laws and the Elgin Marbles with her.
I love the gentle wit and subtle sarcasm in this book, its not “in your face” but added in quietly much as it would have been at the time, when ladies had to watch every word and step, and it was so easy to cause offence and be outcast. Just looking at the wrong person and upsetting them would be cause for being ostracised by everyone.
Its a fun read, I appreciated the humour, loved Catherine’s way of sorting the family problems! If you want a fun, light historical this is your book.
Stars: Four.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.

Taste of Darkness, Katie Reus

Taste of Darkness


Taste of Darkness, Katie Reus

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I enjoyed book one in this series, so looked forward to this story. Once again I wasn’t disappointed, its an interesting romance with a spark of adventure thrown in.
I had problems with Drake though…I know he’s been trapped in hell for a very long time, and was only a child when he was first there but…the novel did seem to focus on his needing to learn so much to cope with the modern world, and for me I need my male leads to be strong, tough, able to cope with everything, and though Drake was physically strong, somehow the other parts seemed to make him less of the “heroic Alpha” type male than I like. Still, he was tough when it was needed and had no trouble asserting himself when it came to Victoria’s protection. .
Victoria I liked, the pack tend to treat her as a child still, as even the youngest are decades older than her. She’s allowed that though, feeling grateful that they took her in. She has ways of asserting herself when necessary though without causing offence, and it takes a strong, confident personality to tread that fine line. Though she’s a healer we didn’t see much of that talent in action – maybe in another book…
Until Drake’s family come calling the pack don’t know anything about Dragons – until Drake they were believed to be mythical, so there’s lots to learn and on a visit to his relatives with Victoria and a couple of other pack members they are plunged into great danger. Someone seems out to kill Drake and sees attacking Victoria as a way of getting to him. It’s in these battle scenes Drakes strength comes out, and for me he began to act like the strong male I expected.
Its a fun adventure, trying ( and failing on my part) to work out who’s behind the plot to kill Drake. I enjoyed meeting and learning about the dragons, and with exchange visits being set I’m sure we’ll see more of them in future. Overall it was a fun read, but some parts were just a little too slick and easily settled for me, and there were a few oddments like Drake making the knife for Victoria that puzzled me. How? Without funds or tools where did he get the materials etc to create it – Dragonfire can only do so much surely!
Stars: Four, another light fun read from Katie. A one off probably for me, I prefer something a bit deeper but for those who want an easy to read fun paranormal this is perfect.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers

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