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In Still Darkness, Dianne Duvall

In Still Darkness (Immortal Guardians)


In Still Darkness, Dianne Duvall
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Well, I love this series and it was great to get this little novella about how Jenna and John joined the team. In the later books she’s already part of that, but this tells us how it all came about. Its kind of back in point from where the novels currently stand, where they are fighting the Vampire King’s army and have just discovered the new drug they are attacked with. Richart saves Jenna one night from a vampire attack, and is attracted, and as he has to take her home he of course knows now where she lives, and that John is her student son. He manages to bump into her at work one night, after a few weeks of checking silently on her ( or stalking her as his second Sheldon says!) and from there they meet for coffee etc. and begin dating….and then we find out more – can’t tell it or that’s the story gone Winking smile It’s not all romance and sex though – there’s the usual mix of danger and mayhem too.
Its a novella and usually i say i don’t like them, but when it’s part of an existing series I don’t mind. what i find hard is knowing the characters and a story in limited words but like this I already know the characters so that leaves only the story to emerge.
Stars: Five, great read, good to learn how Jenna and Richart meet.

Shifter’s Claim, Part IV, A.C. Arthur and whole book Shifter’s Claim, A.C. Arthur


Shifter’s Claim, Part IV, A.C. Arthur
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
So, I’m on the home stretch with part four of this series. Priya knows about the shapeshifters, and that knowledge places her in danger. She still needs to rescue her brother – though Bas now knows about that and is helping, and she’s discovered she’s in love with Bas… her loyalty lies with the shifters despite her job. What should she do now though? Knowing that Bas won’t accept a human as more than a brief lover, what’s next for her?
Bas however knows inside himself she’s his mate and is struggling to accept it. In the middle of this there’s the threat from the Rogues, the drug shipment they interuppted to puzzle out, and the ever present danger of their species being made public. No wonder he’s feeling frazzled especially with his thoughts years back on when he failed to protect his human lover from these same Rogues…then there’s a new opening plot onto the next in the series brought in too….
It’s only a part book, but wow, its got a lot packed in. Somehow there was almost too much for me, as I felt the problems that we’d been seeing were over very quickly, and without the drama I expected. I still had problems with Priya’s and Bas actions – they just didn’t sit right at times for me but…that’s the way it goes.
Stars: Four, a decent read but I felt there was so much packed in that the plots we’d been engrossed with were glossed over almost in conclusion.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.


Shifter's Claim (The Shadow Shifters)

Shifter’s Claim, A.C. Arthur
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
This is the complete book, the same one released in four sections. It features a group of cat shifters, not sweet tabbies but Big Cats, Tigers, Jaguars etc…They’ve been around hundreds of years and have moved from their jungle origins to live among humans. Keeping the species secret is important. Bas is one of the lead enforcers in ensuring that anything likely to reveal them is kept away from the media. Priya is a reporter and is being blackmailed into revealing them via her job, Someone has her brother and is keeping him under severe conditions to ensure she does it. All she has are some anonymous emails and a picture of Malik bloody and beaten… Add in the Rogues, a group of renegade shifters who want to reveal their existence and who make money by unscrupulous deals and drug running, and we can see the tensions within the different groups. Throw in the attraction between Priya and Bas and its light blue touch paper and stand back…
Overall its a fun read, but it didn’t keep me glued to the page. At times there was so much going on that it detracted from the events as I just didn’t know what to concentrate on.
Stars: Four, Its agood read, but light in parts.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

Hideaway Cove, Anna Sullivan

Hideaway Cove (A Windfall Island Novel)


Hideaway Cove, Anna Sullivan
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I thought this sounded intriuging so put in my request. I like romance that has a bit of an edge to it – something extra to lift the story, and the missing heir mystery seemed a good fit.
So, when I began I was a bit confused and had to keep referring back to pages read, as there seemed to be mention of people and events as if the reader knew about them and yet…I didn’t. Then I looked up on web and found this is a second book, and though the romance in each is separate and complete, the missing heir is a theme that runs through both. It wasn’t a big problem and I picked up on what had happened fairly well as I continued with the story.
Jessi, is the protective mum of seven year old Benji, I can just imagine how being a single parent on a small island was. Luckily she’d got her best friend and business partner with her. Maggi is the pilot for the transport company they run, and she was the subject of the last book along with Dex, a PI looking for the missing heir(s). Now he’s brought in help by way of geneologist Holden. Hold is a real Southern gentleman, a natural charmer, but he’s having to work hard with Jessi. They’re both attracted, but she is vehement about protecting Benji from hurt, and feels that as Hold will be leaving once his job over, she’s not going to enter into anything. Slowly he wears her down, and when they do get together its explosive.
It’s not a story of red hot, carnal, erotic bed hopping, but of a real romance, of the slow sensuality of glances and soft touches, of sweet kisses and then building up into white hot, sizzling passion. But that takes time and fits in with the gentle theme of the story, where there is a mystery to unfold, danger is threatened and puzzles as to who is behind it needs to be worked out. It’s about Trust too – can Jessi let go enough to trust Hold as her heart wants, and can he let go of his past too – he’s holding some big secrets close to his chest. And of course secrets always come out at the very worse time….
It’s a fun read, a story to take in slowly, to enjoy, to ponder over. When the sad parts came, the heartbreak, the emotion, I was upset for them – both of them, understanding how each felt. The danger element played out well too, felt very real and fitted the story perfectly. In all a romance with a solid story to tell, and I’d be happy to continue with the next book in the series.
Stars: not quite a five, a four and a half.
Arc supplied via Netgalley

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