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Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 32, JC Andrijeski

Allie's War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 32


Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 32, JC Andrijeski
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
JC has revamped this series and separated it into episodes. That’s useful releasing parts like this, a section of the whole story but a complete instalment, with a storyline connected and part of the whole, but which doesn’t leave readers going – argghh….what now! Winking smile The complete book comprising the latest instalments will be available too, but for those who want a shorter read this is perfect. Of course JC calls it an episode but at 142 pages its longer than many so called novels and a great bargain!
So, this time we focus on Revik ( be still my beating heart!) and Allie. They’re playing a dangerous part once again, straight into danger for many reasons not least they don’t know how far they can trust these new traders, and Revik can only leave the Tank for a short time as Shadow could trace him…As usual there’s lots of action, seer specialities with the organics and light etc, human guns and bullets, close calls, it’s very dangerous but has to be done. Revik knows, and isn’t happy that the man they’re meeting is dangerous and has – well, he makes it clear, he has the hots for Allie, and resents missing his slot when she was with the Lao Hu. I love the way Allie plays up to that, portraying herself as a dim but beautiful bimbo! and of course Revik’s parting comments about the man wanting Allie to blow him while Revik just watched. Then at the end comes another shock, someone from Revik’s past….
Revik: his eyes are always commented on, being virtually transparent. Its rare I have a real image of people in books, just sometimes when reviews post “ my image of xyz” I think that its not the way I visualised them, even if subconsciously, but on JC’s site there’s a header of Revik that is just the man I imagine….
Stars: Five, Looking forward to the next episode
ARC supplied by author.

How to Handle a Heartbreaker (The McCauley Brothers)


How to Handle a Heartbreaker, Marie Harte
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews.
This is book two in a new series by Marie Harte. Its a fun read, with some hot and spicy sex scenes. I liked Abby, she’s very loyal to her friends but hiding from her family that she’s a writer of some very steamy novels. She tells them she’s a website designer – which she is but its the novels that really bring in the money.
Brody is a real hunk of a man, and its clear they both have feelings for each other..clear to everyone except them. Then Abby gets a bit tipsy at a party and Brody gets a real surprise!! So did I – that was a great scene. From there things heat up and all goes well until someone from Brody’s past turns up…
Its an easy read, simple romance, family problems ( everyone has them) and one for lovers of light and sexy reads. Like book one its got some good humour in too, light parts that made me smile. I really need a bit more drama, a bit more action and depth but enjoyed it as a one off read.
Stars: three and a half, its better than OK but not deep enough for Good from me.

Jumped, Book Two of The Aspen Valley Series, Colette Auclair

Jumped (The Aspen Valley Series)


Jumped, Book Two of The Aspen Valley Series, Colette Auclair

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I was really looking forward to this, another with an equestrian theme – and I’d loved book one Thrown – a cracking five star read. Sadly though for me this didn’t have that magic spark, it was a good read, just not a great one.
I loved catching up with Grady and family, Harris ( that man is a star) and Jaqueline. Sadly though I liked Finn I found it hard to warm to Beth. I didn’t feel that magic spark between them, that pull of attraction, the bit that makes you Need these people to get together. She seemed to want then not want Finn, and even when she didn’t want him she didn’t want anyone else to have him either. The whole issue of their split just didn’t seem realistic, either that or they were so overcome with lust they dived into marriage too quickly, so when they were talking over what went wrong I felt as though Beth was acting like a selfish child. She seemed to want everything her way, for Finn to take all the fault – and even though its now 5-6 years later I still felt she was like that. She was busy blaming Finn, and yet never looked at her own behaviour. That just coloured me against her, and though there were some things I liked about her, and she did eventually grow on me I still retained that first feeling.
The broken leg issue bothered me too – it provided a realsitc-ish scenario for Finn to remain with Beth but….when they were at it hot and heavy and yet he was on the hard core pain meds…all I could thing of was when I broke my leg, and frankly just moving in a chair was more than enough – rampant sex was definitely out. Like Finn my leg was pinned with titanium screws though I didn’t have a cast, so I understood the time factor in recovery, just didn’t see the sex angle, sensual and steamy though it was, as realistic. ( I broke my leg falling out of wheelchair moving electric fence for my horses, forgot I had no left leg and stuck out the remaining bit to stop the fall…..only 4 inches of bone but it shattered – ouch ouch ouch. )
So, if you can find it in yourself to like Beth you’ll probably enjoy this book. It’s well written, and the bits that bothered me cold be easily overlookked IF you like Beth. Fro me she was too whiny, too poor me, poor little rich girl and just didn’t see Finn for the hard working gentleman he was.
Stars: three.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

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