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Dirty Little Misery, Tracey Martin


Dirty Little Misery, Tracey Martin
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I’ve had a slew of paranormal romances recently that have been fun, but a bit fantasy lite type reads. Here we’ve got something with a bit more depth, more to get your teeth into, plots that need to be worked out, rather than those which are easy to predict. I’d not read the first book, or the novella but I still found it easy to pick up – I read the samples and some reviews to get a general idea of the story. Its one for my keeper files so at some point I’ll probably buy those.
So, we’ve Jessica, who’s sort of dating a satyr Lucen. She’s in a hard position because now some of her odd powers have been brought to their attention the Gryphons have decided they do want to use her after all…at one time she’d have been delighted, but after having been rejected years ago and left to cope on her own she’s not so ready to jump back in. Especially as they still regard her with suspicion….and being part of them means her relationship with Lucen is going to be under strain. Then of course there’s the fact that those in that world who had helped her when she was suspected of murder are now going to be very mistrustful. She has no choice though – poor Jessica, it’s that or prison…
Lucen is amazing, he’s stuck with her even though the other Satyrs and paranormals weren’t happy. It was a big risk to him but all seemed to turn out ok – ish anyway – til now. I like Lucen, I can see he cares for Jessica, but like her I wonder how much he can feel? How deep do a Satyr’s feelings go? He’s older, how much older she doesn’t know, so he’s experienced so much that she wonders how come he’s chosen her. Seems though that Lucen has been watching her for ten years waiting to make his move, and I feel he won’t drop her lightly now, but then he’s not the Dom, and Dezzie could force him to stop being with Jessica if she felt it was harmful to the Satyrs.Tthen of course there’s the sex, Lucen has addicts he has to have sex with and Jessica finds that hard to take. He tries to explain the straight, physical sex v sex with emotion difference to her, but I’d be jealous too – yet that’s what he is, what he has to do, and much like her current position with the Gryphons they have to learn to live with it or separate.
Backing up their fledgling romance is the murders, things seem to be pointing to the Satyrs as culprits, and Jess is right in the middle…the deeper she looks the more the dangers mount up to her, and alongside that there’s the problem of the secret about herself she still hasn’t told Lucen, and the prophecy that seems to point to her being in the middle of huge, earth shattering danger. Oh – and the mystery of what exactly she is with her freakish abilities….
Its a great read, fun and with just the right balance of sex and romance, action and drama.
Stars: Five, a really fun read and one for the keeper files.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.

Nothing More Beautiful, Lorelai LaBelle


Nothing More Beautiful, Lorelai LaBelle
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
One of the things that attracted me to this book was the length, a fabulous 128,000 words! I love longer novels, they provide the chance to really get to know the characters.
So we’ve Maci as our main female lead, along with her good friends. I found it hard to warm to her at first, she seemed quite abrasive and I’m not sure why she felt that way. I found her friends a bit “in your face” too. I could understand though her embarrassment over discussing sexual things with her friends, her flatmate and her partner were very uninhibited women and poor Maci struggles with their frankness. I loved her dating experiences, they made me smile. She seemed to have got men that were a nightmare, and what everyone hoping for a successful date dreads…Then there’s Vince and from a promising start he too seemed a bit – not stuff of heroes, not a typical erotic male lead. That was fine though as he grew with the book, and his experiences with Maci were perfect. They really worked at making a relationship when so often its stars and moons and insta love. These two hit problems and worked through them.
Where this went awry for me was in the slooow start, I felt the story really took a long while to get going, that there was too much focus on things that were unimportant and didn’t add to the story while the story itself had some great plots that didn’t get for me the best treatment. The drama mainly – there were some fabulous dramatic potential lines, but they were over so quickly and I felt they could have been perfect if they had been strung out more, kept the mystery and impetus going. Tthe baseball card, the fire, Terrance and the return of a missing character thought dead. They were such great potential storylines and yet seemed over so quickly  sort of Problem meet Solution/End – a few pages and it was all over. The final drama ( I’m trying hard here to explain without giving anything away so that’s why I sound so ambiguous) was great. The plot and the details handled perfectly, and if some of the other plots had the same treatment with alot of the unnecessary minutiae taken out this would have been a five star read.
The erotica – came in the form of learning for both of them – very original handling to me, I’ve not read it before and it made a great change from the novice plus expert that’s usual. I like that of course, but it was good to see how perhaps most people handle learning new experiences, researching what they need to know. Overall it was a fun read, but though I love long novels there were parts here that were IMO irrelevant and detracted from the story, that made the reading slow going, took away from the drama.
Stars: four, its a great book, sensual and erotic, and if the drama had been given longer focus I’d have given this a five.
ARC supplied via author.

Full Exposure: Book One: Independence Falls, Sara Jane Stone


 Full Exposure: Book One: Independence Falls



Full Exposure: Book One: Independence Falls, Sara Jane Stone
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I enjoy romance that has just that bit more plot that a simple boy meets girl and they live HEA…and this one had an interesting slant, the heroine is an ex solider. Of course that brings with it some mental trauma, no-one can see their colleagues killed and not suffer some kind of mental problems.
So Georgia is now working as a Nanny for her brother’s best friend, looking after his nephew. She loves the job, but has the problem that she’s also loved Eric since she was a teen. Of course as men often are he’s oblivious, but then the odd thing is – he’s also got feelings for her. Of course he won’t act on them for various reasons, his muddled background, shuttled from parent to parent depending on their current partners etc. Then there’s the fact she’s his best friend’s little sister and he feels protective, plus Liam would be furious – mainly because he thinks and Eric agrees – that Georgia is still too fragile from her Service traumas. Georgia has been living life on the edge since she left the Services, seeking highs and Liam and Eric think that’s because she hasn’t coped well with the things she’s been involved in. She won’t talk about it to anyone, keeping it all inside and she’s been having horrific nightmares. Now she’s decided enough holding back – she wants Eric, he wants her she’s finally realised – and she’s going for it. Its one step forward and two back, and while they’re having some hot and sensual encounters, making progress from her point and doing what he shouldn’t from Eric’s view there are other problems to contend with. Eric owns a logging company, where Liam is his trusted right hand man, and there’s been a huge forest fire which is under investigation by officials. That’s an added problem that causes difficulties all round.
Its a question of long loves finally getting their time – but with a slew of problems accompanying them that need to be sorted before a happy ending can result. I found the mental problems Georgia has really interesting. It must happen all too often, soldiers see and experience things that affect them adversely and they have to learn to live with them. Things seen and done can’t be changed, but its hard for the person concerned to adapt. They don’t want pity or sympathy but help and understanding and I guess they don’t get it too many times. Throw in the mix the work problems, and the friendships and its a romance that has lots of interesting points, along with some smoking sexual tension and hot sensual interludes.
Stars: Four, and interesting and sensual read.

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