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Before He Was Gone, Starstruck 2, Becky Wicks


Before He Was Gone, Starstruck 2, Becky Wicks
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I loved Becky’s Before he was Famous so was really pleased to see this. Noah and Chloe make brief appearances, but its Chloe’s friend Alyssa who’s the main lead. She’s just been dumped by band member Sebastian, and looking at her life and dreams, trying to keep out of the media firestorm that’s descended, she applies for and is accepted on the TV programmer Deserted. That reminds me so much of a book I read when I first got my kindle Wicked Games Jill Myles which I just loved. Though they’re both game shows novels set on islands and follow the usual format of challenges and vote outs etc, they are two very different novels but I loved this one just as much. I also read another recently with same base but that was so-so, in fact I can’t even recall title or author…so its not that the format is a success, but the authors talent in using it to create a fabulous story.
I love Becky’s writing style, she made me laugh at times, and cry at others, and a book that can do that has to be a five star read for me. Becky makes them all feel so real, and their emotions come across really genuinely. There was a really disparate group of contestants, and  I felt as if I was on the island with them. Of course not everyone is what they seem and as we get to know them better opinions change from those first gut feelings about them. Special star for me was Shan, he was great with his GAYfronts and his over the top camp style. He was so cheery, and really kept spirits up – he provided lots of the laughs. I loved the connection between Alyssa and Joshua, and it was clear from very early that he was hiding something but what? And I did not expect it was that…and was surprised too at who ultimately won. I kept making up scenarios where different contestants could win, but didn’t guess what actually happened. The challenges too were excellent especially given some of the fears people had. Overall its a well balanced, easy to read story and a beautiful moving romance.
Stars: One again Becky gets a five from me
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.

Betting on Julia, (Melville Sisters 2), Nina Croft

Betting on Julia (A Melville Sisters Novel) (Entangled Covet)


Betting on Julia, (Melville Sisters 2),  Nina Croft
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
So after the first book, with Daniel and Lissa we’ve moved on to Daniel’s sister Julia. She’s struggling to cope as a werewolf, having been changed against her will. She’s dealing by pretending its just a once a month anomaly. It means though that currently she’s unable to have a relationship, as she’s scared of what she might do. Then her new neighbour moves in and it’s insta-lust when they touch….She’s avoided everything werewolf so far, and he seems as normal as they come, a hot and sexy accountant, and maybe just what she needs she thinks. Accountants are normal people – aren’t they? Well, what she doesn’t know is Sebastian is far from normal, but he can’t tell her that, and that he needs her to fall in love with him so he can finally be rid of the demon taking up space inside him for the last 200 years. He just wanted to get her to say the magic words I love you, and then leave. He didn’t see any problems in that, except getting her to fall in love, but he was reasonably confident in his abilities there, and desperately wanted to be free again. So what if its a little mean to her, she’ll be OK, she’ll move on once he’s gone. What he didn’t plan on was falling for Julia.
Julia was fun, bubbly, loyal to her friends and family and working hard at keeping control over her life. I loved her FMS attempt to minimise the werewolf place in her life – FMS = full moon syndrome  Of course ignoring something simply won’t work, and her wolf has started making her presence known at other times..
Sebastian I loved, he’s had a traumatic experience with werewolves when his wife was killed by them several hundred years ago, and has a total hatred of them. He doesn’t know that Julia is one though, and of course it’s not the kind of thing one says to a new boyfriend, so they both go forward into a fledgling relationship withholding huge secrets. It doesn’t take long before both are deeply in love, but conscious of the secrets they hold, and the impact they think that would have. The Demon inside Sebastian isn’t giving up easily either, plus snippets of Sebastian’s other life keep creeping in and muddying up the waters. There’s humour mixed in the the dangers here, and what I enjoyed is the way the story unfolded, with more drama and dangers confusing the issues.
If you enjoy a simple, easy to read paranormal this is for you – its a fun read, some dangers, some spicy sex and a happy ending – I do need those! Its not deep, dark edge of seat drama but a lighter feel.
Stars: Four, a fun, easy to read  paranormal.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

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