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Slow Satisfaction, Cecilia Tan


Slow Satisfaction, Cecilia Tan
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I loved the first two in this trilogy, and have been waiting for this final part. Since FSoG ( which I loved despite the eye rolling etc) there seems to have been numerable erotic, BDSM trilogies of very variable qualities. Some Authors, Jodi Elen Malpas and K Bromberg have written trilogies that are fresh and engaging, but sadly far too many are like reading the same story over and over with just very slight changes. This trilogy though – its BDSM, its erotic, but its a very different read from most out now. Cecilia has brought in a totally new angle with James being a secret Rock Star, ( and of course a control freak) and some storylines that are new and welcomed. Once again the sex scenes are sensual and not repetitive, but often have an edge that’s just a bit different from the norm. I was a little uncomfortable at one of the later scenes where she ends up really crying…that’s just me though, and it was given the appropriate explanation. There was so much happening in the last novel i did have to go back for a quick peek and refresh my mind…it’ll be a great trilogy to read in one long session!
There were times when I thought Karina might say “enough” when James lets her down yet again over his secrets, but it seems she’s finally standing up to James over them and demanding answers – well, some of the time Winking smile I’d have wanted an explanation about Ferrara far fuller than she got….she still settles too easily for what he tells her, rather than asking more questions. Still, she’s treading a fine line, and its hard for him letting go of what he’s hidden for so long so I can see reasons for her (in)actions.
Karina has grown such a lot since that first meeting, and James has changed immeasurably. That’s part of his problem IMO, he’s been one way for so long that it scares him to think and act differently. Throw in the complications with the bitch Ferrara and no wonder he’s been so protective of himself. Ferrara was a great character – I always feel a good “bad” character adds so much to a story, and provides a great contrast and interesting storylines.
There were times when I wondered if there were just a bit too many co-incidences, sort of did A happen because of B, or B happen because of A or was it all just chance?
James and Karina have come such a long way and it was good to see them moving forward finally as a team, and facing up to the (myriad of) problems that surrounded them. Those were all very different to what usually crops up, and that’s what kept this interesting and fresh for me.
Stars: Four and a half. There were a couple of times when I felt things were muddled or a bit lacking in substance, or where Karina was too accepting. Somehow too James didn’t always come over as the strong character we know he is. A trilogy for the keeper files though.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers

Double Up, Vanessa North.

Double Up


Double Up, Vanessa North.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I really enjoyed Vanessa’s High and Tight so looked forward to this one, and wasn’t disappointed. Once again she’s woven a beautiful romance into a realistic feeling story.
For me to enjoy a romance I have to feel that the characters are genuine, that I’m there in the story with them, and from typical gay queen Eddie, to injured and proud Ben, and of course Hunk Davis they were a wonderful bunch. Eddie – wow what a friend. I kind of felt that he was really in love with Ben, and had been for years but accepted that he wasn’t meant to be the love of Ben’s life. He was so supportive of him, so helpful even when Ben was rude and irritable – he’s been his support since long before the accident that changed so much for Ben. Ben himself, well – I understood his fears and reasons, he was in an awful position and the head in sand maybe I’ll choose later approach wasn’t helping him, but it allowed him to at least continue in the sport he loved to a very minor degree for a while longer. Boarding was his life, the thing that brought him so much and then conversely lost him almost everything. He can’t imagine a life where it isn’t part of it, and he’s put off a life changing decision for many years now, and just gone along with Eddie as friend and support while just living a shadow of life.
Then Davis walks in and bam – instant attraction, though Davis is ten years younger. He may be younger but he’s very dominanat, he knows what he wants and its Ben, and Ben soon learns that Davis is very determined. Soon they are immersed in a torrid, passionate affair. Davis has gone all in for Ben, but Ben can’t bring himself to tell him about his problems…finally gives a little bit of info, but can’t bring himself to tell him about the big decision yet, then it comes out at just the wrong moment – doesn’t that always happen?
I was so heartbroken for both of them. Vanessa has written this so you can understand and feel both points of view, and the melancholoy that came from this was great – I like to wallow in the misery, so long as there’s a HEA….it makes it so much sweeter. It’s a great story, I loved learning about the sport, seeing the characters involved, and of course the homophobia – that’s real life sadly and families do get split like this 😦
Stars: Four and a half – a great read, packed with emotion and drama that felt very real.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and Riptide publishing.

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