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Sinful Cravings, Lake City Stories Book 2, Annie Nicholas

Sinful Cravings: Erotic Paranormal Romance (Lake City Stories Book 2)


Sinful Cravings, Lake City Stories Book 2, Annie Nicholas
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I’d not read book one or the novella prequel, but read samples and reviews and thought I’d enjoy this one. I’ve read several of Annie’s book before ( my favourites being Bait and The Angler) so knew I liked her writing style.
Pia, she seems such fun, but a typical Baby of the family. She seemed to run into problems without trying ( it happens – I know!!) and so far has turned to family and friends for solutions. This time though she can’t, she has to rely on her own resources and I enjoyed the way it really made her grow mentally. Part of the problem too is that she’s one of those people everyone ( except Sin’s pet Demon) loves, and they just help her automatically, assume she can’t do things herself. The fact that when she’s tried in the past it leads to even more difficulties doesn’t help….
I struggled a bit getting my head around the whole incubus/succubus feeding schedule, and how they’d cope with good old jealousy! But they need sex for food so as one person can’t provide enough its something they have to get round. It’s the driving force behind the main plot in this book though, and Pia can’t go to her family as they are already at full stretch, with her usual donations to dad via the vials going to Val instead. That’s led dad to seek out another wife and of course the family are struggling with that too….
Pia’s investigations lead to some alarming situations. Val been keeping something from her – again that whole “Pia can’t cope” thing everyone has, and he nearly drains her unintentionally, He’s out of control to his hunger, having left it too long waiting for his wives vials to arrive, and that’s dangerous as he could kill a succubus in his feeding now. Pia is distraught, needs a feed herself desperately and is worried about what Val may do. She then falls into further problems with the person she feeds from, and has someone misunderstanding Succubus ways and thinking sex means she wants to join his family…temporarily escaping from that drama brings her into more danger, and the offence caused endangers something Sin, Val and her father have been working on. See? Whatever the poor girl does seems to bring her into more drama and its not over yet..
Its a fun read, I knew it wouldn’t be a deep drama but a light hearted one, and i enjoyed it. Its a great way to escape for a while into someone else’ problems! I like Pia, wasn’t sure about Val but he grew on me. I get the feeling Sin would like to be more to Pia that he is, for a dark and devious person he’s very helpful and protective of her. Not something he does for many people i think.
Stars: Four, its a great fun, easy to read novel. A way to forget the world and its drama by living in Pia’s ones.
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Turquoise Green Winter, Carina Bartsch


Turquoise Green Winter, Carina Bartsch
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

So, the story continues with the misunderstandings causing even more troubles. Emely has wanted Elyas to stop texting and seeking her out for ages, so why now he has is she missing him? Why does her life feel so empty without Elyas in it?  Why has he stopped contact, what brought that on? What about Luca too, he seems to have gone from emailing constantly, replying back immediately she writes, to contacting very infrequently saying he’s “busy”. He’s always been busy though so what has changed? Poor Emely is in a state of confusion about her feelings for both of them.
There’s a time where Elyas seems to be avoiding Emely, and then she starts to follow him round, trying to see if she can initiate contact, pluck up courage to ask him what’s changed.  Then some major things happen, they talk finally, and  discover things neither knew about the other. They finally give in to the attraction and are blissfully happy…for a very short while . Then something Elyas has done comes back to haunt him, and once again Emely has her heart shattered. Again from knowing both sides we can see it’s not just her that’s heartbroken but Elyas too  Is there a way forward for them, or has their chance at love gone? Its as if they are fated to be in love with each other but everything keeps going against them. Once again there are things neither know that could make a huge difference.
Another book full of emotion, even more so than the first. I loved it, loved the way things were drawn out, mulled over, how we saw both sides of the story. Its something that I could see happening in real life. I enjoyed the way it wasn’t sex, sex, sex, that’s fine in some books, and I enjoy it but wouldn’t have worked here. The way its constructed with those tantalising kisses, and suggestive touches were far more erotic than if the novel had pictured them having sex far sooner. As it was when they finally got there it had meaning, was deep and full of feeling.
Stars: Five, a great finish, loved it.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.

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