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Chained By Night (Moonbound Clan Book 2) Larissa Ione. Full Circle, Central Florida Pack, Chudney Thomas


Chained By Night (Moonbound Clan Book 2)

Chained By Night (Moonbound Clan Book 2) Larissa Ione
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I love Larissa’s writing style. There are books that are good but simple reads, then there are authors like Larissa, who consistently produce works which have multi stranded plots, and are so much more than a simple, easy read. Even though this series contains several linked plots, this book, and book one, are both well written and all plot openings dealt with. I hate when a plot is opened but left, and I’m wondering “ what happened there??” Its one of my pet hates and that’s never happened to me in Larissa’s books, both this series or others of hers I’ve read.
So, we pick up where the last book left off with Hunter having reluctantly agreed to Mate Rasha. We met her and her twin Aylin in the last book and its a true Evil and Good twin – of course poor Hunter is facing a lifetime with the evil twin. Its not til they come to Moonbound though that he realises just how different they are, and just how like his father Kars of the Shadowspawn clan their father – is. Cruel and oafish, and Rasha truly is her fathers daughter. Hunter dislikes her more the more he gets to know her, and yet her twin has a pull for him he’s finding it hard to resist. Poor Hunter – what a terrible problem. He’s such a true leader, ready to sacrifice himself for the good of the clan but events overtake him….
Alongside that problem he also needs to undergo some deadly tests in another world, and fight off a war with not just Shadowspawn but another clan. Then there’s the humans who are stepping up their killings of vampire,s and have plans to rid the world of them. Along with that we can’t forget the vampires old arch enemy Daedelous, the  company that controls and runs vampire slavery and uses them for horrific secret experiments – oh and there’s a possible mole in the clan.
Its got a great mix of characters, some we can look up to such as Hunter and his top people, some real cruel and complex characters we can love to hate and some that are frankly still a bit of a mystery such as Myne. There’s something about him, the more we learn of his past the less we really know of him it seems to me….I really enjoyed getting to know Aylin better, she intrigued me from the last book. The plots are a great mix of new(ish) ones and the overall story arc of the vampire/demon mystery that runs through the series. Clearly there’s a big battle to come from the hints dropped in this book, and personally I think it’ll be vampires v humans but…it could be vampires v other vampires, or other demons perhaps? or maybe Daedelous will pick up the action – a huge money making corporation doesn’t want to lose its income source without a fight. That’s what I love, pondering what will happen while getting my romance fix too! Once again its a novel packed with all action as usual, but perfectly worked out and seamlessly knitted into a book that hard to put down and along with the first will join my keepers file.
Stars: Full Five, a great and satisfying read.
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Full Circle, Central Florida Pack, Chudney Thomas
Genre: paranormal romance.

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Well, I knew this was short, and I usually avoid them but the sample sounded fun so…and it was a fun, a quick read, but simply not long enough for a solid story IMO. Its my fault, I knew it was short and this is why I try not to select them, but have found a few I liked. I did enjoy this, just felt it would have been better for me if it was longer. It certainly has the right kind of setting and characters for more – and I do so love those great “bitch” characters such as Sheena…
Drake was a good lead, but for someone so wise, mature, solid he seemed to lose all sense when it came to Ria. She was a good character too, fitted perfectly in her role in the story. I could see her dilemma, attracted to Drake for ages but she’s only half werewolf, and he’s Alpha, and needs a strong mate. She doesn’t see herself as being fit for that role, but she’s wrong. Her way of making her own place in the pack all these years has brought her a lot of respect, and she knows the Pack and each persons strength and weakness.
I’m not sure if this is an opener to a new series? I’d love to read more if so, if the books are full length and not novellas. They are perfect for many readers and very popular just not for me.
If you like shorts, and want an easy to read, well written paranormal romance this book is perfect.
Stars: Four – fun and sexy short read.
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Sweetwater, Lisa Henry




Sweetwater, Lisa Henry
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I hadn’t realised Lisa was one of the authors of the fabulous When All the World Sleeps which I loved. This book has the same gentle feel, married with a gritty and at times uncomfortable realism.
It’s set back in a time when life was harsh, death all too common. Families were looking for a better way of life, hoping to find if not riches at least somewhere they could work and live comfortably. In truth though many of them died before they even got to their destination. That’s what happened to Elijah’s family, died victims of the same disease that left him profoundly deaf while still on their journey. Taken in by a doctor who has lost his wife and daughter, he’s treated as a son and the doc teaches him to read and write and allows him to help with his work. Elijah is intelligent but is treated by many as stupid because of his deafness. He tries to keep out of the way of trouble, and to make his adopted father proud, but it’s tough when one of the biggest bulllies is his butcher employer. Elijah gets made to work nights with the butcher killing and dressing stolen cattle. He knows the doc wouldn’t approve but he’s stuck, he has to do what his employer wants…he knows too that the doc wouldn’t be happy about how Elijah looks and thinks about at other men – the doc is a religious man and the bible says what Elijah wants is a sin, an abomination. Then he gets caught up in Harlan Crane’s web, and he’s even more guilty about the things he wants and Harlan does to him – not guilty enough though to stop him next time…Poor Elijah, I felt for him. Apart from the doc he’s alone, no friends, no family, no one to talk his problems through with. It’s a tough life anyway for most people, and with his deafness its even tougher for him. He’s publicly ridiculed by so many, even by Harlan, who’s really an abusive bully, using Elijah for his own pleasure not for what Elijah wants. Elijah is actually more intelligent than so many of the townsfolk who treat hom as a simpleton, but he’s at the mercy of almost everyone it seems.
Then Grady comes along. He’s one of the cowboys bringing in the cattle. He and his family lost their ranch and are doing this to finance another…but it seems to him that’s a long way off and they are risking their lives with every trip. When he sees Elijah it makes him want more, he wants to help him, be with him but it all seems impossible.
It’s a soft, slow coming together of the two, hampered along the way by the violence of the times and the situations that are outside their control. I loved Elijah – felt so sorry for him, he’s a victim of circumstance and yet treated as though its within his control. Grady too – he’s accepted his role within the family and let his cousin lead but what they did went against his nature – he’s not a thief by nature, just wants a life where he can work and be happy. Then once he sees Elijah he wonders if he could be part of that too.
It’s a great read, I really enjoyed it. The time period was conveyed really well, with the grittiness of life where death was just a gunshot away for so many people, lost homes, jobs and starvation all too common. That for those who fit the norm. Add in anything that made one different and the chance of surviving, never mind being happy, was difficult.
Stars: Four and a half, not quite up to When All The World Sleeps for me, but a really good read.
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One Funeral, Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion

One Funeral (No Weddings Book 2)


One Funeral, Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion
review from jeannie zelos book reviews
So, the first book, great fun, sensual and interesting and I was keen to get on to part two. I was pretty sure that as it took til the end of the first book before Cade and Hannah got to actually kiss, and what a kiss that was…..( should that be just three dots?) that there wasn’t going to be steamy sex right from the off in this one. I was right, but what I really enjoyed is how Kat and Stone have made a sexy and sensuous story without it happening early. Each touch, each look, each gesture between them is laden with sensuality, and its more erotic that those books which have wall to wall ( well, page to page ) sex that’s so overblown it becomes dull and boring. You know the ones, where you find yourself skipping yet Another sex scene to try to find the story. Sometimes less really is more, and the best things worth waiting for, and so it was here.
Once again the cakes take pride of place, and I was eagerly awaiting the descriptions – I could envision them – but chocolate and bacon cupcakes – not for me! Its based around the same small group of family and friends with a few new additions. I was a bit worried about Ryan when he was introduced. Loved Lila. Enjoyed how Daniel and Chloe had grown along with the responsibility they’d been given. They were a great team with Hannah.  I like the small grouping of characters – it means we can really focus on Hannah and Cade without too many distractions of what’s happening to others. When we do see anyone else its in connection with one or the other of them. . we see how though they think they are moving on, that there’s still things in the past that affect both of them, and they take steps to get past that. I love the Non Date idea – Cade really is a gem, and once again I can help feeling he’s such a mature man for his age. He seems to have thought of everything, whether it business or friendship, nothing seems to catch him out.
Stars: Four and a half. Its another great read, a gentle romance but no less sensual and sexy for that.
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Through the Veil, Christi Snow, Generation 18, The Spook Squad 2, Keri Arthur






Through the Veil, Christi Snow
review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I latched onto this one quickly, a paranormal romance with a series of eight books planned…oh that sounds great! I really enjoy books in a series usually, they allow the reader to get really involved and for plots to get quite complex, and the length allows for so much scope in the writing.
So, what did I think about book one? well, that cover…I hardly ever look at covers but this one caught my eye, and for all the wrong reasons. Those wings just look Wrong, disproportionate, they could never hold a man up ( I know it’s not possible but it has to look as though it is!!) and in my imagination they are nothing like that..but the story? Oh yes, that’s fun. Set in a world where dramatic changes have happened, dividing the US into WS and ES with a thick, impenetrable veil of mist between them. Neither side knows anything about the other until Lori escapes from the ES and manages to use her powers to get through. No one knows why the change happened or if it could happen again.
The world Lori knows is one of bigotry, where anyone who has special abilities gained after the big change is known as Other, and taken into custody, ostensibly for protection of the rest of the population, but in reality for some inhuman and horrific experimentation. They’re not treated as people but as experiments, and after six years of being caged, cruelly tested and experimented on, Lori has finally managed to escape. She can’t believe what she finds on the other side, its a place where everyone has wings, and some have other talents too. They work together to build a place that’s safe for everyone. There are no children here either, same as in the ES, where none have been born since the change. It’s a much younger society than the ES, everyone here over 18 died in the change, and as in the ES the bodies simply disappeared.
Lori is happy she’s found sanctuary and a romance with Marcus, but of course she wants to rescue those she was in captivity with – there were four others in with her, and she can’t bear to think of them still suffering. The Warriors though worry at first about their own safety when Lori appears. That’s natural, they don’t know if she’s some disguised threat,  but she’s soon accepted and they agree to help her with a recue attempt.
I enjoyed the world setting, its got great potential and I’m sure we’ve more to learn about it and creatures in it such as the Predators. Since Lori passed through the veil things have begun to change too, with the weather being far colder than usual and Predators changing from nocturnal to coming out during the day. The people of the WS are learning too about how to use their talents, and wondering what’s coming next.
What I found a bit difficult to accept was the powers and the growth of them, it seemed too easy an answer for problems that crop up to have someone able to use some new power to overcome it. That’s a pet peeve of mine though in fantasy books, it often crops up and I guess I just like my characters to have to struggle a bit, to use their brains more rather than new superpowers…Still, its a great first book, and with lost of potential, though its a year to wait til book two out –
Stars: Four, a great start.
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Generation 18 (Spook Squad Series #2)

Generation 18, The Spook Squad 2, Keri Arthur
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I love Keri’s writing style, the worlds and characters she creates. For me to enjoy a book I need to like the main characters – or if they are the Bad Guys – to dislike them. No wishy washy types, no on the fence, no just OK people for me. I need them strong in personality. Keri delivers that.
So this is an older series being revamped. I don’t know how different it is from the originals as it’s the first time I’ve read this series – it may not be any different, just re released…I’ve jumped into book two not having read book one, which meant I needed to pick up the storyline as I read. That worked fine though of course I’d have got more had I read book one, understood for example – what the friction was between Gabriel and Sam, and what happened to them last book, and just what’s behind the current enquiries into murders, Sam, and the Gov/military depts.

As usual its straight in with the action, lots of dangers and new supernatural creatures – those Kites sound scary! What I enjoy about Keri’s writing is that it’s very tightly constructed, incidents mentioned in passing become major lines later, but we’re sort of familiar with the concept through the earlier mentions, people who need to be connected for the story to work are brought together within pausible storylines, not just thrown into a scene cold. Then there’s my favourite thing to hate in fantasy – when characters are in danger and Wham – some new superpower appears. I Hate that.. Sam is developing lots of new elements, but the history of her past allows for that, and there are clever and suble nuances suggested prior to the new power that allow for slow growth, and for it not to be a total suprise. So many books never do that, and it turns what could be a good storyline into something shallow and over all too soon. I like books such as Keri’s that have depth, that have lots of different angles, from the romance to the dangers the characters face.

This is quite a short read at around 240 pages, and I’d have loved it to be longer – the story and world makes that feasible but…I’m a reader not a writer 😉 I think though that more explanations of who and why some characters were important could have done with more expansion. I did have to keep backtracking over certain people, to recall how they fit into the story, not because I’d missed book one but simply because there were so many characters and storylines all at once.
So, overall a cracking read, fast paced, full of action and most important – plausible. even fantasy needs to be “real” in the sense that if the circumstances were as written the incidents could occur. The only disappointemnt I have is that it seems these books were originally written several years ago and four of them planned, but book four was never written and Keri has no plans to return to this world. I want to buy book three to see where the story goes, but am wary that it may leave more questions than give answers and I hate that. I like my reads to have a satisfying conclusion, not finish open ended 😦 I’ll mull it over, but I’ve lots more reads/review books to go through so doubt I’ll be paying for something I may feel frustated with at the end…

Stars: a cracking read, and a great story, a full five.
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How to Train Your Dom in 5 Easy Steps, Josephine Myles


How to Train Your Dom in 5 Easy Steps, Josephine Myles
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Well I’ve mixed feelings about this one, I tend to like romance first in my reading, and BDSM second and I feel this is the other way round. The BDSM part is quite heavy, very graphic at times ( I really can do without a step by step account of fisting) and its not really what I enjoy – I guess I’m a BDSM Lite girl! Others of course will  love to find a book tha’’t’s more than just a few spanks and a bit of bondage….
The characters – Eddie, I just loved him. He was so funny and such a genuine person. I’d love him as a friend. I just couldn’t understand what he saw in Jeff though? He seemed sullen to the point of rudeness, and very bigoted when it came to homosexuality, definitely his father’s son at first. Eddie opened up his mind though and they were soon hot and heavy. I had a bit of a problem with that too – it was seamlessly written, and I can’t pinpoint a moment when Jeff’s ideas begin to change, but I found it hard that one moment he’s acting as if Eddie’s Gay might rub off on him, like some kind of disease, and then the next he’s banging away at him. The whole book covers just a couple of months so that change occurred within the fist few meetings, only a couple of weeks into their training…and I just couldn’t see Jeff doing such a huge mental turnaround in such a short time.
Once the romance side started though it was clear to the reader what was happening, even if Jeff was still furiously avoiding the obvious conclusion and coming up with excuses about his behaviour. I really felt for Eddie too – he deserved better than he got, deserved a bit more respect. Jeff was confused – I get that – and hit out at the nearest person, but I was so hurt for Eddie, he’s one of those comedians on the outside but very tender and fragile inside it seemed to me. When he was hurt it went right to his core. That part of the romance – the drama aspect of it was perfect for me and if the bias had been the other way, more romance, less heavy BDSM ( and I admit – my knowledge comes from books only, so for those in the scene in real time this might not be considered heavy) and I’d have five starred this. Great characters and dialogue just a plot that’s the wrong way round for me ;-(
Stars: Three – its still a good read, well written and plotted but just didn’t make the cut for higher for me.
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Not Wonder More, – Mad Maggie and the Mystery of the Ancients (Eco Warriors 3), Rod Raglin


Not Wonder More, – Mad Maggie and the Mystery of the Ancients (Eco Warriors 3), Rod Raglin
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
A curious book – it’s hard to categorise, part romance, part suspense/adventure, and part educational about the environment. I loved Maggie, felt so much for her. She just wanted to help people and live a life of peace, but her way of coping with her schizophrenia was to retreat into the woods and at times her behaviour was odd…there’s no saying otherwise. What happens when someone deviates from the norm? Yes, they get marginalised, bullied, persecuted and poor Maggie suffered all of those. Add in that her half brother, a selfish gambler, had power of attorney and wanted to sell the woods she lived in, for building, which would in turn bring money to the local town as well as clear all his debts, and you can why her objecting to it exacerbated her situation.
Dieter is the lawyer for her brother, comes to see her and gets a shock when she tells him to see a doc as he’s got lung cancer. He’s an odd man, very “buttoned up” and everything has its place, his life is all about order and the total opposite to Maggie’s and yet he’s drawn to her. When he does see the doc, super scathing as he’s one of those heath nuts who do everything right, he’s shocked at what he hears. Maggie was right. He goes back for answers, spends a week with her and his life is turned upside down.
I loved Maggie, share her ethos about the destruction of places and plants that may hold remedies and answers we need. We only have one planet and we need to protect it for future generations – sadly the £ and $ are king and profit is the bottom line usually when decisions are made. Of course small towns need support, but there must be something else we can do to help and not just these short term solutions. I liked that when Maggie gave remedies she always stressed tell the doctor about them. Its too easy to think nature holds all the answers and chemicals are bad, but its not that simple. As someone who owes her life to those chemicals when I had an advanced cancer I’m happy for herbals and other remedies to be used as well as conventional ones but not for replacement. Its a personal choice and patients need all the facts, not fluff and promises of miracle cures.
Maggie needed calm to keep her condition controllable and of course a big court case over her competency was the last thing she needed. The romance – I could feel the pull between her and Dieter, but understood his caution even though it hurt her. That’s like real life, it’s not a simple love conquers all approach in reality – it works in books but this was more real, how it genuinely happens, where someone like Dieter was in love but didn’t know if he could cope with Maggie’s illness. Its a tough life when she’s likely to turn against him when in the throes of it, and he needed to be certain he could deal.
The townsfolk – we’ve all seen scenes like that, where people are happy to accept help when they need it, but then decry someone when the crowd demand it, and in this case the dirty side of religion and fanatics was brought in. I’m a live and let live person, but recognise those who wanted Maggie out for reasons – spurious of course – of religion. Really they’re scared of her being different, and that makes anything she does suspect and viewed with an eye to the worst. Somehow religion always brings out the fanatics, and this had shades of the Salem Witch trials….
Overall it was an interesting read, full of things to make the reader think, and some beautiful descriptions of the woods and swamps. Its easy when in the midst of somewhere isolated to start believing in the power of nature. We’ve some old trees in my garden, maybe 300 years or so, and I often wonder about what they’ve seen and what they think of progress….
Stars: Four. Its a one off read for me, not something I would have chosen and yet I really enjoyed it.
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Stone, At Your Service, (Carolina Bad Boys 1), Rie Warren. Icebound, Corinna Rogers


Stone, At Your Service, (Carolina Bad Boys 1),  Rie Warren
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I’ve loved some of Rie’s other romances, somehow she seems to create characters that resonate with me and so it was here. Stone, the story is told by him and he’s so…typical male at times! Well intentioned, hence his predicament with best friend Nicky, and his attendance as his boyfriend at the romance convention. Nicky needs him to keep up the charade he’s used for the past couple of years to protect him from the man eaters at these functions. They’re beginning to doubt he’s Gay so he needs Stone there this time.  All seems OK, after all Stone isn’t one for relationships, just hot one off sex, so he’s in no danger of losing any chance for love. Then he sees writer Lee Lee and its love at first sight for him. Wow – the heat between them…but there’s his rep to contend with. Lee Lee thinks he’s gay, and she’s had a bad experience before in that field. Block number one to his pursuit of her, but he’s not one to give up at the first hurdle and he’s soon in her bad – and soon out of it. thus goes their romance….
Then there’s the others at the convention. Are Cons really like that? Its seems like a curious group of people, some busy helping each other, some looking for all the gossip and who they can drop it in, a sleazy writers Agent, and the bloggers…avaricious man eaters. Gay? Who’s worried when Stone looks as he does, that seems to be their motto – along with all he needs is some time alone with them! He’s a confident guy, but only a man and they have strong persuasive powers. Soon he finds himself dolled up for  a book cover competition, and trying to get out of promising interviews to the bloggers…Its packed with humour, and all the while the romance between him and Lee Lee is one step forward and two back..
Star of the book is his young son JJ – he’s so cute, and shows a different side to Stone, not just the hot sexy ex-man whore, but the loving, caring father. Throw in the crew at his business, who were so funny adding on clips from the Con to their ads, and driving Stone mad…and it was clear he had a special relationship with them too, and they were friends with him but still had respect for him as the boss.
If you want a romance that’s sweet, seriously seductive and sexy ( wow – that boy has the goods and knows what to do with them!) and packed with humour and fabulous characters, this is your read.
Stars: Five, sex, heat and humour.
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Icebound: HarperImpulse Paranormal Romance (Mortals & Myths, Book 1)


Icebound, Corinna Rogers
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

A slightly curious book to begin with – I wasn’t really sure where Shane was, and then when I’d worked that out, I was confused at why Drake was so angry at him. Its what many others would have done, not least Drake I suspect, so why bear that grudge? Then the action heats up a bit – frozen heat!
There were parts I enjoyed, the flashbacks to their pasts for example, but sadly far more that I either didn’t fully understand or simply didn’t like. The world they lived in, where humans and others were mixed wasn’t very well explained, and I didn’t understand exactly how the interactions worked. The role of the Church seemed incredibly hypocritical when we reached that part. I get that Shane had become very cold and unfeeling, since being bound to the Ice King, but that came over time, and it seemed as if Drake had rejected him right from the start when Shane made the decision to save him. Would someone in love really be that harsh? Then there’s the rape scene – too much – too long and too detailed. I really felt that wasn’t necessary.
I didn’t really feel the sense of danger here either – the creatures just seemed too odd, too weird to be dangerous somehow, and for all that it was set in a human world we saw few of them… I just didn’t see where the world was in danger as the description suggested? Maybe I just didn’t read it properly? Don’t know, by the time I was half way through I found it hard to concentrate, as the story just wasn’t working for me.
I wanted them to have a HEA somehow – they get a kind of HFN, and maybe in the next books they’ll get more. I just finished by feeling that TBH Shane was the better man, and Drake was judgemental and unkind. Still, that’s me – that’s why this book didn’t work for me, but again I’m sure others will love it.

Stars: Two, it just didn’t work for me, didn’t make sense, and I didn’t get the real sense of tender romance that I love.
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Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 34 and 35, JC Andrijeski , Come What May, Sherryl Caulfield

Allie's War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 34

Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 34, JC Andrijeski
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
So on to next snippet – thought at 147 pages, its a large snippet! These books are so incredibly full of detail and plot that I’ve found this instalment way is an excellent idea to enable me to follow the plot without getting overloaded. I do have this tendency to not be able to put a good book down, and maybe miss bits through that. these though stop at a natural point and have allowed me to mull over what I’ve read, working it out and absorbing everything ( well, hopefully everything).
We catch up with what’s been happening with others in the group, and see more of Loki and Dante’s mum…Dante is in for a shock when she appears without warning. Allie and Revik are on edge, there’s been so much going on and they’ve not really had time to work things out between themselves, and after Revik’s actions with Cass Allie and he need to talk. As ever though they don’t have time….there’s a huge surprise in store when she meets the new group…and it causes even more friction. Allie is beginning to feel isolated from everyone and this only exacerbates it when she feels they are keeping her out of the loop. As if that isn’t enough she and Revik then have a huge blow-up and that’s a really tear-jerking moment for me. Masochist that I am I love that!
Stars: Five. Its another very emotive book.
ARC supplied by author.

Allie's War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 35

Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 35, JC Andrijeski

Things came to a head between Allie and Revik at the end of the last book, and this picks straight up from there. I feel so much for Allie here, she’s distraught, almost catatonic, and has just seemed to shut herself off from everyone. I sort of understand Revik and what he did, but I can’t see why he didn’t realise what would happen..maybe the pressures between them have affected his judgement too? Anyway Allie is holed up in the human section, has gone days without sleep and is speaking to no one. Revik decides he has to take action and takes her back to their tank…and some incredibly emotional and hot scenes follow! Emotion wise this part is one of the best in the series for me, I can really feel for them both, and I was so pleased with the result. Then there are the existing difficulties along with some new glitches, can’t they ever get a break? Allie needs to make a decision with Revik over him and Lily. They need to get out of the ship, and make a new base, as they’ve been warned its becoming dangerous to stay with it, but Lily and Revik are tied to the tanks….and on top of that it seems their increasingly amorous and frenetic behaviour may be being guided by an external influence. ( when they leave that meeting, then on their return – the red faces, that was a very light-hearted and needed moment) No one knows who or why, or what they can do. Throw in that they’re going to Dubai even though they know its dangerous and its another action packed episode. I think it’s my favourite so far. Lots of Revik and Allie Winking smile


Come What May (The Iceberg Trilogy Book 2)


Come What May, Sherryl Caulfield
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I loved the first book, something so different from what’s often offered in the romance Genre. A deep, epic family story spanning generations. This follows the family further, Rebecca is grown up now and the novel focuses on family life and especially that of her second daughter Gene. Book one had me in tears, so deep was the sorrow at times, and this one also has that depth of sadness not often found. Its got happiness too, and incredibly evocative scenes surrounding the plots. I felt I was there with them, smelling the sharp antiseptic smell of the hospital, sitting at the table enjoying a family meal and conversation, or out in the snow, blinded by the reflections from every tree and bush, nostrils full of the fragrant scent of pine from the forest and hearing the cry of the dogs…
We first meet Gene when she’s a young child, the then she’s growing up and the family are learning to cope with loss. That’s so sad, I really felt for them all, for Rebecca withdrawing from life, for Jonathon forced to take over and for Gene who was so lost. As she grows so many things happen, there’s tears, happiness and more tears. Poor Morton, her brother, he had been in such a traumatic position when he was young and never really recovered, just learned to live with it. After Gene finishes school she helps Jonathon as part of a medical expedition and enters a new section of her life. She’s still carrying the past inside her though, and it sparks out years later when she just can’t keep it in any more, affecting her thoughts and feelings about everyone. That’s a really sad time and I was so distraught – for her, for her family and for Sonny and their family. Her actions there will have a similar effect to her children I expect, as did the things that happened to her in childhood. What happens to us in life shapes us, some people grow stronger, some just learn to live with it and cope and some go under, if only for a while. None of us are in isolations and through the first two books we’ve seen just how things that happen flow like ripples through a family, influencing and moving them around.
Stars: Five. Its another very emotive book, full of wonderful descriptions of the places they are, the people within and the events. I was so saddened sometimes – but I love that in a book, one that makes events and people seem so real that I’m upset for them. Another cracking read, to savour and cherish.
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Dream Date [Dare to Dream] Bea LaRocca

Dream Date [Dare to Dream] (Siren Publishing Classic)


Dream Date [Dare to Dream] Bea LaRocca
review from jeannie zelos book reivews
Well I’ve mixed views about this, as an erotic novel it works well, its hot, steamy and very graphic…but I need my erotic reading to have a solid romance background and I felt the actual story fell down a bit . With Jason being famous I was expecting more of the touring/groupies/paparazzi problems, but he seems to have a fantastic set up – fame without any real difficulties in this area. Even when he was touring he and Kate seemed to have it worked out. I liked him, he was a very genuine man and I could feel the attraction between him and Kate right from the first. He wasn’t some rich, famous obnoxious star type man but one, who despite having been let down badly by an ex, still saw the best in Kate and didn’t think she must be after something from him. It must be hard when you are in his position working out who is genuine, when so many people will do anything to ride the star train, use the people involved to promote themselves and that’s what his ex did, but he still remain a man willing to give others a chance and not prejudge them.
Kate, romance writer extraordinaire, she doesn’t tell many people its erotic stories she writes..she’s afraid they will see her in a bad light, and yet she’s very successful and ought to just be proud of that. She’s in the lucky position of having a monied background, so along with her being able to write anywhere her money allows her to follow Jason when she chooses. When I first saw the tickets were $5,000 I was “what?? How much??” I know these things are expensive but the way Kate and Claire talked about it was as if it was really nothing…when for most people its a sum they simply couldn’t afford. Still, that’s fiction eh? On a separate note I think Kate needs to see a gynaecologist ASAP. She clearly has a problem with her womb…I can’t tell you how many times overall, but though I was less than 20% in, her womb must have spasmmed 15-20 times already. It seemed she only had to look at a pic of Jason and it was off..and when she met the guy, well it was constantly pulsing, clenching, twitching, contracting, quivering ( how on earth can you tell that??) trembling, vibrating, it was even on fire at one point, though luckily they were in the bat h so there weren’t any problems from that! The girl needs to get that sorted Winking smile
Anyway, they have a secret romance, and its very, very steamy. Kate sees a new side to herself, Jason takes her to places within herself she didn’t know existed. That side of things was really well written, but..for me I need the romance side to have a bit more depth, more solidity to the story. Its was very light and fluffy, I thought the sleazy Greg Charles was going to cause some trouble, but it was minimal, even when it came to the big “blow-up” it was very slight and soon over and for me I want much more on the drama side. I need to wallow in it, to milk it for all it’s worth… Still, not everyone does as evidenced by all the five star reviews…so make your own judgment. If the erotic side is most important this could be up your street, if you need the romance to play a bigger part them like me this will probably be a decent, but a one off read.
Stars: Four, lots of steam but i needed more substance.
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Taken, Not Spurred, Ruth Cardello.

Taken, Not Spurred (Lone Star Burn)

Taken, Not Spurred, Ruth Cardello.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Ruth is a prolific author but this is the first novel of hers I’ve read. I wasn’t sure what to expect, to be honest it sounded like a traditional, slightly cheesy, sappy romance – and it was…but it was also laugh out loud funny, achingly sad, sensual and steamy – that Tony has some moves! All that lifted it from a potentially staid romance, into one that’s funny, packed with emotion, and very hot and erotic. Seems from their first meeting the sizzling attraction is there, and they can’t wait to give on to it.
I loved Sarah, ditzy blonde outwardly but nursing an inner grief from her childhood. There’s a lot more to her than she shows, and she has a real strength of character, though at times her decisions border on foolhardy. Still, she’s one of those people who go with her instincts, and despite his grumpy outward appearance she thinks there’s much more to horse trainer Tony than he presents to everyone. Of course when he’s busy teaching her all about sex he’s a different person. She’s not afraid to stand up to him and tell him what she wants, or when he’s wrong and he needs that even, though he doesn’t yet appreciate it. They get along well, though with some pretty big hiccups along the way, and just when it seems everything is going well…it isn’t any more. She overhears a comment from Tony about her that makes her look at what she’s doing. Its something said in anger, and yet she feels there’s a grain of truth there and challenges Tony to say what he really feels about her. Sadly she doesn’t get the answer she wants, so Sarah has some tough decisions to make, stay and accept this is all she’ll have of him or leave, knowing she deserves better.
Its a book full of great characters from Tony and his Sheriff brother Dean, David the ranch manager, Melanie and her son Jace and of course Sarah. Tony surprises himself by his actions towards her – its as if his brain says tell her she needs to leave, but his mouth says stay, stay…Some of the scenes are funny – the tree branch one, all I could think of was “ that’s going to hurt her ar se” and afterwards she admits it had…and when she tells Tony something along the lines of how she’ll need a lot more training before she accepts comments made in that tone of voice. Then there’s the car journey to the cabin….
Stars: Four, its a really bittersweet romance at times, with some serious messages in among all the humour and steamy sex.
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