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Pride, (In Wilde Country 1), Sandra Marton. $25 amazon voucher and book giveaway via rafflecopter.

Pride (In Wilde Country Book 1)


Pride, (In Wilde Country 1), Sandra Marton.
Genre: Contemporary romance, Erotic romance.
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I saw this was a first in series book and requested it, as its always easier to follow a series if you’ve read the first book. Sadly I didn’t research further, and there’s not only a prequel book for this series but two other connected series about other family members. As there’s ten sisters and brothers, plus of course for some of them their partners, its a potentially huge cast of characters and I think I would have got more from this book if I’d read at least some of the other books. But I hadn’t so…
Well, Luca I liked, very Alpha male, ( note: I like them in romances, in reality I think I’d be a bit like Cheyenne – and argue back!) and he’s come with his siblings to visit his new found half brothers and sisters and give them the news that they’re not the only family! It doesn’t go well at first, as they know nothing about the second family…but they find common ground and are sharing a breakfast when Cheyenne bursts in. She’s angry as she’s been waiting at her newly bought ranch for one of the brothers to come and advise her on renovations. Luca is attracted and takes over and meets her at Sweetwater ranch, which she wants to transform into an equestrian therapy centre ( for children not for horses as Luca first thinks!) They butt heads, she wants to renovate, he advises clearing and rebuilding, and its anger all round with that simmering sexual tension sparking between them. A few hot and angry words and – its too much, and they end up taking a room in a motel and having a quick, frenzied sex session. They don’t part on the best of terms.
They meet again that night when Luca attends a charity function, only to find its her equine charity project that’s the beneficiary – they have more angry words, more sparking sexual attraction, and soon they are in the throes of a torrid, passionate affair. Each want control though – their backgrounds have made them need to be the one giving the orders, even down to relationships. They need to find a balance if they are to continue and the heat and sensuality when they do is incredible.
I did enjoy this, but didn’t feel totally connected to either of them – there were things that irritated me about both, and maybe if I’d read the other books I’d have felt closer at least to Luca. As it was I felt both were at times arrogant and selfish, rather than trying to work on a relationship. I liked the way the background was shown to the reader to explain the way they learned to be over the years, but still I felt a little detached from them. I need to like my main characters, to want them to succeed at romance, and I felt Luca was trying but at times Cheyenne was using her background as an excuse for not meeting him partway. Still, there was some hot and erotic well written scenes between them and a decent story backing it up.
Stars: Four, I needed more connection with them to rate higher than this, its a good story but I felt a bit apart from them, like an onlooker rather than there in the story with them.
ARC supplied by publishers.

“Rule number one is that I am in charge tonight.”

There it was again. That breathless feeling, as if she couldn’t draw enough air into her lungs. That whisper of excitement, sighing through her bones.

“I don’t want you to make rules for me. You don’t know anything about —”

He touched her.

She heard a soft whimper of pleasure. Had she made that sound?

“I’m going to take what I want, cara. What we both want.”

Images flashed through her head. Luca, moving over her. His hands, his body, his lips holding her captive.

Captive to his touch, to his kisses, to his slow possession.

A honeyed weakness stole through her muscles. She began to tremble.

“Rule number two,” he said, raising his head.

Her eyes widened with shock as his black silk tie replaced his hands around her wrists.

Her heart began to race.


He kissed her again, hard, deep.

“Luca,” she whispered as he drew her arms above her head and fastened the ends of the tie to the slatted headboard.

“Rule number three, cara. Tonight, you belong to me.”

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Rock Courtship, A Rock Kiss Novella, Nalini Singh

Rock Courtship: A Rock Kiss Novella


Rock  Courtship, A Rock Kiss Novella, Nalini Singh

Genre: Contemporary romance
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
We met Thea and David in Rock Addiction, the first book in the series. This novel could be read as a standalone, the story is explained along the way so the reader can follow events easily but it’s so much better knowing the full story and background in my opinion.
I loved the first book which was full length, but this is a novella and I’m no so keen on those, always feel as if I am just getting into them when the end rears up at me. Still, its a good read, funny at times, very bittersweet at others. David had been advised by Thea’s sister to put his case for their relationship in a memo, having already asked her out and been turned down. He knows there’s attraction there – Thea’s just scared to enter into anything with him. The memos that fly back and forth between them get really amusing, and made me smile. David really puts  a lot of thought into his first ones, and takes away Thea’s objections before she’s even made them.  I can understand why Thea is cautious, she’s had her heart broken before and a rock star isn’t who comes to mind when one thinks of steady, reliable boyfriend material. As David says though, he’s never had that kind of publicity since their very early days years back. He doesn’t do the groupie lifestyle and it’s not fair to judge him for the behaviour of others. Once she gives in – wow – once again Nalini writes some searing sex scenes, scorching up the pages…

SO why isn’t this five star from me? Partly I think is the length, I think there’s so much to explore between them that novella length restricted that, and made events unfold too quickly. The drama part, where it all goes wrong, where the heartbreak happens was good but so so brief. I’ve said before, I need to wallow over it, to feel close to tears for the main characters and though it was so believable, and handled well, it just didn’t deliver what I needed.
Stars: Four – its a hot, sexy read, but too short to have the impact it deserves. Full length and it would be a five from me.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers .

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