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The Curse Defiers, Curse Keepers Series Book 3, Denise Grover Swank

The Curse Defiers (Curse Keepers Series Book 3)


The Curse Defiers, Curse Keepers Series Book 3, Denise Grover Swank
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, YA
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well, this is one of those YA trilogies that’s suited to adults too – well written, and with an exiting plot. I really enjoyed books one and two and now its the conclusion – or is it? The way it ends it’s the finish – for now…but its left open for more, and I’m pleased about that as I think there’s life yet left in the story.
I like David, he’s a great character but somehow he seems so …good…whereas Collin, he’s the bad boy, the one who we all want to reform and come good. So I’d love to read more of them and Ellie of course. She’s grown so much in the short time the books cover – I guess fighting Demons and Ancient Gods will do that to a girl! Its an action packed instalment, where some of the threads introduced earlier and left open have reached the point where they close sections in the story. I love to re read books such as this just to see on second reading how I missed some of the clues. Once again Ellie is left wondering if she can trust Collin – he seems sincere but then he seemed like that before, and what happened then. She meets some new characters, finds out more information about the curse and how to deal with it but of course where did the info come from and can she trust it to be true? Once again she’s placed in life-threatening danger. The deaths are stacking up, and she’s distraught that she can’t protect her friends and family. She needs to make a decision on what to do sooner rather than later, and then – a new group appear who force her hand.
Its a fantastic finish and I love the way its a completion for now and not a total ending, so we could get more from the group in future books. Some stories end naturally and there isn’t room for more, but this trilogy can be read as just that – or can be the start of a longer running series.
Stars: Five, a well written, exciting read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.

Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 36, JC Andrijeski

Allie's War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 36


Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 36, JC Andrijeski
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
The exciting conclusion to Prophet….Allie and Revik have reached Dubai, not without problems though. They need to get the Listers before Shadow does, but its tricky, they don’t know where they are, who the buyer is and his connection to Shadow, and most important – can Revik survive in a city where Shadow is in control, and if he doesn’t what will happen to Lily? Allie thinks she got most of the Dreng influence out of him and Lily, but is it enough – some remains, and it could be too much..Still, they need Revik with her, and he refuses to be parted from her any more.
They think the best way forward is to infiltrate the slave auctions but…as always Revik has made plans covering almost all eventualities but something comes up to disrupt them, and part him and Allie. He’s struggling with control with her beside him, now how will he cope?
Its another emotional action packed episode. I’d like to say that by now I know what’s going to happen – after all I’ve read all the books since the start, but once again its full of surprises. Its a race to find Allie, collect the Listers if they can, and hunt down Terian and Feigran, as they know he’s in Dubai. They find out some new information, and some people from both Allie and Revik’s past are here too. Its one shock after another finishing in a spectacular violent conflict with casualties on both sides. What next? I honestly haven’t a clue – so much has happened since that first book, and yet there’s still so much needing to be done if they are to keep what remains of the world safe, or even just surviving.
If you haven’t read previous books please don’t start here – you need to read from Book One . I’ve jumped into series at times without reading the first few books – this is one series though where that simply won’t work. Book one is free so you can see if its a story and style of writing that suits you without spending anything – but I think most people who try it will be like me hooked on the series.
Stars: five.
ARC supplied by Author

Capture, Book Three in the Wolfe Trilogy, Flora Dain

Capture (Wolfe Trilogy, Book 3)


Capture, Book Three in the Wolfe Trilogy, Flora Dain

Genre: Romance, Erotica
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Having enjoyed books one and two I was keen to see how Ella and Darnley finally worked their relationship out. Thy have a very tumultuous passion, with Darnley being at times OTT in his need for control. Ella lets him get away with a lot as she sympathises with his background problems that have forced this need, and they’ve found ways to keep her safe and him under control..but there are times when I think she should be saying “enough”. They have so many problems  that I wonder why they don’t talk more and F less. It seems like every free moment ( and some not free ones when they should be elsewhere ) are spend in some kind of sexual encounter – I’m amazed they have the energy to work, let alone have Darnley running a multi billion dollar empire…
Its this bit where the questions never get answered that bothers me, along with Ella doing something frankly ridiculous, stupid, given the history she’s had. Yet she falls for it once again, and it leads to secrets between her and Darnley. There’s so much in this trilogy that I enjoyed, and of course if Ella didn’t do the stupid things she does, and if Darnley didn’t go OTT on the control we wouldn’t have the story. At times though I just feel its too much to accept, would anyone really do that? Or act in that way? Then all the things that are happening that aren’t secret – and once again they’re F ing instead of talking….after a while that gets old and I actually want more story. I enjoyed the passion between them, and the suspense and mystery but it did get blurred at some points and I’m still not sure i really understood exactly what happened, how certain incidents were done, the poetry scene for instance, how did that work? and certainly not why Darnley’s father has such a horrible reaction in this book and in the previous one, one moment they’re a family in each others packets then they’re all on the outs. His brother has grown up a lot though and really comes through in this one.
Overall its an exciting trilogy, full of sensuality and sex. Fro those who need the warning there are some BDSM scenes here including bondage and whipping. I had problems though with too many ( to me, maybe i missed the answers) unanswered question, where i don’t understand how things were carried out for it to get the full five. Its certainly worth reading though if you like an erotic romance with a side of danger and suspense.
Stars: Four – a solid read, more/clearer and it would have been a five
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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