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His Every Need, Terri Austin

His Every Need, Terri Austin

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, couldn’t find any previous books, and the description was a bit brief…but its labelled erotic romance and its a genre I enjoy so took a chance. And I’m so glad I did a s this was a really good read.

Allie, she left school five years previous to look after her family when mum was ill. Mum died a few moths ago, and dad went to pieces, and Allie has been picking up everything since then. Then she finds out that dad took out loans with Trevor and they’re going to lose their home. She can’t have that for her two younger sisters so pleads with Trevor. In an effort to get rid of her he makes the offer of being his for a period, to cater for his every whim, and after some negotiation she agrees. He’s stunned but moves her in…
She can’t tell her family of course, so tells them she’s working for him as his assistant. Then the fun begins, the sexual tension between Trevor and Allie is sizzling, and leads to lots of very spicy, erotic scenes. But there’s more than that in here. There’s the typical family problems, how death and debt affect families, how teenagers can find their way forward difficult, and Allie has her hands full with her two sisters. Teen years can be hard, add in death and debt and its a nightmare, and they both react in very different ways. Then there’s dad, how he copes with death, how he goes to pieces and leaves Allie to do everything, then when he starts to pick up – well…more problems. Its real life this part, things that most people can relate to and adds so much drama and realism to the story.
Of course that’s just background, with the real meat being Allie and Trevor. His family history is sad, and when his parents decide to stay with him for a while that’s fun! And very telling too..Allie and Trevor have lots of hot sex, and Trevor is determined that’s all it is…at times he’s a right b* stard to her to prove to Allie and himself that’s all that’s between them. Allie though has lost her heart of course, though he can be a jerk, he’s also been really helpful with her family and tender at times, and that leads to some really tearful drama. I love that in a story, where its deep drama, full of dark emotion, there needs to be that for me to counteract the happy and that makes it so much better when it all works out.
Stars: Full five, a really good read, lots of hot sex and with an interesting and realistic back story.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

Prophet: Allie’s War Episodes 32-36 (Allie’s War #8) J.C. Andrijeski

Prophet: Allie's War Episodes 32-36 (Allie's War Episode Collection Book 8)


Prophet: Allie’s War Episodes 32-36 (Allie’s War #8) J.C. Andrijeski
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: paranormal, romance, suspense.
Another lovely long read, at over 700 pages! I’ve been reading this book as individual episodes, and you can see my reviews for each one separately.
Allie and Revik ( ah Revik….swoon..) are struggling once again. They’ve determined to do everything together, to have no secrets from each other, and yet as the dangers keep piling up it places them under incredible stress. The need to find the Listers before Shadow, need to know who’s been buying them up. They think they are in Dubai, and that’s where they need to go but as ever there are dangers. Shadow runs that city so not only could it be wrong, and the Listers not there, but they could be walking into a trap. Revik and Lily have had Light problems, and Revik still can only leave the tank for limited time. Kali suggests that the ship is becoming a target and they need to move the group elsewhere, but how can they when Revik and Lily need the tank….add in a stupid thing Revik does that sends Allie into a kind of catatonic state so deep is her distress, and once again everyone is in danger.
Its another story of one step forward and two back, of problems stacking up faster than they can seem to solve them, and everyone unsure of what to do and having different opinions. Revik and Allie are the main focus in this book ( and I love that) and we see yet again how Allie has grown since that first novel, and just how deep and enduring their love is. They need to trust people – but which ones? And what direction do they take? If they go to Dubai then there’s all the problems of Revik being in a Dreng city when he’s vulnerable, and yet he won’t let Allie go alone. There’s the physical problems too – who do they take, how do they get in, what’s the plan for rescue and how do they carry it out? As ever its all put together in such a way that it makes sense as it unfolds.
Stars: Five – its a book to join the keepers for re reading, along with the rest of the series. We’re on the home stretch now surely, and yet I will be sorry to see this end, though I really need to read how it does now! Impatient person that I am…
ARC supplied by Author.

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