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Echo Queen (Echo Trilogy, #2) Lindsey Fairleigh


Echo Queen (Echo Trilogy, #2) Lindsey Fairleigh
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre: paranormal romance.

Well, sometimes you get a book that’s such a great read it’s hard to put down and I knew after reading Echo Prophecy and the novella Resonance that this would be one of those. I sat reading in bed telling myself “just one more chapter”, and then of course I needed to read one more, and one more after that…If you like a story that is full of detail, complex and with amazing realistic characters you’ll love this. Its centred around Lex and Marcus again, but a good portion of the book takes place 4,000 years previously, in old Egypt. That was fascinating and I really enjoyed the way Lindsey wove the past and present together. I was worried that I’d miss Marcus, but his younger self, Heru, was just perfect and it was a treat to meet him in his (relative) youth and see how he’d changed.
Of course its not all sweetness and light, they still face the problem of Apep, who’s now managed to jump into Marcus, putting Lex into danger. Lex also needs to learn how to manage the power Nuin gave her before it kills her, and meeting him in the past allows that though it’s a close call at times. I love his cryptic answers – can see just why Lex found them so frustrating though! I enjoyed meeting more new characters, and keeping up with ones we already know, trying to work out who can be trusted and who may be working against them.
Its a fantastic read, emotive, erotic, and full of detail. I loved the way Lex learned to manipulate content/stuff…not sure what to call it … from the At. Its also very cleverly done how Lindsey manages to work ways round the problems of time, such as the bonding issue and separation dangers, Lex learning to manage time and space to do what she needs and how to let her future and past selves know what to do. Clever stuff, and everything fits well within the framework of skills we’ve learned about. I HATE when the hero/heroine gets some new, untold, unheard of superpower just at the right time. There were times that Lex only managed to connect properly with her powers at the crucial moment, where stress forced the issue and brought forward her motivation and control, but she and the others did nothing that the foundations for the reader hadn’t already been laid.
Once again an amazing read, riveting story, fabulous descriptions, mysteries and secrets to solve, and all rounded up with lots of sensuality between Lex and Marcus/Heru.
Stars: Five – its one of those series that I know I’ll re read back to back once all parts are out. I can look back already and see where i missed some of the clues, where things were suggested but I haven’t picked up on, and I’d like to look again at some of the characters in the early stages of meeting them, knowing how they turn out later. I read a lot – 15+ books a week – so it’s sometimes difficult to recall exactly who people are and how they fit in the story, when I’ve read several hundred in the mean time. Its why a good back to back read works so well for me, where I can immerse myself fully, lose myself in the magic of the story and really enjoy the novels properly.
ARC supplied by author

Indestructible (The Sanguine Sky Chronicles Book 1) Aislin Keeley


Indestructible (The Sanguine Sky Chronicles Book 1) Aislin Keeley
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: paranormal/vampire romance
I’m never sure what to expect when reading a debut novel, the writing style is an unknown quantity, and sadly there are lots of paranormal vampire/shape-shifter novels that are..well, thinly plotted and disappointing for me. I guess others like them but I do like a bit of solid writing, a good romance with a backstory that pulls me into the scene. I’m pleased to say I got all that here. The story sets out in a believable pattern, and I liked Alice and Jaden. That’s really important to me, even though its fantasy I need to feel there’s a spark of reality in the way the story is presented, and if I don’t like the main characters – well then I just don’t care what happens and don’t enjoy the novel.
Alice, she’s had a tough upbringing and has problems with blackouts. Not only that, but two years back she was captured and tortured for two days by a madman who’d killed two other women and planned to kill Alice the next day. Luckily somehow she managed to escape. She’s no idea what happened, but found herself out in the woods instead of chained up in the cabin, and quickly sought help. The scars though – she still carries both physical and mental ones that affect her day to day life and make her seek a background role.
When Jaden sees her there’s an immediate reaction, but she finds it hard to believe someone so attractive is interested in her – things like that happen to her friends, not to Alice. Jaden wants to see more of her, ( in all ways!!) but is also caught up in the groups mission to seek out and kill Shadows, people who threaten humans. Its bad timing though as he’s busy, the group he belongs to are looking out for a Firebrand, someone they need to find before the Shadows do…I really like Jaden, hundreds of years old and with a reputation forged from when his family were cruelly killed, along with his actions with his former wife back in the middle ages. Alice seems to have a gentling effect on him, he just wants to protect her and he can’t believe his feelings any more than the group of vampires he fights with can.
Its a great story, really good mix of characters, wrapped up in a plot that clearly going to span other novels as well as the more minor ones that comprise this one. Its not a cliff hanger book – Hurrah!! and has an ending, so it could be read as a stand alone though there are more books to come, and I’ll be keen to read them. First books in a series are tough for any author IMO, there’s the plot, the characters and the motives to introduce for the whole series, as well as deliver a decent tale for this book. For me Aislin has done it well here.
Stars: Four and a half. Good story, great characters and some sensual erotic sex!
ARC supplied via author.

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