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Love Me Later, Libby Rice


Love Me Later, Libby Rice
review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I really enjoy second chance romance so was looking forward to this, but I’ve mixed feelings. Parts of it I really enjoyed, but parts just left me feeling confused, irritated, and wondering why.
Scarlet, when we first meet her is a typical Rich Girl, privileged, sheltered, but lacking in love. Ethan is the rough, tough, street boy prize fighter she’s attracted to, and she goes a second time to see him fight, gets attacked and life changes for both of them. She’s left even further from her father, they weren’t close but now they never see each other, and she’s rejected all his money and made her own way ( with the help of selling stuff she already had of course, car, jewellery etc. ) Now she’s a respected lawyer. Ethan lost what little he had when he was imprisoned, it left him with a real chip against her. Why accuse him? Then try to pay him off as if money could make up for all he lost…it made him feel belittled and patronised. Now he’s very rich in his own right and sees a way to pay her back…
When it comes to it though the attraction still sizzles, and they are soon embroiled in a hot and heavy affair.
So what didn’t I like – this novel seemed right up my street, what was wrong? Well, the plane scene, I Really couldn’t see Scarlet acting like that – come on – its only a couple of hours since they’d had a major spat and she was convinced he’s out to ruin her, so would she risk that? Ditto really the whole affair but…then they go back and forth each thinking wrongly about the other, then finding out the truth, and they get back. I really couldn’t be doing with that part, it just felt wrong. Either there was trust or there wasn’t. Either they wanted to make it work – in which case they needed to be open – or they didn’t. No, this back and forth see saw that just felt wrong to me. Still when they were together that was seriously hot. The merger they were working on – after the indications something was wrong and the problems that caused I can’t even remember now what did happen about that, how it was resolved. Its only hours since I finished the book, and yet that major part has drifted from my mind. Was there a conclusion to it or was it a plot that wasn’t ended? Dunno…
The final part, where she’s in danger once again, worked pretty well for me, and tied up some loose ends. Overall its a book I was hoping for more from, it was a decent read but nothing special.
Stars: Three.
ARC supplied from Netgalley and publishers.

Costly Affair: Love, Lies and Liaisons, Les Cochran

Costly Affair: Love, Lies and Liaisons,  Les Cochran
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Contemporary
I hadn’t read book one, but armed with the Amazon sample and a synopsis provided by Les I began book two in the trilogy. Steve – oh how that man annoyed me. He’s messed up his marriage, his professional life and the lives of so many women and been given a fresh start. His wife has divorced him, but Kate his girlfriend from college is sticking by him – he’s promised her that he’ll get help, be a changed man and won’t lie to her again, and he’s also got a new post at a different university. Lucky, lucky man, but what does he do? Yep – starts down all his old tracks saying things are different, lying to the ever faithful Kate and his therapist, and of course himself.
I know there’s lots of different views on sex addiction – for me I just think if it does exist, then like any addiction the addict needs to want to change, and Steve doesn’t really. He didn’t like the chaos his life descended into last time, but here he is, back on the same roundabout telling himself its different this time. I can’t see the link with his childhood either – why would that make him behave like this? Altogether he’s a brilliant man at his job, but a total ar se as a person and I just feel so much for the women involved who think he loves them…he made me really angry!
But my personal issues with Steve apart, its an excellent book, well written and with characters that feel so real, hence my angry stance on Steve. I know its fiction but I have to believe in the characters for it to work for me, and these feel all too real. The university/academia setting is one I’m unfamiliar with except as a student, so I’ve no idea how the behind the scenes stuff works, but guess its like any large organisation, there’s wheels need greasing and egos to flatter to get the funding that is needed, and clearly Steve has a talent for working at that. Just a shame it brings him into contact with those poor women…Once again he’s convinced everything is fine – until it starts to spiral beyond what he can control – and some real shocks come out.
It’s an excellent read, but a one off for me. Though there’s romance in the way Steve has so many dalliances, its not the kind of romance I really want to read, and even if Steve gets some kind of HEA I just can’t feel he deserves it. He  uses every excuse in the book, his father, his mother, his childhood and his addiction to cover what’s essentially just a selfish “I want”  personality, and let him do whatever he wants without pricking his conscience. Its so easy to say “I can’t help it, its the fault of my….” but really the only person who can stop it is Steve and it seems to me he doesn’t really want to. . I’ve really no idea how its going to end, but hope it’s something like the scorned women getting their own back in some way. It would be good for him to be on the other end, to receive some of the shock, pain, betrayal they must feel when they find out about his deception.
Stars: Four, interesting and absorbing read.
ARC supplied by author.

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