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Light Her Fire Samantha Beck


Light Her Fire Samantha Beck

review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I’ve enjoyed some of the Brazen novels before – they’re an easy, quick and hot read. Sometimes you want an in-depth book, sometimes just a quick, erotic, escapist read and that’s what I wanted yesterday. Light Her fire provided it.

I liked Melody but did find it a bit hard to believe that she’d been engaged for so long without really questioning her ex. They’d stayed friends though, and she kept his secret. That meant she had to put up with the prim and proper reputation, and the pitying looks for having been dropped by what was the town’s golden boy. Then Josh comes on the scene. Its a small town and everybody knows everything – as Josh soon finds out. It’s very different to what he’s used to as a city boy, but as he reminds himself when help up yet again by the locals who see him as interfering, this is just a short stepping stone on the way to his ultimate goal,  Chief of a city fire station. Melody though catches his eye, he’s heard her rep of course but she gives him some searing looks, and he can’t help but keep eye f cking her…and then she calls him on it. Soon they’re embroiled in a passionate affair, but what about the future? She wants to stay here and he wants to move back to the city – its early days, but it’s clear their original short, no strings affair means more to both of them. Rock meet hard place.
There’s some hot and erotic scenes here, with Josh teaching inexperienced Melody what her body really wants. She too has some eye-openers for him, after getting tips from her ex and his boyfriend…surprised Josh! There’s some great humour tucked in too, along with the danger from an arsonist that initially gets passed off by the Mayor and the other fire crew as just local teens messing around. It proves more though, and Josh is vindicated but it leads to a situation where his life is in danger.

Stars: four.  Its a fun read, a good escape and it is exactly what it pitches, a quick, hot, entertaining novel.
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Two Bar Mitzvahs, Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion

Two Bar Mitzvahs (No Weddings Book 3)


 Two Bar Mitzvahs, Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Genre:  romance, women’s fiction

Well, I loved the first two books and the heat has definitely turned up now – it took all of book one to get to a first kiss, all of book two to get Hannah into bed, but now they’re hot and heavy at every opportunity! It fits well into the scenes though, not added sex for the sake of it, but a natural progression as their relationship matures. Hannah is still struggling with her confidence though and having Cade’s ex turn up and make it clear she wants him back isn’t helping. Cade is wonderful, and tells Hannah he’s not interested, but he’s busy micromanaging every aspect of the businesses, and as they’ve grown and become more popular his time with Hannah is taking a knock. Plus of course he’s a guy (!)– and doesn’t know when he should tell Hannah things that he may think is irrelevant but she doesn’t, and it leads to some friction. As ever the family and co workers/friends are a fabulous group. The story centres around Cade and Hannah, but the others play some important parts in the story. Madison – the ex – is a great character, a real nasty piece of work, manipulative and out for what she wants, regardless of the cost to others. I loved ( to hate!) her character. Once again the events are described wonderfully, fitting into the story and giving me a clear mental image of them. The convo with Madison over the food at the bar mitzvah – where she’s planned crab cakes and pigs in blankets, and talks down to Cade when he nixes them, suggesting he’s just being picky – then he points out the Jews/pork/shellfish connection …wonderful. Its that kind of tiny detail that’s potentially a huge problem that makes Cade so good at his job. Hannah’s cakes once again are incredible, I have this mental image of them and I love the way Kat and Stone have cone up with the most unusual ideas for them…
It all wraps up in another fabulous story, taking Cade and Hannah that one step further finally. Its full of emotion, smiles, despair, how to work through dramas, how to deal with ( and not deal with ) exes, and through it all is the shining happiness of Hannah and Cade – well until Cade takes a wrong step and it all crashes  He’s at a loss over how to sort things, how to persuade Hannah he can be trusted, that he will make things right. His dad is just wonderful, and gives him some very good advice about work/life balance and Cade can see where he’s let the ball slip – can he pick it up again though and show Hannah they belong together? That was so sad, I felt for him, we could see the disaster coming, but he was so busy micro managing he didn’t see it and when it hit – oh poor Hannah, with her past it struck her badly, and I was so sad for her, but rooting for Cade not to give up, to pick her up and put things right. They’re such a great couple, and this book has some very explicit steamy scenes, but they’re good both mentally and emotionally and not just in the physical sense.
There’s a theme of helping others less fortunate running through the series. Cade’s parents support an anti slavery charity, the businesses hold charity events, and the theme of one of the parties is about Fair Trade with only Fair Trade products used and partygoers encourages to purchase FT clothing. Its a reminder of the small things we can do in everyday life that can have a huge impact on other people’s lives. There’s a section at the end of the novel about the charities mention in the books. They are fictitious but there are real ones like them who need our help, and some of the proceeds from the  sales of the No Weddings series go to support them. See the website for more info.
Stars: Five , loved it.
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