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Rogue, Eden Bradley

Rogue (The Midnight Playground)


Rogue, Eden Bradley
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Well, two days running I’ve been caught by a new series that’s actually turned out to be a continuation/extension of an existing series. Though this is Midnight Playground International, book one, its got all the characters and world building from the original Midnight Playground series. Of course not having read that I knew nothing about it…it’s not that hard to pick up though, but I think readers will enjoy it more if they read the others.
As it was it’s a novel that didn’t really work for me, being a very short book of around 150 kindle pages. That doesn’t really give a story a chance to get set, and I found this was mainly a succession of M/M sex scenes ( fine, I like those) set inside a very thin story line, and that doesn’t work for me. I need the sex to be a part of the story, not the whole thing. More story and less sex is what works for me, and this is more sex, less story IMO.. Its really just an introduction of how Rogue joins the existing group of vampires, by way of lots of sometimes very rough and bloody sex and beatings. I didn’t find the sex scenes very erotic, missed the tenderness of a proper romance, and found the back story just too thin. Sadly a book that wasn’t for me though I can see already its got lots of four and five star reviews. Still, that’s how it goes, and that gives us a good range of books to enjoy.
Stars: Two – just didn’t suit me.
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The Chalet, The Submissive Series, Tara Sue Me

The Chalet: A Submissive e-novella 3.5 (The Submissive Series)


The Chalet, The Submissive Series, Tara Sue Me
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Well, I loved the previous books and was eager to read this one but….I should have stopped at book three. For me the magic was Abby and Nathaniel getting together, all the friction, drama, problems and solutions that made up their journey. Now they are together and this book – novella – is about their wedding and honeymoon and its…Sweet. Its so sweet it’s lost it’s magic for me. Its a good way to complete the story ( except now I see there’s another book planned!) for those who need it,  but for many readers I suspect like me they’ll wish they stopped at the last book. This didn’t add anything for me, its a decent read, well written but no drama, at least not the sort we’ve come to expect and as such its was just a Nice book…nothing special. I’ve noticed more and more authors doing this, writing books beyond what was planned, writing the story in a different POV and I find it very rarely works. Its better to spent time and imagination on something new than to bring down what’s already written by adding more. Think of those TV series which we loved, who then produced more or spin offs that didn’t work. They dragged down the original- always stop at the top, finish where originally planned. This book could have been shortened and added as a brief epilogue at the end of book three, if it was really needed. I actually enjoy series that finish that way – that give me a tiny glimpse into a happy future and that’s all that’s needed. IMO of course!
Stars: Three – its a sweet read, no drama though. I urge Tara to seriously reconsider bringing out a  further book. Best to stop at the top, which was at book three for me.

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For more info see @TaraSueMe and @SignetEcipse.

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