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Crash Morph, J C Andrijeski

Crash Morph (The Gate Shifter Series Book 2)


Crash Morph, J C Andrijeski
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Urban fiction.
It’s no secret Allie’s War is one of my all time favourite series, so I was excited to read of a new one coming out, Gate Shifters. I loved book one, and quickly got into the new world JC has written. Dakota and Nik are tow very different people, and yet from the moment they met there’s been an underlying sizzling attraction. Dakota, spunky human PI, and Nik an ..alien? person from another world? It’s kind of hard to categorise what Morph’s are – they’re complex shape shifters who can take on human form, and have a complication in the form of a Lock, a connection that’s fixed with another person that controls when they can shift, and allows things such as telepathic communication and ability to feel each others emptions. That’s where this reminded me of Allie and Revik, ( ah, Revik…swoon) that close connection…and now that they’re back on earth – along with a couple of hundred other Morph – they need that connection. Dakota has got a contract out on her, the Ted Bundy character she fell foul of right in the beginning is out to get her, and of course Razmun, terrorist leader of the other Morph wants to use her to control Nik. He needs Nik’s ability to open gates for the group to escape, but creating one large enough for all of them isn’t easy. Nik is the only one capable of  doing it, and it’s going to be hard for him especially as they need to hide it, and how can you hide a huge stone construct on a golf course, the place it needs to be…While Nik is researching that they need to lie low, and keep Nik out of Government eyes. What Dakota went through on Nik’s planet is close to what will happen to Nik here. Dakota and lie low though, that’s hard. She needs to earn money and her long time friend Gantry, ex part time lover, comes up with a job for her that looks straightforward but brings her into great danger.
Nik, he’s changed since we first met him but still has trouble with human ways, such as not discussing sex and erections with everyone at breakfast! Gantry is still very suspicious of him, and to me he’s jealous too of what he shares with Dakota. Nik too is jealous of Gantry and very protective of Dakota, he worries about her safety and wants to be with her all the time, but its just not possible. Jake, her brother is back, he’s always on the lookout for someone new, rich and able to take care of him. Male or female he doesn’t worry, he’s an equal opportunity lover. Its how he lives, touring the world with whatever rich person wants him at the time. He’s fascinated by Nik and very attracted to him, loving the way Nik is so innocent of the intricacies of human life, and Dakota gets really irritated at the way he’s so openly admiring of Nik. Irene, she owns the house where they’re all currently staying and is the back force to the PI part of Dakota’s life. She does all the research, the internet investigations on people and places, while Dakota does the field work. Gantry has his own crew, and is helping Dakota and Nik while they work out what to do.
Its scary seeing Razmun playing human and as a would be Politician. Its similar to what he did on their home planet, and he’s very good in the public eye. Knowing how much he hates humans ( they’ve enslaved and controlled Morph as little more than useful pets for generations so its understandable) Dakota is worried about what he’s doing. They need to find that out, find out how to construct a gate, find out where the others are, and if they’re willing to leave if they can get the means for it sorted. All the while trying to keep Nik away from official eyes, and keep Dakota safe from those out to harm her – its not an easy task.
Once again its a terrific read. It doesn’t have the open sexuality of the AW series, but Nik and Dakota are getting closer and there are some very sensual interludes. This novel takes place on earth and its scary how real it feels, and how easy it would be for it to happen. I can just see what would happen to Nik if Gov officials got to him as happening in real life – testing as if he’s sub human, treated along the lines of animal sentience not human sentience. It would be a “ greater good “ argument not a humanity/cruelty one they’d use, and that’s really sad..anyway enough of my ramblings, if you loved AW you’ll love this. Its less complex in world building and characters but the same imaginative and gripping storylines, where you just have to know more, to know what’s going to happen next and wonder how the heck JC is going to get them out of danger once again.
Stars: Five, fantastic read, and I’m looking forward to what happens next. Unlike the AW series these can be read as stand-alone books, though I think it’s best to read book one first and they are great value for money. Definitely a keeper for re reading.
ARC supplied by author

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