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Her Desert Knight, (Al Mansur Brothers 3), Jennifer Lewis

Her Desert Knight (Mills & Boon Desire)

Her Desert Knight, (Al Mansur Brothers 3), Jennifer Lewis
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Genre:  romance.
I read lots of fantasy/paranormal novels, and romance that’s got either strong drama or an erotic angle, but sometimes I just want an easy, old fashioned escapist read. The sort that doesn’t have main characters with everyday issues, moans and groans but something that takes me totally into a different setting. The desert – how much further from rural and wet North Norfolk, UK in October can you get? I can just picture the heat, the beautiful sunsets and dawns, the markets full of vibrant produce, and the cool shelter of the old traditional buildings. I’m probably totally wrong but hey – this is my fantasy !!
Well, Dani, escaped to the West for uni, did her studying and gained a little independence, only to have it all crash down after her marriage collapsed. Back home with her father and two brothers her dad is concerned for the family reputation, and tries to mould Dani back into a dutiful, obedient daughter. She’s trying, she loves her family but freedom can’t be stuffed back in the box. Her dad would like her to marry one of his contemporaries, a well off business associate but Dani just can’t face it. Out browsing in a local book shop ( illicitly – her father would like her to only go out with a male escort ) she meets Quasar. He wants her to have coffee with him,. but scared of her attraction to him and her fathers edict about conventions and reputations she refuses. Somehow though Quasar persuades her, and its a setting for how future meeting go with Dani saying no, and holding back and Quasar persuading her into doing what he wants. He’s a playboy but I get the feeling he’s seen his two brothers settle down and happy with their families, and even though he wont admit it to himself he’s like something similar. So far he’s just gone from lady to lady,. business to business getting rid of both when they take up too much of his time. Its given him the playboy rep and made him very, very rich but is his life empty? Dani seems to fill a void he wasn’t aware of.
Dani’s a sweet girl, used up her courage with getting her father to let her study in US, and then changing her degree and marrying against his wishes. Now she feels she’s let him down, she’s stuck at home with no job and no prospects of one. She needs independence and yet has no real way of regaining it, and of course while she’s home father holds the upper hand, and the arranged marriage looks all too real. So slipping out to meet Quasar is her little rebellion, and she’s quickly entranced by him, and his way of pushing her boundaries. They live two such different lifestyles, he’s male, rich and free to do as he pleases, she’s female, stuck in a place where females are subject to male domination, and without prospects of earning her independence. Who wouldn’t want a brief escape from all that by way of a sensual, attractive man. She can’t believe what he persuades her to do, and yet she loves it. Just when it’s looking promising for her, things go badly wrong and she doubts his intentions, and her place in his life. Her father is furious, and she’s once again back in his bad books as the rebellious daughter that’s letting the family down.
I loved Dani and Quasar, and felt for her back in a place where women have no voice after having tasted freedom. Quasar can’t understand her caution, and at times he annoyed me, she was the one risking all but he kept pressing her. The logical side of me wanted to reprimand him as not respecting her views, but the romantic side just saw his actions as being beyond his control, caught up in her beauty and nature he did things he wouldn’t have otherwise   I understood her father, it may seem awful to be arranging her marriage to someone older who she doesn’t love, but he’s doing what he sees as his duty to his daughter, and protecting her and her reputation in a place where that’s very important. He’s also got her two younger brothers to think about – what she does affects the whole families reputation, and she’s already worn that thin by her actions. When he finds out about Quasar ….he’s furious, even though she’s twenty five and in the West would be regarded as able to make her own decisions. Its a real culture type dilemma.
It’s not a book I’d re read, nor the type I want to read often but like I said sometimes I just want something totally fictional, very different from my usual genre, full or dreamlike romance and happiness. I’m a sucker for the Eastern lifestyle ( though on paper only! I’d be like Dani – rebelling at every turn) and this novel took me on a magical journey through my mind, out there with Dani and Quasar and rooting for everything to work out for them.
Stars: Four, a fun escape into another world.
ARC supplied by author

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